World Of Warships Legends Celebrates The Year Of The Rabbit With Dragons

It’s an interesting choice, but we’re sure players are down for it.

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The console version of World of Warships Legends is kicking off the Lunar New Year by adding a new dragon Commander to the game – with its own voice-over and everything. The new commander is part of a bigger update that includes a good bit of Pan-Asian content, including specialty skins. It also introduces the fourth wave of Azur Lane, a Legendary Italian cruiser, and another five-week, 100-milestone campaign. Those that make it to the end of that will be able to pick up the German Tier VIII Premium battleship Pommern.

As far as the Pan-Asian content goes, not only is a new dragon Commander being introduced, but a Tier VII Premium Pan-Asian destroyer – the Northern Dragon – is also being added to the game. Some ships will also get special, Pan-Asian skins. The Lunar New Year celebration also adds a crate to the game and a new branch of four Tier IV-VII tech tree cruisers that will appear in early access first.

On the crossover side of things, Azur Lane is back for the fourth time. It’s still based on the Asure Lane Characters, including Eagle Union New Jersey, Royal Navy Neptune, Iron Blood Roon, Northern Parliament Chapayev, and Iris Libri. The crossover will add new skins and a crate.

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