World Of Tanks Teases New Map For Random Battles, Vehicle Rebalancing, Returning Events, And More Coming In 2023

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World of Tanks 2023

Closing out the year, Wargaming published a blog that looks back on World of Tanks' 12th anniversary in 2022, alongside additions like Onslaught and Pumpkin Bash that spiced the game up for players. The developers also released a new video and talked a bit about 2023, teasing a new map for Random Battles, vehicle rebalancing, returning events with enhanced qualities, and plenty more.

Starting in February 2023, players can expect Wargaming to launch a bulk of content on upcoming features and game events. It will include the next stage of vehicle rebalancing, new vehicle branches, an unusual ruleset in the Recon Mission mode, a new location added to the map list for Random Battles, and even existing maps will get improved.

Around the same time, in-game events Onslaught, Frontline, and Steel Hunter will launch with several enhancements. Wargaming aims to re-launch the events many times throughout 2023, each returning with a new coat of paint over their respective features.

The video Wargaming posted also reveals a bit more about what's coming. Players will enjoy Night Maps, a new achievement system, crew improvements, and other content in 2023. In the meantime, players can continue celebrating the festive season in the current Holiday Ops 2023. Before long, we'll have more official details from Wargaming on the next steps for World of Tanks.

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