World Of Warships Adds New Chinese Commander, Begins Early Access On U.S. Hybrids, And Debuts "Airship Escort" Mode

This patch marks the game's first update of 2023 and celebrates the Lunar New Year.

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World of Warships Lunar New Year 2023

Today, World of Warships dropped its first update of 2023 to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a new collection and add fresh content across the board. The latest patch introduces a legendary Chinese Commander, premiers U.S. hybrid battleships into early access, and debuts the "Airship Escort" battle mode.

"The Age of Sa Zhenbing" is a new collection to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, which details the work of a legendary Chinese admiral. Players will gather elements of the collection from Containers earned from completing combat missions, opening daily random bundles, or purchasing them from the Armory or the Premium Shop. Collection prizes range from one-day access to a Warships Premium account and getting the Chinese Commander.

Three new U.S. hybrid battleships spanning Tier VIII-X enter early access today with a good firing range and controllable squadrons of bombers. Players can purchase them from random and consecutive bundles or at the end of the Premium Warships Battle Pass.

World of Warships Event 2

Three weeks later, Wargaming will kick off special groups of combat missions and a "thematic sector" of the Armory. Finishing all the combat missions will reward players with the Statue of Liberty Commander with a unique voiceover.

Lastly, an improved version of the "Dirigible Derby" launched with the debuting "Airship Escort" battle mode. The battle type is a 12v12 format for Tier VIII-X vessels. It tasks players with following an indestructible airship along a fixed route, with the objective of beating the opposing team to the end or destroying all their ships. Players can earn numerous achievements and Community Tokens in this mode.

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