The good news? World of Tanks is getting a PvE story mode for the first time! The (possibly) bad news? You’ll have to play on a console to take part.

The War Stories campaign consists of two pseudo-historical campaigns of three chapters each — Brothers In Armor and Flashpoint Berlin — with two more to follow, including an alternate-history version of an Axis attack on Great Britain.

The stories are told through animated comic strips, with music provided by three-time BAFTA nominee Inon Zur, whose work you’ve probably heard in one of dozens of video games.

As part of the campaigns’ launch, Wargaming will offer a pair of premium tanks related to the stories: the HMH: M51 Super Sherman and the HMH: Huntsman Centurion.

War Stories can be played either solo or co-op on Aug. 22, but only on the PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox One S. You can learn more on the World of Tanks site.

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    • Most likely. Nothing surprises me anymore. I’ve actually taken to trying out single-player games again now. Quite tired of MMOs and their bullshit. At least you know where you stand with SP.


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