The wait is over. If you were looking forward to WildStar’s free to play conversion, download the client and get started….although based on our play through, we might recommend that you wait a week or so for the kinks to be worked out.

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  1. Game runs smoothly for me, have no issues with it. I’ve experienced lag on day 1 but it’s understandable since so many people logged into the game.

  2. One of you can’t speak English for crap, and the other 2 have crap computers. Game runs fine, its not p2w. Don’t believe in fairy boys like this son!

    • Oh dont get me wrong. The game is good and I love the art style / graphics. My PC is a core i5 with 12Gb RAM and GFX 770 2Gb. Thats enough for running any game maxed out at 1080p. Wildstar runs really smooth max graphics, but its still buggy. When I finished the initial stage it crashed again, had to Alt+F4 and re-run. Those crashes are to expect on new games, but Wildstar have been out for a while now, and very known for those crashes.

      • I suggest to look for your magnifying glass and investigate whats going on with you machine. can’t find the problem? fresh install and see if that works. Even having old drivers in one folder would start making games laggy, also uf you have a mechanical drives, move to hybridHDD or SSD if you’re a serious gamer. Also, dual sticks > quad on memory bandwidth.

  3. What a pay to win SH IT, i not see any queue , entering in few seconds all the time, people just try and quit like me, i not play pay to ein games plus subscription , its for nerds who cant win without pay to win cheats.

  4. Last night I tried to play it. First for download the client u need to log in (still don’t get the point on that given that u can log in or create new account from the launcher), but the log in web was down. Create new account web was fine tho, so did that just for the sake of downloading the client. Once on the launcher I logged in, again no point, the game is gonna ask you to log in regardless. But on my case it crashed, so I had to launch the game without logging in and then log in on the game. Once in the game the queue was around 3500 people, and still the waiting time calculator was always on “less than a minute”… yeah, right. After 54 minutes could get to character creation, but once finished when I tried to “enter game”… again, crashed. Had to Alt+F4, run the game again, my character was there, and enter the game from the character select screen. I’ve heard the game was buggy, but they claim to have fixed all issues. If this is the “fixed game” don’t want to know haw was the unfixed.

  5. Holy crap are the servers unstable in this one.Character creation takes an hour and as soon you join you can play with a delay thats bigger than the delay on Curiosity’s mars mission.


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