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About the game:
Title: ASTA
Status: Offline Graphics: 3D
Developer: Polygon Games Ltd.
Publisher: Move Games

Explosive Features:

  • Asian-Inspired Visuals
  • Customizable Attributes And Talent Trees
  • Divine Spirit And Jewelry System

ASTA – The War of Tears and Winds is a polished, traditional MMO that should appeal to many fans of old-school MMO design philosophy. It offers extensive character customization, giving players control over attributes and gear, including the divine spirit and jewelry system and an extensive crafting system. If you’re looking for an all-in-one fantasy MMO with an Asian flair, ASTA just might be it!

There’s plenty of traditional questing in ASTA, and players can challenge themselves with dungeons, raids, and PvP battles that come in three flavors: battlegrounds, arenas, and guild battles. There’s a lot to do, and you’re just the hero to do it!

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System Requirements

ASTA System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP 3, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.2G / Intel Core2 Duo E6700 2.66GHz
Memory Ram: 2GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 14GB of free Space
Video Card: GeForce 9600 GT / Radeon HD 3800

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  1. I enjoyed it for the first few hours, it’s your standard MMO albeit fairly graphically impressive compared to other games. It runs very smoothly too, but I suspect that’s because of the population, which brings me to my main point:

    I’ve played the game for a little over 7 hours over the course of 3 days and I haven’t run across a SINGLE OTHER PLAYER. I sent a shout in chat asking if anybody else was playing and nobody answered. Only ONE time RIGHT as I was logging off did I see somebody else use chat. I have a quest for competing in the battleground that I will never complete because you are stuck in an endless queue because NOBODY is playing. There should have been better advertising for launch because a lot of players will be run off if they log in to a dead game.

    It’s a shame, because I have enjoyed what I’ve seen of the game so far but it’s just not sustainable it nobody is ever going to play.

  2. I play this game, I am on the Ora side and my toon’s name is TurdNugget. Yes it is a game where cash can get you ahead and yes there is a grind like any game.I feel this person simply did not know how to play his toon and was a lazy farmer. It is not a World wide pvp zone, but you can sneak into territories and kill some of the enemy if you want. There are guards to prevent it but you can sneak around, but you get one shot if you get caught by them. Wado 50-55 is the only open Pvp area. Like any game you need a good guild or team. I have one and to start the day I get 52g just for logging on. For 2 hours I can farm 200 gold or better very easily.. I also work 48 hours full time and attend a University full time with 12 credit hours a semster. Pvp is awesome, like any game you have to get one piece of gear and level it up also buy jewels to enhance them. But the lazy butt above just wants to be carried, and it crying because he lacks the skills to play his toons. Yes you can buy stuff to raise your divines up, but no more than two hundred dollars and thats it. You cant buy gear or jewels you have to earn them. You dont need to buy a thing in this game. Plenty play it and they are at the top because they farm and they know how to play their toons. The game is similar to Wow, Guild Wars II, Tera, ect… The game just needs more players. Webzen does not spend a lot of promoting. the only thing the game does not need is people who complain like the person above, because of laziness, lack of skill, wanted to be carried, so he thinks of something to justify his short coming as a player. If there is a glitch Webzen has taken less than a week to fix and farm as gold sellers I have seen one and I can out farm in one hour with ease. Again I am TurdNugget on the US server, Ora side. The game just needs players. If you have played Wow, Guild Wars, Tera come on over, lot of player like my self have played them to. I would enjoy having more players.

  3. I have achieved level 50 on two characters, one a healer and one a mage (current level cap), and I would like to share my experiences in a review.

    1. Leveling – Rather easy. Takes about 50 hours in total to reach it on both characters, whether doing quests or pausing from quests to grind tai tokens (tokens used to purchase good quality gear every 10 levels)

    2. Classes – my healer and mage both have about the same gear level, definately weapon. Both are offensive specced. This being said my mage does not badly outdamage my healer. More to the point my healer is nearly the same damage output, but able to tank every elite boss / tai token boss that my mage cannot last through and outdamage. Playing as a healer i feel like I have something pve wise that can destroy everything rather quickly and survive everything. Playing as a mage I feel like the character is worthless. There is a wide gap in efficiency between the two classes.

    3. Gameplay – nothing special here. Tab to target. Kill it till its more than dead. Take loot. Continue onward. However with this, nothing bad either, like cashers do not get more loot, cannot pay to progress etc. Nothing good, nothing bad, but to me, that is good. Nothing to complain about.

    a. Questing – Poorly translated. The names of the creatures you have to kill, are usually not the names of the creatures that are actually in the game. I think there is one quest or two, that is correct. Otherwise it is same as any mmo. You are on a quest to kill some of this creature, or grab this item, or go speak to someone else. The poor translation however may leave someone a bit lost in the beginning before they get used to it.

    b. Crafting – gear gotten in game is better than anything that can be crafted, and every player that has craftings high says it is a waste. I do also for tailoring, and it was a waste of time and gold. As of yet, the crafting system has no use save alchemy.

    c. Sub professions – This is not a bad system. However you are facing with the grind, of needing 3 very specific things to help your character. These are noble souls for divine spirits, soul stone box for soul stones (currency for item shop near mirroring cash shop), and enhancement stones, used to up your characters stats. Endless monster killing is what is needed for this, making the sub professions a bit moot (save fishing in certain situations).

    d. Character development – Happens at a decent pace for an mmo. Both in reaching max level and with what you can do. However once you reach max lvl content you run into a problem. Your divine spirits are weak, you do not have the ones you want, you do not have them in unique quality. You will die horribly constantly in raid dungeons, and any dungeon that is further along that solo (normal). You are also food in open world pvp because you are exttremel frail due to not having the pvp divine spirits, and high, as well even a basic set of armor. Characters on the game refer to level 50 as the real beginning of the grind.
    I will state this in example of a person that has 2 hours a day to play. With this, solo, in a day they can get 3 tai tokens. A full set of basic gear (tai gear is considered basic set) costs 250ish tai tokens. at 3 per day that is 84 days. A casual player will spend at level 50, 84 days of solid grinding for his time for getting tai tokens, for one set of gear. In that time a person may make 3000 or so gold in game playing only 2 hours a day. That is 6000 divine spirits. That is enough to take 1 divine spirit unique, and only one, to around level 35, with needing more than 6000 (closer to 10k) to reach lvl 50 unique. For one out of 12 unique divine spirits.
    -To recap on this, the gameplay stops at an immediate need to grind, before you can play endgame content, or compete in any pvp environment against some, while others that have been here a while will mop the floor with you for months before you reach their level of power, if you can still tolerate it.

    e. PVP – This is what attracted me. There IS open world pvp which is something i am not too fond of but known to do to pass time, it has arena pvp in a 1v1 setting, 5v5, and raid. The good is that the game has it. The bad is it can only be done at certain times of the day, leaving often the casual player unable to ever take part in it, or only very little of this content. More to the point is the extreme difference in quality of gear / divine spirits that people have that make pvp pointless for new people that have yet to spend months in ‘the grind’ (except cashers of course). There is also pvp gear which gives extreme advantages in player vs player content, that can only be gotten as soon as you level to lvl 40 pvp exp (which is gotten only from killing someone in open world (tiny bits) or from the events (small amounts). Doing every event myself for a week, every single event got me to lvl 14 pvp. A casual gamer mght make lvl 40 in a year at 2 hours a day depending if they can even be in some of the events, losing every match to do so. The grinding gamer like myself that can be here for long hours every day and be in every event, will take over a month. For one set of pvp gear (if you have all the tokens. Not easily gotten losing so much at lvl 50, which a fresh lvl 50 has no choice but to do)

    4. Personal feelings and comments – You know. I am still looking for a game since the last one i played for years, shit down a few years ago. Saw this game, and went to its webpage. The game is said to be in open beta, yet it has a skeleton webpage with nearly no information on it. Though downloadable, decided still to play.
    At first things was not bad. Quests were annoying till I got used to the bad translations, and ignoring the quests all together only to look a objectives instead and where quests are on the minimap. However, I rarely passed another soul. At any given point in time, on non instance maps, in this huge world, there are less than a few hundred on at peak times (during events). The playerbase is truly and horribly tiny.
    Thinking on this, I would say this is largely due to poor advertising, nearly nothing for a webpage, and a game that after you reach the levels for ingame content, takes an absurdely long time to be strong enough for any endgame content.
    There has been no maintenance during my time playing that the developers have mentioned fixing any bugs, translation errors, nothing. However during my time playing, they have mentioned an expansion that was due to go live already, but they completely ignored putting in their own expansion on time, for no reason given.
    I am a judgemental person, and I judge the developers as trash in this. They have done little for their own game beyond the initial translation, put it up on the internet, and announced they have a game. It has a fully functioning cash shop and it is now in open beta. Then they have sat back and done nothing, while doing little beforehand.
    They have barely done anything, and have earned nearly no players, and likely less of an income than most games out there (at a guess, due to the few playing this game).
    I view this game as little more than a waste of server space due to the development team, and recommend its removal.

  4. Fun game up to the point you arrive on the Muk plateau, it turns into PVP open world with no options to turn the PVP off. So for those that are not into PVP, beware that you are going to get ganked a lot..

  5. Poor review. Magicman simply narrates the screen in a judgy tone. Does he see the game the first time like I do? It certainly feels like it. Whatever. bb mmobomb.

  6. Webzen’s name is on it, so you know it will only cater to those ready to open their wallet. Now you can progress as a normal player, and at times be equal or not far behind those who do pay but sadly there is literally no end-game.. Every “event” is restricted to a specific time like “those typical browser mmos”. It utilizes “spirits”, which give extra stats. Though pointing back to Webzen, it is a heavy cash shop item for the exp spirits for these. Will be updated at a later time.

  7. Why aren’t Any of these Free MMO games on Steam? I just don’t understand the free mmo games on steam that are fantasy Usually ALL have a “Red” Mixed Voting Rate or just a flat on Terrible Voting rate….


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