About the game:
Title: Transformice
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: Platformer
Developer: Atelier 801
Publisher: Atelier 801

Transformice is a hilarious, ever-changing platformer that puts you and a bunch of your fellow mice in a race to capture the most cheese and become the all-powerful mouse shaman. The shaman has amazing powers, which can help or hinder her and her fellow mice. However it goes, it’s sure to be a riotous good time!

Players compete on any of a number of maps, whether made by the developers or the community. Shamans can place objects on the map to help people get to hard-to-reach spots — or block off the competition. Shamans can progress their powers through skill trees, providing RPG-like customization to complement the zany and unpredictable action!

Explosive Features:

  • Physics-based, Chaotic Action
  • Endless Variety of Maps
  • Skill Tree Progression

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System Requirements

Transformice Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP
CPU: 1 GHz
Memory Ram: 512MB RAM
Hard Disk Space: At least 60MB of free Space

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  1. (Tranformice Review)
    + Costume
    + Unique Skill Tree
    + Map Editor
    + Mini Game
    – Very Bad Community
    – Repeated Map
    – Poor Training
    – Bad Customer Support
    – Hacker Paradise
    – Bad Game Master
    – Aim for Younger Player
    Star: 3/5 (Good)
    Not Recommended

  2. It’s definitely a game where you can play the same level and get a different solution every time. TFM is a puzzle platformer that allows for creative building as a shaman… or speed running as a mouse. A large portion of the community are young, so the community isn’t the most amazing thing ever, but the creativity of every level is the reason I play it. 😛


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