Moving forward on the wheels of the battle-arena bandwagon, upcoming MOBA Dawngate from Electronic Arts has entered its community beta, as registrations are now available, according to the official website. There’s promises of announcer packs and new skins in the near future, promoting the availability of Dawngate for everyone.

This fast-paced MOBA focuses on teams of shapers, and attempts to introduce unique economy dependent objectives that make for a more interesting and challenging landscape. The apex of every match will boil down to a giant battle between enemy forces and and their guardian. To the victor go the blessings, which are loot drops that are rewarded for certain aspects of gameplay.

As there is already a lot of competition in the realm of MOBA’s, Dawngate is a solid “Maybe-MOBA”. Maybe you will play it, or maybe you won’t. A trailer providing a basic idea of the game and how it stands out can be found below, and interested potential testers can find sign ups for community beta here. All registered users can then download the client and check out this new addition to the world of MOBA’s.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. As a EA Fan for a long , but no longer after when Peter Moore says EA will not be making anymore Offline games anymore that when i stop buying their product along with drastically misleading F2P Term.
    As gamers these MOBA`s is failure another squeal/clones….what next League of Legend 2?

  2. Man, just because LoL, is the most famous moba in the world, and HoN and dota going in his back, they are been dumb creating mobas looking like LoL, Very colorful and shit, seemingly, looking like you are playing in Alice in Wonderland. Man, all mobas like strife, that downgate, will not going to success. In my opinion, i’m looking for something innovator, other types of graphics, engine, struture, something explosive and full of actions.


    • You won’t find that in a moba. It’s a certain playstyle with certain mechanics that does not seem to coincide with what you want.

  3. Another old style MOBA?
    0% chance of success.

    oh when will they learn LoL and DOTA2 have that scene locked down. The only opening is through the new-age style of MOBA, AKA what Smite has introduced. But not if they spend all they time making horsecrap like this. Smite is very rapidly locking down the new-age MOBA style as well.

    • You have a funny definition of success.

      If they take 1% of MOBA player base the game will be a commercial success, MOBAs are very cheap to develop and maintain compared to most multiplayer genres.

      Last time I checked LoL held 89% of active MOBA players, can you imagine how many of them are sick of it and want to try something fresh? And DOTA2 as the main alternative isn’t particularly accessible.

      The MOBA scene is ripe for new games.

      • Since when dota2 is not accessible? Its a F2P like the other ones, like Anon said its a bit true. This game could be called a copy of LoL (i dont like to call this in games, but its true). There was a game called Rise of Immortals renamed later to Battle of Graxia, and after some time the game closed. The reason is simple, make a new game with no inovation is not the right way to success. It will be hard to a new game had a big success like LoL or even Dota2, what u said its true about maintain a moba game but to do it, needs hundreds and hundreds of players, otherwise for ex. the queue times will be large and that will make ppl leave the game. And like they said, they wanna keep the F2P in the front and with low amout of ppl it will be very hard to keep the game.

        • People who say Dota 2 isn’t accessible likely are LoL (or former LoL players) who have the perception that it has too many added complexities that LoL doesn’t have which they believe will turn people away from the game (and the finger is nearly ALWAYS pointed at denying).

          In fact, I’d say that if you haven’t played any MOBA/ARTS game before, Dota 2 is actually far more accessible than LoL, it’s just that LoL has a far larger player base and if your friends already play it, the logical decision is to play whatever they play.

          Sure, you have to go through Steam to play Dota 2, but gameplay (including hero selection) is not restricted in any way (and yes, runes in LoL are part of gameplay even if you can only buy them with IP, which requires grinding many games).

          Even for people who just want to be cosmetics collectors (reminds me of those people in MapleStory who dished out on Cash Shop cosmetics), Dota 2 is by far the superior choice for dressing up your heroes, considering you get to change the cosmetic for each body part (eg. head, torso, legs, arms etc.), instead of just one whole skin.

        • The characters cast their spells free of cost. They have Spirit Wells that are like workers from Starcraft, they gather resources for you and can be captured. The Nexus is not just a simple hitbox to win the game, it has five point that you have to destroy before you can kill it and it has numerous attacks. You get a free ward in your kit. You get spells like Flash or Exhaust in LoL, you chose them at level 1, 11 and 16 (i don’t remember exactly the levels, but you chose them as the game progresses). The turrets used to respawn, but they thoughtlesssly took them out. The reason was that teams used to get more of an advantage in credits after they respawned, but they could’ve just lowered the reward for killing respawned towers. Innovation you say?

          • Mystika from what I can gather DOTA2 is considered less accessible not because of added gameplay complexity but because of notoriously poisonous community which is not accepting of new players. Also, DOTA2 is stuck with mandatory Steam which is a deal breaker for a LOT of people in the F2P community.

            As for the innovation point, you might want innovation but in reality games that innovate generally go through various stages of financial disaster and games that stick to old and proven blueprints are financially successful. For example Call of Duty which is notorious for it’s lack of innovation keeps increasing its sales with every release to the point where it made a billion dollars from day one sales only.
            Here’s a video that can illustrate my point much better than I can: /watch?v=Cxhs-GLE29Q

          • And League doesn’t have that poisonous community? It’s pretty logical that the more popular a game is, the more jerks there’ll be in it. Dota has them, LoL has them, CoD has them. No matter what gaming community you join, there’s a near 100% certainty that you’ll meet some of these jerks. You could easily apply what you said about Dota to LoL or any game for that matter.

            As for Steam, I would say that those who play Dota 2 or wish to play Dota 2 would accept they require Steam almost immediately; It’s a Valve game after all. Sure, there may be some individuals who refuse to play Dota 2 because it uses Steam, but I’d say a far greater number refuse to play it because it’s a MOBA/ARTS game in general or they’re players of other games in the genre already and don’t see a need to switch.


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