On this week’s Free to Play Cast, we take some viewer questions to the extreme and make them an entire topic. Check it out as we talk about the MMOS that got us started and how we would bring new players into the fold. We also add in a few game updates coming our way. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

03:07 How we got started and bringing in new players
24:01 Multiple Game updates
33:08 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
40:35 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. So, FF XI is my first modern MMO and I used to play MUDs, the answer to this week’s question is EverQuest. I got into the EQ beta 4 back in college. Due to most folks on dial-up, you actually got a beta CD, which I still have. But I had a lousy experience with it. Hundreds of people in Freeport killing starter mobs, having to stare at your magic book to get back MP. Getting totally lost in the big cities, having a ton of useless spells, forced grouping all didn’t sound like fun. So I decided the game wasn’t for me and didn’t purchase it. Due to that, I feel that EverQuest saved my college career since I didn’t pick up another MMO until after graduation. Thanks EverQuest!

  2. My first MMO was world of warcraft, I’ve played Diablo 2 until i watched a TV show where they showed some WoW gameplay. I thought that the cooperative element they showed. So I grabbed it the first moment I could and created a night elf druid because by that time i thought shapeshifting a very cool addition to the gameplay… later on i found that paladin is my class so i spent about 4 more years maining him. Got more and more annoyed of the patches though and eventually went looking for another game to play… I’ve spent the last 5-6 years looking for the exitement i had back then.

  3. Question of the Week: My first MMORPG was Final Fantasy XI i played on my brother’s account with his main character which was a dark knight. My brother told me to find a party nearby the area he dropped me off at. There was one issue though every single person who was near me did not speak english at all. So i did what any young person would do, i just spammed emotes until i got someone’s attention, but it had the opposite effect they all ran away from me and i stopped playing shortly after.

  4. For the question of the week, my first MMO was Everquest. I was strictly a console gamer up to that point, I had a PC but used it only for surfing the web and chatroom RP. My roommate begged me to get it and eventually I caved. We made characters of different races and were going to meet up using the Plane of Knowledge. I might as well have “newbie” stamped on my forehead as I was wandering around outside of Neriak failing to find the PoK portal book, when another player saw me, handed me some gear they had on them and led me to the book. The whole community was like that back then, and it was a good thing since I was soon left to my own devices when my roommate outleveled me by a lot when I was at work. Unfortunately my stint with EQ was short because my computer soon died beyond repair. When I finally got a new one, my boyfriend at the time (now husband), and a mutual friend convinced me to try FFXI. I thought sure, I’ll try it for a month, hate it and we’ll all go back to EQ. Never been so wrong in my life, I then convinced my best friend to join us who wasn’t a gamer at all, and though our group has gone from 4-3 due to a move, we continue to go through MMOs together.

  5. First MMO I played was a game called Dungeon Runners. The one that really hooked me on MMORPGs was Guild Wars. Note I have never spent more than $60 in a year on MMOs so F2P is the best choice for me.

  6. Question of the week, first mmo was world of warcraft played it about a month or so before TBC launched, and it was a friend that got me into it ( was actually a private server he was on to begin with)
    We both bought the game at around the same time but i was left to solo and make my own way…which probably was for the best.

    As for introducing new players….WoW had to be the go to game, most MMO’s were fantasy based and the ease at which you got into WoW was incredible, just a shame the butchered themselves with each progressing patch…to the point that WoW players trying any other game were twisted in wanting it as easy as WoW made it.

    Two da bombs…make that three

    One Da-Bomb for (you guessed it) Path of Exiles new patch…been playing for years and these big (but not new act adding) patches have managed to excite me yet again with what is being added….especially the latest and last sub class announcement for the Scion class.

    Second Da-Bomb for Disgaea PC…nostalgia is strong with this one and very happy to see it finally ported to the PC (even though it probably deserves an A-Bomb for it’s issues)

    And third, Da-Bomb for the PS2 network adapter…never did get to play FFXI in the UK but for some of the other games (TOCA and Star Wars Battlefront) good times were had

  7. Not to beat a dead horse, but I have an A-Bomb for Trion Worlds. I spent a pretty decent chuck of time in Trove when it was first released to the general public. It wasn’t a perfect game by any means, but I still had fun. Pretty much every new update they’ve implemented since then has made the game significantly worse, esp. the recent changes that they’ve made to the cash shop.

    QOTW: I believe my first MMO was technically Flyff, although the first MMO that I really devoted a significant amount time into was Adventure Quest Worlds. I’ve since, more or less, stopped playing both games. I’ll occasionally jump into an event on AQW . but you couldn’t get me to touch Flyff with a 10 foot pool.

  8. Qotw: My First MMORPG was Eden Eternal, I got into it when i saw my sister playing it and it will always hold a special place in my heart for all the 3AM dungeon runs we used to share while we were rooming.

    BTW: A bomb to the guy who mentioned “Trekkers” for reminding me of the goddamned lectures my aunt used to give me about the difference between them and “Trekkies”. Seriously, she got really intense about it. -_-

  9. Cool seeing my comment brought up, guess ‘Large’ wasn’t the best word to use but yeah as Magicman said there is an esports scene developing, maybe small but its there and its interest can be seen in the varies B&S forums. For the QOTW I think like many Runescape was the first MMORPG I really played, though what grabbed my interest in MMORPG’s was Mabinogi, in terms of content and things to do its still me fav (The soundtrack was pretty nice too). Runescape though I think was the swiss army knife of MMO’s as you could really hop on and play regardless of whose computer you were at, heck still have friends who jumped back in after 10+ years later and still love it.


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