Gloria Victis throws up a new gameplay trailer, ELOA open beta begins, all that and more, this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. That would be Dark Age of Camelot.. still better than any MMO out there as far as pvp, and great way to kill some time while waiting for Camelot unchained!!!!

  2. THAT WOULD BE RAGNAROK ONLINE FOREVER. play it from grade school until now in tons of server’s include the official and every diffrent one is uniqe

  3. The oldest mmorpg I have played is Tera, and it sucks. And since the world will be dominated by mobile games, I doubt we can have any good graphics mmo to enjoy. This is the end.

  4. The oldest game i still play is Champions of Regnum (formally known as Regnum Online). Had this game been like a large amount of my MMO experiences, it would not have been on my hard drive for longer than maybe two weeks. But what changed that? The OUTSTANDING community experience i gained from it. In my opinion community is the make-or-break factor for every MMO game out there. Because really, who wants to never find a party and always encounter negative comments in game? CoR will always hold a special place in my heart and a comfy spot on my C: drive.

  5. I personally find my self coming back to Drift City it is the first mmorpg/mmoracing game that I have experienced back in 2007 and even if is not true in true an mmorpg it has solid elements of a mmorpg that made me explore the genera back in the days.

  6. The oldest mmo that I still play is Ragnarok Online. I play it because it was my first encounter with MMORPGs and I loved it. Even though I have never reached max level I really enjoy going back to it when I’m bored. I find it amazing that people still play it, because every time I jump into it there are a LOT of players.
    And thats just great

    • i would still play ragnarok if it wasn’t so hopeless on getting zeny to gear up for the late game instances… i love the game but Talesweaver was always superior so it’s a shame there are no global publishers picking it up


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