Welcome to episode #2 of Hi-Lo: The MMOBomb Game Show!

It’s a chance for two of our panelists to show off their knowledge of free-to-play gaming and a chance for the rest of us to laugh at them when they’re totally off base with their guesses! Today, it’s an epic rematch of our two MMOBomb mainstays: Mike Byrne, a.k.a. Magicman, and Zach Sharpes. Zach won the first matchup between these two — can he make it two in a row or will Mike redeem himself?

Here’s how we it works: We’ve got five questions, all related to free-to-play gaming and all with a numerical answer. Each round, one of our players will be asked a question and have to give an answer that they think is correct. Then, their opponent will try to guess whether they think the real answer is higher or lower than the answer the first person gave. The answer is revealed, and if the second person is correct about it being higher or lower, they score the point. If not, their opponent scores the point. The first player to three points wins!

We had a lot of fun putting this show together, so let us know what you think about Hi-Lo in the comments below!

“Happy Happy Game Show” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0



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