With the news of free to play being made available for Guild Wars 2, it’s time to jump in and roll a new character and start working my way back to endgame after I deleted my damn level capped character months ago…don’t ask, it’s a long stupid story about me trying to save money and failing big time.

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  1. Second best mmo 2015…. first is WoW deny it…. as long as u guys whants….. get your gaming standards right…. stop coming whit crap like aion tera rift neverwinter…. this are all crapy games…. WoW & GW2 are the best AAA on the planet…. like it or not!

          • let me guess… anime avatar…. u play crap like Aion TERA and u wait for B&S right and in your opinion Black Desert is the best mmo on the planet? GW2 and WoW are just shit? …. that is the road to hell……. my frend. And i just started GW2 let me tell u this i never had this mutch fun in any other games except when i first started WoW the game is absolute fun!

  2. this game is boring people every mmo i have ever played gets boring thow so its not really something that can be helped the story is good the story changes based on ur class and race the end game content is decent just gets boring but i would say if you really get into it you could get a good 6 months of play out of it b4 u got really bord of it the first 30 or so lvl is basically just grinding finishing maps and hearts the jump puzzles are fun this kind of game you got to play with some friends just talk and clear maps that aspect of it is fun playing alone is what makes u get bored and leave it also if you want is actually possible to get to lvl 80 by just crafting need allot of money for that thow but its more fun then clearing maps

  3. Huge download, I think about 40gb. Didn’t really like the game much personally, don’t know how long I will continue playing it. Really really boring. There isn’t even a main quest (doesn’t appear to be anyway) that drives what little story the game might have. Could be good for Rp’ers or people who like sandboxy games. It’s just too slow paced, the events are like defiance where you randomly go there, kill some things or gather or whatever and you get exp. Repetitive after doing it a few times.

    Game might get better later but I don’t know if I can be bothered to grind through the boredom with the hopes that I’ll end up enjoying it at some point. Played as a necro human.

    • How did you completely miss your personal story, it’s a massive green star on your map and always on your quest tracker lol.

      That said the current game only has the content it was released with 3 years ago because the episodic content isn’t permanent. The end game is mainly just grinding the same dungeons they’ve had since release, grinding fractal dungeons, grinding crafting and grinding pvp (world vs world and arena mode).

      • There was no green star. Played for a few hours. Even asian mmos felt less grindy or faster paced than this. Don’t even think I got to level 10 in those few hours. Just kept running around the map doing random quests or events on the map.

      • It’s called he didn’t play beyond level 10 which is where the main story starts. He also doesn’t seem to get the idea that they just let you roam from heart to heart because they want you to explore the world rather than have a massive quest log. Oh well, his loss.

    • “Grind” through the boredom. I don’t play GW2 anymore but it was by far the least grinding game I ever played. You could hit max level in 2 hours.

  4. That… was one of the most boring wasp collectings and wall scrubbings ever.. he actually had to roleplay to kill the boredom and this game actually wants money to let you play it? “facepalm”
    Lucky them that i didn’t see this before it went kinda sorta “f2p” otherwise i’d say much more on the matter.

    • So basically your only issues with the game are the same light style quests that you find in every MMORPG ever made, that’s not a critique, you can’t review an MMO based on just the first little bit of it, you should take a look at later world events and quests that you can do in other videos before you just dump on the game without trying it. If you did that, or actually tried the game you would realize that the base game has a ton more content than most other MMOs, especially in the Free 2 Play Market.

      Don’t be a troll.

      • So far i hear mostly that the game is no better than any other f2p out there and this stream confirmed it nicely. Yet, they placed ridiculous restrictions on f2p accounts.
        Not a nice way to start ones first f2p career.

        • but the point is, ur supposed to buy the expansion in the end, the restrictions are there are a way to make u buy it, no game is TRULY f2p, and this one def. is not, its an amazing game and the expansion is going to give the game TONS of new and amazing content and i hope many f2p players will buy the expansion and see that its worth it!! (been playing since the game launched)

          • @LOVATHON
            Thats what cash shop is for.
            Making all that b2p nonsense as well as restriction nonsense absolutely unnecessary.

          • The game technically isn’t F2P as they just moved the B2P barrier to be for the expansion and restriction free access to the main game. Most of the F2P restrictions are rather smartly put in to diminish botters and gold spammers so the experience isn’t ruined for new players and the existing community.

            Quit your trolling and play the game if you really want to know how it is. If truly aren’t interested, then stop complaining.


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