What’s the best Free-to-Play game? Almost assuredly, it’s the one that isn’t out yet. It’s that one that you’re looking forward to, that you’re watching trailers for, that you’re reading dev blogs about, that all your friends are in alpha/beta for and are telling you how cool it is…

This year is shaping up to be one of Free-to-Play gaming’s finest and we’ve done our best to sort through the long, long list of upcoming Free-to-Play games to give you what we think are the most hotly anticipated titles that you might get on your grubby little hard drives in 2014. Keep in mind these games have been more or less 100% confirmed for Open Beta release this year.

It was a tough selection process, and many deserving games, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgottenother games like Blade & Soul, Dungeon Defenders 2, Armored Warfare, and Kingdom UnderFire II. We’ll be updating often, wiping off games that launch while adding new upcoming ones.

Did your favorites make the list? If not, what else are you looking forward to in 2014?

10. Trove

Trion Worlds’ entry into the sandbox building field seems to have all the quirk and charm of Minecraft but with subtle improvements to graphics and gameplay. A more traditional RPG feel, with classes, abilities, quests, and dungeons, should help MMO fans feel more at home.

9. World of Warships

Wargaming’s trifecta will be complete once World of Warships sets sail. Players will command multiple ship types including destroyers, battleships, and carriers in a battle for naval supremacy. With Gaijin Entertainment’s War Thunder breathing down their necks, Wargaming is certain to pull out all the stops to make sure Warships is a hit.

8. Orcs Must Die! Unchained

Robot Entertainment’s F2P installment in the Orcs Must Die! series offers a blend of the previous games’ gore­-splattered tower defense/action combat gameplay and PvP MOBA-­style combat. A card­-based system serving as a way to gain new items while providing you with your own
customizable source of invading Orcs will let you trick out your heroes and their diabolical deathtraps, allowing for a wide variety of play styles to suit any strategy.

7. World of Speed

Racing titles are still rare in the F2P space, so it’s great to see Slightly Mad Studios take the wheel. World of Speed offers all the customization options you’d expect, as well as a variety of play modes and maps located throughout the world. The game rewards group tactics, so it’s not just about who finishes first, but what team uses the best strategy to score an overall point victory.

6. Chroma

Merging shooter mechanics with a musical rhythm game sounds crazy – crazy enough that it might just work. And who better to do it than Rock Band creator Harmonix, in tandem with Counter­-Strike: Global Offensive developer Hidden Path? At the very least, it’s a unique premise and we can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

5. Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard’s foray into the MOBA world looks to do for that genre what World of Warcraft did for MMOs and Hearthstone did for CCGs. Hardcore MOBA fans might turn their noses up at it, but it’s hard to argue with Blizzard’s track record, and a simpler, all­-access MOBA that utilizes popular characters from one of the world’s leading developers could be huge.

4. Fortnite

Epic Games’ base-building/survival game takes the genre in a new direction by introducing classes and fixed-time campaigns in addition to standards like exploration, scavenging, and hordes of monsters looking to make a meal out of your brain. Procedurally generated worlds and an AI “director” who summons minions based on your defenses should help keep things fresh even after several games.

3. H1Z1

SOE’s zombie-survival game is the first entry into the genre by a AAA game developer. It’s still a developing field, and they’ve got as good a chance as anyone of taking over, especially with Free-to-Play as an incentive to draw players in. It’ll be interesting to see how they leverage their powerful Forgelight engine to carry this type of game to the masses, both on PC and (one would presume, being Sony and all) on the PlayStation 4.

2. ArcheAge

Published by Trion Worlds in the West, XLGames’ ArcheAge has been the shining hope of sandbox RPG fans for years. Created by the same mind behind NCSoft’s Lineage titles, ArcheAge looks to have all the things that sandbox fans crave, including open-world PvP, a robust economy, housing, and more. It’s a “fantasy EVE” game that looks great and offers a ton of different ways to play.

1. Landmark

Is it a primer for EverQuest Next (which didn’t make our list because we don’t think it’ll be available in 2014)? Is it a Minecraft-esque building simulation? Is it a full MMORPG? We’re still not quite sure, and Landmark’s in an early enough state that it could go in any of those directions.

One thing’s for sure, though: Even with relatively minimal gameplay elements, people are eating it up. From looming cathedrals to space western towns, the creativity of Landmark players is astounding. Imagine what they’ll come up with once there’s an actual game. The potentials seem almost limitless and with the upcoming addition of naturally occurring cave systems along with running water, Landmark seems on track to hit all of its high notes. Even without the EverQuest name attached to it, Landmark is already on track to hit all of its high notes, and it’s still just getting started.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Most Anticipated is a strange variably . It does cover what the word says , but at the same time it express over … expecting , witch can and most of the times lead to totally 0 interest or jsut a bad game . Games like Frosaken World from Perfect World was MOSTLY MOST Anticipated not so long ago , but the game is totally meh .. and noone even hear from it or know of it anymore , but yea it had the Most Anticipated Title on it and it was as i said “meh” witch is bad compared to all the rest of the titles going out in that year .
    So this is mostly speculating and too much fuss generating mmo’s at the moment does not mean they will be good or interesting or even kinda good on or couple of months after release .

  2. Archeage is CRAP it is not remotely sandbox and at the end of the day no one seiges becase guilds do not want to lose their castles.

    The most popular activity is going to this island that EVERYONE needs to go to, to get currency for houses and furnature and other things, and kill those people over and over and over.

    It is a terrible game, played all the K Betas.

    • >_> if no one sieges because guilds don’t want to lose they’re castles… I would consider that more fault on the players for being wusses rather than the game being bad.

      • if a guild loses they can lose their territory, or if they fail seiging someone else, that guild will just come seige them and take ther stuff.

        Turns into a cold war.

        There is no real sandbox elements (oooo a tiny plot for plants and putting a house in a designated housing zone)

        Not to mention to even get a house, you have to get that currency, which you will get ganked by max level players for doing.

        • The rest of the game is just your cookie cutter kill 10 wolves, kill wolf boss, kill 10 boars, kill boar boss, go to next designated leveling area.

          That is the entire game.
          End game content? Maybe if you are REALLY lucky you can see the sea kraken being farmed by the biggest guild. But you gotta be REALLY lucky to not get shot by them first.

          • Seems like your making a mountain out of a mole hill. Games don’t deviate from one another all that much core wise. You do the kill 10 of this mob, in 99.99% of the games out there. Seems like its not really the game that bothers you its the other potential players and the fact they might actually try to enjoy the game somehow.

          • I will make a mountain out of a molehill anyday when the core of the game is high levels ganking low levels and only the biggest guild getting the world bosses (which are needed to craft some items).

            The game is completely about the biggest survive, not the best, and they gank the rest.

  3. 1. Kingdom underfire 2
    2. Blade and soul
    3, Archage/Landmark
    4. H1Z1

    the rest ain’t garbage just NOTHING can be compared to those up there.

    ref: to this guy with no taste (Aeryoth,May 3, 2014 at 11:14 pm)

    Bull shit list. It should be

    1) Archeage
    2) Archlord II
    3) Swordsman
    4) EQN
    5) all other garbage

  4. i don’t see anithing interesting in this game list,i was waiting to see something like Black desert online ,Blade and Soul,Black gold online ,Archelord 2,Archeage …but nothing …how can we call tjhe most anticipated of 2014 ?

  5. I have to say…you compiled a great list there.
    All and all just about each of those games is in
    own genre and they represent them well. I really
    am on the verge of buying the beta access for
    Archage, I’ve been playing Trove and Landmark
    for a short time. Trove got boring, but I know it’s
    going to be a good product once it’s released.
    I have minor FPS issues on Landmark (Nvidia User)
    but I can say it’s still an amazing game. It’s
    very refreshing is all I have to say about it really.

    All and all, I really think the games are getting pushed
    in the right direction compared to where they used to be.

    I’m happy with it.

    • There’s such a thing as unrealistic expectations. There’s what you expect and then there’s reality.

      • I agree, it’s totally unrealistic to expect F2P games that don’t suck. That is so unreasonable. He should just shut up and enjoy the tripe that given.

  6. Good List in my opinion, 6 games im looking forward too. Dont thing all of them will be how i imagin them to be but i hope some will so i can stick with them for a good amout of time.

  7. 10 Most-Anticipated F2P Games of 2014??
    Really??? LMAO!!

    chroma? chroma what??? never heard of it lol and by the name it kept me wonder whether it was developed by google? google chroma?? LMAO!!

    What bout PSO2?
    Achlord2? currently 170k+ accounts registered to play in beta testing
    MU rebirth?
    swordman online?

    • lol

      you never heard of chroma? you live under a rock? xD

      PSO2 and Archlord 2 are not as anticipated as the titles on the list… 170k registered account is not as much as you think

      • Think there’s an article buried here about Chroma if I remember correctly. Was from a few months ago. And I’m one of those 170k registered users for Acrhlord 2. Anticipated is really a relative term that really depends on who you talk to. Its a nice word to use when you want to get attention.

  8. You guys at mmobomb should check out dragonball online revolution. I’ts a remake of the TW/other versions but made by fans and in english. It will be released this year and i think has a lot of potential

    • The sad truth is that it’s an emulator of the late DBO, and not really a remake. What’s the difference? Their not developers, so it’ll be hard pressed to ever see new content 🙁

  9. Why do you add so many games as free to play while they are not free to play? When you have to pay for the beta or for an early access its not free to play!!! free to play means you don’t have to pay for anything. Thats why its called FREE to play.

      • It’s actually REALLY damaging to scorn your community by barring access behind massive founders pack fees. I’m amazed no one learned from Neverwinter. That game got hit HARD because of its founders packs, and now these days it’s a mild failure despite how much hype it had behind it.

        Founders packs are a good idea if the devs don’t become greedy little sh*ts and overcharge for it.

        The way to make money from a F2P game is to -have people who want to play-.
        Gouging some quick cash from founders packs only to lose a huge amount of hype, gain infamy and eventually die off due to a bad launch is NOT a great idea.

    • no free to play means you will be able to play for free. which you will be able to. f2p does not mean, you play early, you get free cosmetic items, boosters, content, or other bonuses for free or that you get everything a paying player gets. it simply means you will be able to play for free even if its only one class for one level. you don’t have to like it to understand it.

  10. 10: Trove: Even if it’s a Voxel based Game by Trion, they haven’t made any good games lately.

    9: World of Warships: Should be in the list because it’s legit to be there.

    8: Orcs Must Die: Unchained: Never played the Singleplayer titles but sounds like a hell full of fun.

    7: World of Speed: Never heard of this game.

    6: Chroma: Same as Anon wrote.

    5: Heroes of the Storm: IT IS ANTICIPATED. But not really for me.

    4: Fortnite: Same as Anon wrote again.

    3: H1Z1: I’m not looking forward to this game. Just looks lame and it comes far to late.

    2: Archeage: Never was intrested in this game but i’ll give it a try when it goes into beta. 50 buckets for being in alpha is far to much.

    1:Landmark: Same as Anon but i don’t anticipated it.

    At least for me there are some Games still missing. What about Kingdom under Fire 2, Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade, Blade and Soul for the western market, Swordman online, Black Dessert online and Black Gold online and the in the comments mentioned Albion online. All of these games should be in this list.

  11. What about Blade&Soul some people like me got tons of nergasm over it and still waiting for it to come out in EU

  12. black gold online mmorpg wise is the only one I’m looking forward to, don’t know enough about archeage (gender lock? (big no no for me – need more info to black desert as to whether this one will fly by ), arcadey beat em up pve? etc)

    Star Citizen is the biggie for me though (but I’d prefer no private / seperately looked after instance servers which I believe they are happy to support)

    • ArcheAge has no gender lock. It’s similar to Black Desert in that it’s a huge persistent sandbox world, but different in it’s type of combat as well as the fact it has 120 class possibilities.

    • Because this is a list anticipated for 2014. BDO isn’t even out in it’s native country yet, so I doubt it’d be out for English players this year. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s probably the most anticipated game for me.

  13. So sad, these titles doesn’t spark any interest at all..
    I guess watch dogs, destiny, the division is probably my way to go with this year..
    until some other good titles come out..
    f2p seems to get shitty

      • if you haven’t gotten a good look at ArchAge or Landmark then you have bad taste in games sir because those two look and feel to be ones worth a definite interest, but sadly kids these days don’t understand quality when its given to them.

        • First of all, he have his own taste, u can’t call him a “sadly kid” if i understand right, how u called him, about game which he maybe don’t like or “but i’ll give it a try like I do with every MMO” So who you think you are to call someone kid? do you know him? It’s more you are that sadly kid.
          More i read comments, more i see XXI century gonna be full of dumb people (in internet).. Just go back to your facebook and feel free to poke some guys

          About this “TOP 10” few of them don’t even have a gameplay so how it could get in here??.. Next thing, well, I played Archeage, was nice, if u don’t have/find good friends or don’t join “Know what to do” guild in it, u just pass it..
          Landmark, eh.. Minecraft+better graphics and normal textures not blocks (in my opinion).

          • Still kind of misinformed. ArcheAge is a pvp based game, having a guild does help a lot. But not knowing what to do doesn’t make it a bad game.. nor does it mean one should pass it, pretty dam biased.

          • actually, there is a difference between personal taste and saying a game is “shit”… all games on this list are well made, games like archage and EQ have a quality not yet seem in the f2p world, or even in mmos in general

            so he can say that nothing was interesting to him, but those games are far from “shitty”

        • I did take a look at them, heck i even play landmark.

          Game is overrated. And a f2p game will never trump a AAA game like watchdogs.

          • watchdogs is not an MMO and is a GTA style game with alot of features and not in the same category do your research before comparing.

  14. 10: Trove: Given it’s made by Trion and is just attempting to cash in on a bandwagon gamestyle, the game is horribly unlikely to actually be any good.

    9: World of Warships: Only interested because the mega game they’re going to make with land, air and sea will be insanely cool. Not really a boat person myself.

    8: Orcs Must Die: Unchained: Frankly i’m more likely to stick to singleplayer, but assuming they don’t pay2win the hell out of it, it could be fun.

    7: World of Speed: Just no.

    6: Chroma: First time i’ve ever heard of it. With no gameplay footage (that I can find anywhere) it’s hard to call it “anticipated”.

    5: Heroes of the Storm: Nice for casuals but overall I wont likely touch it. Topdown MOBAs are archaic and skill-less. I see no point in ’em anymore.

    4: Fortnite: Another unknown. Just from the premise it sounds pretty meh and not very MMO-ish.

    3: H1Z1: I genuinely do not see any reason to play this over DayZ other than the fact it’s free. The current footage looks pretty meh compared to DayZ as well. It’s just another cash-in.

    2: Archeage: Looks like generic garbage but i’ll give it a try like I do with every MMO. Gameplay footage is extremely unimpressive though.

    1:Landmark: It’s a cute game for builders but outside of that it’s entirely pointless. The idea is neat enough but again, it’s just a massive minecraft classic mode with infinitely better tools. It caters to a niche, but that’s definitely a very unexplored niche in the MMO market so i’m sure it’ll do fine.

    These “anticipated” lists are usually a joke. This one really isn’t an exception. Not a whole lot going on if this is what we’re supposed to be thrilled about for 2014.

    Off the top of my head, i’m more excited for Albion Online. Granted there’s really no guarantee it’ll be a 2014 title so I guess that’s why it wasn’t considered. It’s definitely shaping up to be more of 2015 title sadly.

    • listen up bro u should see FrankieOnPC review about H1Z1 if you see the aim is pretty master because 1 shot misse mean that enemy will not dead but if you good at aim than you good

    • 2. Wargaming isn’t making a “mega-game” combining land sea and air. The way all 3 games will interact will be limited to clan wars contributions and sharing gold and credit currencies. Gaijin, the creators of War thunder, are going to make a game mode where land sea and air all fight simultaneously on the same map.

      Wargaming’s reasons for not doing combined arms were that the maps would be too big for tanks to be fun and they also wanted to prevent excess tear shedding from the tank players since they already QQ alot about artillery, getting bombed by planes would create rivers of tears.

      It’s also very likely that Wargaming realized that the world of tanks engine is garbage and making a large map with combined arms would likely require a 4000$ machine to hit an acceptable frame rate.

      • “First time i’ve ever heard of it. With no gameplay footage (that I can find anywhere) it’s hard to call it “anticipated”.

        Lulz, first time ya heard of it suddenly makes it hardly anticipated.

        Highly anticipated is a relative term, meaning it’s been covered by the gaming media, and voiced by a majority of online gamers. Just because your out of the loop doesn’t mean it’s not anticipated.

        Also it seems your really uninformed on a lot of the games you listed, mostly just first impression reviews on screenshots, and vidoes.

        • If I haven’t heard of it, there’s a very good chance very few have either.
          It’s hard to call it anticipated then, eh?

          Chroma is completely under the radar. Makes sense considering it seems to be miles from any sort of release. At least I find it hard to believe a game with no gameplay footage could be released anytime soon.
          Fortnite just has absolutely no sort of real exposure. Sure footage and interviews exist, but I guarantee very few gamers will actually know what it is.

          Try harder.

          • If you haven’t heard of it maybe you don’t have the audacity to judge how anticipated it is. You confuse anticipation with promotion. Another reason for you to stop what you are doing.

    • it sounds that you hate everything, don’t know why you are here

      you are wrong about almost everything you said about every game… and I would agree that Albion should be on the list, but you miss again, the game is set to launch in 2014

  15. Well I know it isn’t going to be free to play but, I myself can’t wait for The Forest on May 22nd and the Stomping Land when it comes out! I will have much to do for gaming time but, I must say I am quickly falling in love with H1Z1 and I hope it becomes the game a zombie/survival enthusiast could hope for! It fills me with joy when more horror games come to the market and even if it is another zombie survival theme it is a pretty dang good AAA company and with their assets the sky is the limit. Hopefully they will allow fans to contribute to “some parts” of the game. Only time can tell!
    And dear Stomping Land…..please do take your time but, I have to play you eventually due to a new world of survival and the brutal challenges of dnos awaits!


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