Path of Exile is a 3D free to play MMO game similar to Diablo set within Wraeclast, a gritty fantasy world filled with monsters and demons. This RPG game is developed by Grinding Gear Games and features a persistent world that is able to receive hundreds of thousands of players.

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  1. What got me intrigued was the 7th class(at the skill tree all class are around another), it’s not liberated yet but as it’s central must be awesome…

  2. closed beta tester here lvl 78 and 1 of the best of server 🙂 now quit the game though cause i finished it already in close beta all endgame gears weapons etc…good game but too quick to is very kiddy and lots of gays…another bad thing no pvp…played for 2 months but at the end got bored cya

  3. Hard to get a beta key, the beta invite timer is crap

    1 key invite per 5 mins
    5 mins x 12 = 1 hr
    12 keys x 24hr = 288 beta invites per day

    Still haven’t received a key. Wtf…….

  4. Great looking game and great first look…. loved seeing magicman getting pwned because its nice to know that even professionals can choke sometimes.

  5. I played this game in both betas and it sux.

    first off there are only 4 stages, after you complete a series of story quest that last only about 2 hours time and is completely soloable you end up starting over again and again the monsters may get tougher but it becomes more about farming gear and gems while grinding levels than about fighting bosses and exploring there is no replay value.

    second once you reach the max level cap and finish the 4th repeated zone you basically are done there is just a series of looping zones with clusters of monsters thats meaningless to fight

    third the drops are so totally random you can get a better drop off a low level peon in the first zone than the epic boss in the last zone which makes no sense.

    fourth the dungeons are all too easy and too short, 15 minutes to pass ANY dungeon solo and that’s if you farm it out and completely clear it, less than 4 minutes if you know the path (which you will after the 2nd repeat).

    This game feels more like it belongs on Facebook its so horrible and I wouldn’t touch it if they paid me to play it.

    • so you haven’t read the info of the game right?
      it’s CLOSED BETA and not all content is in the game at the moment, more to come for open beta and even more on release…

      Drop wise: you are 50% right…it’s the level that changes on items, so you CAN get a good drop from the starting zone but it won’t last long.

      Bosses: you are right, but even D2 wasn’t about bosses…in the end it was only farming diablo to get items and levels…dunno bout D3 and i think it’s the same after release…

    • 1. GGG working on the game story and lore and will include it in next patches.
      “starting over again and again the monsters may get tougher but it becomes more about farming gear and gems while grinding levels than about fighting bosses and exploring there is no replay value.” – its the idea of ARPG. Blizzard tried to make a new product with a unique system (dynamic environment) which involves players to play D3 again and again. And they did it – its good. But they forgot to ask customers “what also they need?” they fail the skill system which will lead to lose of some part of customers.
      2.There will be PvP leagues and many other (you can read here
      3. Agree, but developers are working on it.
      4. – Normal difficulty in POE more harder than in D3.
      – There will be 2 more acts. First in open beta and Second – on the release.
      – “fourth the dungeons are all too easy and too short” – only in act 1 (but, it takes more time to complete Act 1 in POE then in D3). And same I can say about D3 1 act. As example, I complete act 1 in diablo 3 in 1 hour with barb and used 1 t potion on the Leoric (that was my first run in D3). I complete act 1 in POE in ~3 hours.

      PS: sorry for my English.

  6. as i play both of diablo III and poe beta i think diablo III is not diablo any more :its the mutied baby for diablo 2:(
    for path of exile its diablo2 with finalfantsy 10 skill tree amazing game you should give it a try 🙂

  7. I swear we already had a first look for this game at the site..In fact so much so I would swear you already did this a long time ago.

  8. Played PoE during the Public Stress Test, and I was really impressed by it.
    The skill web is HUGE, which I love because it allows you to customize your characters skills/gameplay how you want it.

    I’m really looking forward to the official release.


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