SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online is a free to play 3D multiplayer third-person shooter game with fast-paced gameplay, customizable units and missions based on events from the series.

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  1. And I’ll make a little emnmcot on Unicorn itself.While I’m a Gundam fan, I feel that almost ALL the Gundam series suffer from some rather glaring flaws (such as the aforementioned LOLTomino direction). My favorite Gundam show right now is definitely Gundam 0080, but I still have a problem with 0080.I have high hopes that Unicorn will supplant 0080 as my favorite Gundam show. In fact, I WANT Unicorn to dethrone 0080. My problem with having 0080 as my favorite Gundam show is that I feel that 0080 is kind of cheating. Without spoiling anything, the Gundam setting is not intrinsic to the story being told in 0080. You could take the story of 0080 and change the setting to WWII, and no value would be lost. 0080 just isn’t Gundam enough.Meanwhile, it should be obvious to see that the Gundam setting is definitely intrinsic to Gundam Unicorn. I should be jaded by Gundam tropes and cliches at this point, but Unicorn is definitely winning me over. That said, here’s hoping the rest is as good.


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