Are you an experienced news writer or a video producer who wants to contribute to MMOBomb? We want to work with you! We are always interested in hearing from talented and experienced people.

We’re looking to beef up our team by finding passionate gamers to contribute to the site. With so much talent yet to be discovered, we’re not afraid to give you an opportunity to be epic and broadcast your voice, because MMOBomb is from gamers to gamers!

Requirements and FAQ

What are the requirements for the Game Writer position?

1. Be able to cover stories assigned to them.

2. Be able to come up with own stories and follow them.

3. Do proper research for stories and take initiative.

4. Maintain professional and objective perspective without losing their personal touch.

5. Must be at least 18 years of age.

What are the requirements for the Video Director position?

1. Videos must be high quality. Low quality videos might not be selected.

2. Mic that captures high quality sound. Videos must include voice commentary.

3. Fluent English speaker. Speak clearly and audibly.

4. Not younger than 18.

How much will I get paid?

The exact monetary compensation will be negotiated in advance.

Do you think you can contribute to the site in a different way than as a writer? (Like podcasts, comics, etc.) Drop us an email to CONTACT [AT] MMOBOMB.COM and tell us more.

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