You’ll Soon Be Able To Buy Rift Artifacts With Credits

Artifact collection has been a major feature of Rift since the game launched. Many is the time I’d be running with a party, see something…


Paladins Grover Gameplay Revealed During Patch Notes Stream

The first character from SMITE is finally making his way into Hi-Rez’s free-to-play shooter/MOBA Paladins. Grover — buddy of the god Sylvanus and all around…


Motiga Announces “Signficant, Temporary” Layoffs

Motiga — creators of the upcoming free-to-play MOBA, Gigantic — dropped some bad news on fans today. Due to a dire financial situation, the company…


Hex: Shards of Fate Gets PvE Update

Gameforge announced its latest update for the free-to-play digital card game Hex: Shards of Fate. Titled “The Chronicles of Entrath,” the new update offers a…


Star Wars: The Old Republic Releases Paradise Patch Notes

SWTOR players can now see what’s coming up in the next update to Bioware’s free-to-play MMO. The patch notes for the Anarchy in Paradise are…


Neverwinter: Underdark Available On Xbox One

The wait is over, Xbox One players. Perfect World Entertainment announced today that the eighth expansion for their free-to-play MMORPG is finally available on Microsoft’s…

World of Tanks PS4 British thumb

British Tanks Invade World Of Tanks On PS4

The British are coming, and Paul Revere probably can’t help you, not against 20 tons of steel. Wargaming has announced that a horde of British…


Skyforge’s March Of Knowledge Patch Brings A Lot Of Quality Of Life Changes

Skyforge’s next big patch is set to hit on Wednesday, and it’s bringing a lot of changes with it that should improve the overall quality…


Star Trek Online Announces T6 Flagships

T6 versions of the Odyssey, Scimitar and Bortasqu’ are coming to Arc Games’ free-to-play, sci-fi MMO Star Trek Online. The new ships were announced on…

H1Z1 thumb

Daybreak: H1Z1 Split Was To Provide “Clearer Focus”

MMORPG.com has an interview up with H1Z1 Lead Designer Terrence Lee, and while it doesn’t address the biggest question we here at MMOBomb would like…

Armored Warfare Coastal Threat thumb

Armored Warfare Takes A Vacation On New Coastal Threat Map

No, Obsidian Entertainment isn’t putting aquatic tanks in Armored Warfare, but that doesn’t mean you can’t head on down to the beach for a little…


WildStar State Of The Game Address Highlights Plans For 2016 & Dungeon Chase Event Announced

In the most recent State of the Game address, WildStar’s newest Game Director, Chad Moore, went over some of the highlights from 2015 and discussed…


Champions Online Releases Teleios Ascendant Content

Champions Online’s latest update — Teleios Ascendant — is officially on the live servers. The new update, which hit the PTS back in January, is…


Bless Online In Final Talks For Western Publication Deal

Neowiz Games’ MMO Bless online is finally coming to Europe and North America, according to a post on Bless-Source. According to the post, the developer…

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