eternal chaos online feat

New MMO Eternal Chaos Online Enters Open Beta

Indonesian game company Prodigy Infinitech announced today that its new MMO, Eternal Chaos Online, is entering Open Beta. A free-to-play, browser based MMORPG, Eternal Chaos…

World of Tanks Update 9 15

World of Tanks Update 9.15 Tweaks Physics, Vehicle Performance, And UI

When 30-ton tanks go vaulting over hills, a lot can happen. With Update 9.15, the World of Tanks team again spruces up the physics engines,…

mxm feat

Master X Master Introduces New Master Innowin

NCSoft West revealed the next Master heading to its upcoming free-to-play MOBA, Master X Master (MXM). Innowin is a kinetic-type master armed with a weapon…

asta feat

ASTA Announces A New Race And The End Of Open Beta

Webzen announced the end of open beta for its free-to-play game ASTA today, along with a new incoming race. With the end of beta announcement,…

smite feat

SMITE Celebrates Master Tournament at Dreamhack With Viking Invasion

The SMITE Masters tournament will be taking place at the Dreamhack Summer 2016 event in Jönköping, Sweden and Hi-Rez is celebrating with a limited time…

paladins feat

Paladins Patch Adds New Card Shop, New Map And More

The latest Paladins update brings a wide variety of quality of life changes for players, the first of them being allowing players to select the…

age of conan feat

Age Of Conan Celebrates 8th Anniversary

Age of Conan is turning 8 and Funcom is celebrating by offering a variety of special items and discounts in the free-to-play game’s shop. For…

gloria victis feat

Gloria Victis Overhauls Menu And Reworks Detection System

In its latest weekly update, Gloria Victis received some adjustments to both its menu and detection system. The updates to the detection system gives players…

riders of icarus feat

Riders Of Icarus Adding Action Mode For Closed Beta 3

After taking in all the feedback from Closed Beta 2, the Riders of Icarus team has revealed a bit of what players can expect in…


Warframe Donating Proceeds From TennoCon Ticket Sales To Charity

Warframe developer Digital Extremes announced this weekend that all proceeds from TennoCon 2016 will be donated to charity. The company will be donating to Outward…

mech wars feat

Crowdfunded Game Mech Wars Releases Free Demo

Mech Wars, a free-to-play single-player/MOBA-esque game developed by Han Studios, now has an official demo. The demo is available on the game’s official site and…

Solforge Indomitable-Fiend-Just-Art

Solforge’s New Expansion, Raiders Unchained, Introduces Raid And Formation Abilities

Free-to-play online CCG Solforge has a big new expansion coming out soon, called Raiders Unchained, and lead designer Ben Lundquist recently penned a blog post…

perfect world international feat

Perfect World International Celebrates Memorial Day With In-Game Charity Event

Memorial Day is almost upon us and Perfect World International is celebrating with an in-game event that will not only give players cool stuff but…

defiance feat

Defiance In-Game Economy Updated With “The Exchange”

Big changes are coming to the economy in Trion Worlds’ Defiance. In response to requests by players, the company has prepared an update that will…

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