heroes of the storm feat

EU Heroes Of The Storm Teams Claim Blizzcon Championship Slots

Blizzcon isn’t that far off, and that means the year-long quest for professional Heroes of the Storm teams to win one of the spots at…

everquest ii feat

Everquest II Introduces New Level 95 Heroic Characters

Everquest II players have some new adventures to look forward to, starting in the Tranquil Sea as level 95 Heroic Characters. To celebrate the introduction…

tera feat

TERA Kicks Off Bamarama, Rootstock, and Pond Faire Events

Three of TERA’s summer festival events are now under way. After yesterday’s standard server maintenance, En Masse launched Bamarama — and event centered on BAM…

crossout feat

CROSSOUT Early Access Arrives On Steam

Gaijin Entertainment’s upcoming free-to-play multiplayer action-racing game CROSSOUT is now available as a Steam Early Access offering. Those wanting to get in on the action…

Elsword Elysion

Elsword Raises Level Cap And Lets Players Into The Celestial Heavens

The heroes of Elsword are receiving an influx of power to deal with a big bad raid boss. KOG Games has announced that the second…

Destiny2 thumb

Bungie Confirms Destiny Not Going Free-To-Play

A few days ago, rumors began circulating that Bungie’s massive shooter Destiny might be looking to make a free-to-play move in the near future. The…

Steven Seagal Under Siege thumb

Wargaming Brings On Steven Seagal As World of Warships’ “Heroic Battle Adviser”

Time travel can really sneak up on you. When I woke up this morning, I could have sworn it was August 24, but then I…

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30-Player Raid Hitting Korean TERA Servers; Bringing Big Bad Dragon Boss

Nexon recently revealed a new 30-Man raid headed for TERA in Korea. Featuring a massive dragon the raid boasts four stages of increasing difficulty, and…

one tower feat

Micro-Moba One Tower Enters Closed Beta

One Tower, a “micro-MOBA” developed by SkyReacher Entertainment has officially entered Closed Beta. Since One Tower was funded on Kickstarter, it is being opened up…


Guild Wars 2 Forced To Roll Back Servers Following Soulbound Bug

It’s never good when an MMORPG erases your progress. But that’s what’s going to happen to some Guild Wars 2 players today, as ArenaNet rolls…

Paragon Narbash

Paragon Adds Burly Support Character Narbash

When you think of support characters in a MOBA or MMO, you usually think of some kind of wise mentor, healing or buffing friendly troops,…

Team-Fortress-2-2-TF2 thumb

Valve: Team Fortress 2 Is Where We Experiment With New Ideas

In a recent interview with Gamasutra, Team Fortress 2 Lead Designer Robin Walker said that TF2’s success and profitability were nice, but its most important…

duelyst feat

Duelyst Launches On Steam Just Before First Expansion Releases

Counterplay Games’ free-to-play tatical card-based strategy game Duelyst has made its way to Steam — just a week before the game’s first expansion is set…

dcuo feat

DCUO Update 63 To Introduce Its Own Version Of Lockboxes, Called Time Capsules

Lockboxes of a sort are coming to Daybreak Game Company’s superhero MMO, DC Universe Online. Named Time Capsules, these containers will start appearing in the…

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