Prophet Seekers: Nosgoth Reveals Bloody New Class

There’s a new class stalking the shadowy streets of Nosgoth. The prophet was revealed today via the Nosgoth blog, allies of the human race that exact a wicked price for their service. You can read the lengthy lore about the class, but the tl;dr is that the prophets did some seriously messed-up stuff involving blood [...]

Added 12 days ago - 2014-04-11 - 9 comments
Curse of Naxxramas thumb

Adventure Time: Blizzard Brings New Game Mode To Hearthstone

Hearthstone’s one-on-one PvP duels are fun but they can get a bit dull after the first hundred or so. Blizzard realizes this and plans to mix things up Soon(TM) with the first in a new single-player game mode called adventures: Curse of Naxxramas. Once within the floating necropolis, you’ll do battle against the horrors of [...]

Added 12 days ago - 2014-04-11 - 13 comments

Die, Orcs! DIE!: Orcs Must Die! Unchained Is F2P

The Orcs Must Die! series is making its way to the F2P realm, introducing a third installment that takes the concept into a new competitive format that kicks it up a notch. Robot Entertainment is at it again with Orcs Must Die! Unchained, this time combining the aesthetic novelty of a CCG with certain aspects [...]

Added 13 days ago - 2014-04-10 - 8 comments

SOE’s All-Access Subscription Service Goes Into Effect April 23

SOE went back and forth a bit when their initial plan for subscriptions met with some fan resistance. The result, however, is nearly here, as the company announced it would be switching to its All-Access program for all its games later this month, on April 23. As detailed on the SOE forums, players will be [...]

Added 13 days ago - 2014-04-10 - 14 comments

Speed Run: Black Desert Combat Adjustment Showcase

Black Desert already had us captivated with the sneak peak at their extremely customizable character creation screens, but it appears they are hellbent on dazzling us further, following up with a teaser trailer that portrays the now much faster based combat within the soon-to-be sandbox MMORPG. This shrapnel of media gives viewers a basic idea [...]

Added 13 days ago - 2014-04-10 - 29 comments

World of Tanks Unveils Three New Game Modes

With the recent launch of World of Warplanes and development spent on World of Warships, one might think that World of Tanks might be a bit lacking in the new features category. Not so much, if the new dev diary from Wargaming for Update 9.0 is to be believed. To break the stranglehold on the [...]

Added 13 days ago - 2014-04-10 - 13 comments

Fo’ Rizzel: Dizzel Targets June 9th For First Beta Test

OGPlanet has set their cross-hairs on June 9th for TPS Dizzel‘s first beta test, and the action shooter might be a hard pill to swallow for any who are faint of heart. Including high-intensity violence, buckets upon buckets of blood, and of course, the featured fatalities, Dizzel is bound to be the perfect fun-time adventure [...]

Added 14 days ago - 2014-04-10 - 8 comments
Dawngate_MOBA_ Beta-Thumb

Shaping Up: EA’s MOBA Dawngate Enters Community Beta

Moving forward on the wheels of the battle-arena bandwagon, upcoming MOBA Dawngate from Electronic Arts has entered its community beta, as registrations are now available, according to the official website. There’s promises of announcer packs and new skins in the near future, promoting the availability of Dawngate for everyone. This fast-paced MOBA focuses on teams [...]

Added 14 days ago - 2014-04-09 - 13 comments

A New Age: ArcheAge Alpha Begins

After nearly a decade of development and closed beta testing abroad, Trion Worlds, Inc. has finally set in motion events which will bring the long awaited ArcheAge to fans across North America. Earlier today the studio annoucned the sandbox MMORPG had officially began its alpha testing, while simultaneously lifting the former NDA. Trion Worlds has [...]

Added 14 days ago - 2014-04-09 - 11 comments

Going Viral: SOE Announces Zombie-Survival Game H1Z1 (Updated w/Monetization Talk)

It had been hinted at for some time that Sony Online Entertainment was working on… something sandbox-flavored. Today, we finally got confirmation and some juicy, juicy details, direct from the mouth of John Smedley, who went on Game Talk Live to spill the canned beans. The name “H1Z1″ refers to a virus that spawns a [...]

Added 14 days ago - 2014-04-09 - 13 comments

Polished Gold: Black Gold Online Set To Hit Closed Beta

Snail Games’ steampunk-inspired MMO Black Gold Online just wrapped up its alpha testing phase (we were there!) and is getting ready to enter closed beta. A press release and blog post outline the changes being made to the game based on feedback from players. Notably: * A graphics update “will aim to reinforce the core [...]

Added 14 days ago - 2014-04-09 - 4 comments

Artifacts… Attack!: Card Hunter’s Upcoming Expansion

Card Hunter fans have a lot to look forward to toward the end of April, as a new expansion that provides more adventures, cards, monsters and even organized league play is on the way. Upcoming expansion Attack of the Artifacts is mostly oriented toward improving the campaign experience, although there are other little surprises here [...]

Added 15 days ago - 2014-04-09 - 6 comments

Skillful Sculpting: Black Desert Character Creator is stunning

The character creation screen is often one of the most overlooked aspects of a Free-to-Play MMORPG. While there have been some shinning examples (TERA, Aion and APB come to mind), options for the creatively obsessive have been comparatively limited. That is until the sandbox MMORPG Black Desert makes its way to the west and shatters [...]

Added 15 days ago - 2014-04-08 - 29 comments

Epic Games begins Alpha signups for Unreal 4 powered Fortnite

After it was originally announced back in 2011, Epic Game’s first in-house Unreal 4 powered title, Fortnite, has finally shown signs of life with the promise of new details and the introduction of closed alpha signups. According to Game Informer, Fortnite is a departure from the more traditional shooters Epic Game’s has been known for [...]

Added 15 days ago - 2014-04-08 - 5 comments

Cooled: Molten Games Shuts Down, Unreal 4 powered Blunderbuss Canned

Late last month, newly founded development studio Molten Games unexpectedly shutdown, leaving close to 60 employees without a job and an unannounced Free-to-Play title on the cutting room floor. Originally founded in the middle of 2013, Molten Games was the amalgamation of several developers from key studios including Blizzard, SOE and Relic Entertainment. Backed by [...]

Added 16 days ago - 2014-04-07 - 15 comments

Tenno Triumphant! Warframe Slashes Through the Field to Win MMOBomb’s Ultimate F2P Showdown

After six hard-fought rounds that pitted its tenacious tenno against menacing mechs, vicious street thugs, dragons (and their dungeons), the gods themselves, and that most dangerous of enemies – cute anime characters – Warframe sits upon the throne as the champion of the inaugural MMOBomb Ultimate F2P Showdown! Just hours before the final round of [...]

Added 16 days ago - 2014-04-07 - 192 comments

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