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Title: Nindou | Status: Final
Genre: RPG | Theme: Fighting

Graphics: 2D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: ActiveCursor Interactive
Developer: ActiveCursor Interactive

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Simple game to pick up and play
Fast paced
Fun game modes

Nindou (Narudou, Ninja Clans) is a ninja 2D themed casual PvP browser game based on the Chinese game Ren Dou Feng Yun 3. Grab powerful Nindou weapons and cast mysterious ninja skills, everyone in the Nindou World could become a Ninja Master!

It’s a RPG browser-game based on Flash technology and always free-to-play for Ninja fans around the world. Players join the Nindou World as a ninja character fighting their way up to learn ninja skills, and there are hundreds of ninja items for them to collect.

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Nindou International Trailer ( Number one Ninja Game )
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15 Nindou Reviews

  1. nice 1!!

  2. very neat!! 8 out of 10!!

    1. you hater its at leat 11 out of 10 oyu moron now im gona eat you XD

  3. at least a ninja game other than naruto i was getting sick of iy!!! lol brasileiro eu sou

  4. good game .. bettter than most of the other games

  5. “at least a ninja game other than naruto i was getting sick of iy!!! lol brasileiro eu sou”

    i agree with u dude its non naruto dan good game

    but i still miss ninjatrick

  6. very neat game mmobomb. but u guys im still gnna eat u up XD 100/100

  7. No one plays it and it starts to seem alittle boring.

    1. Actually, the reason why they don’t play it… is because… there’s no more updates.

      1. yeah you are right no it been 1 years already hasnt updade too borring

        1. Rex, “Year you are right. It has been 1 year already. It haven’t updated. It’s too borring.”

          -Grammar Nazi

          1. “Year” means you are wrong in our language.

  8. it’s like a dungeon rampage on facebook right? im gonna play it and um im lvl 82 in dungeon rampage

  9. looks like its worth a try. ill try any ninja game dats not naruto XD

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