Pet Forest (Canaan Online)

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Title: Pet Forest | Status: Final

Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 2D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: PlayOMG
Developer: PlayOMG

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
In depth pet system
Tons of features
Lots of quests

Pet Forest (Originally titled Canaan Online) is a free to play 2D browser based fantasy MMORPG with turn based combat and Social Network features.

Pet Forest presents awesome graphics and smooth gameplay based on Flash technology. Characters are able to move around freely throughout areas of the wonderland. The game won the “Best Role Playing Game of 2008“ award in the Web-Games Summit Awards.

Pet Forest features MMORPG elements including avatar system, gear crafting, weapon reinforcement, living skills, numerous quests and much more. In the game players will take up the role selected from the following: warrior, sorcerer, archer and flamen. The game employs active time battles with assistance of various pets. There are series of cute pets with unique looks and personalities for players to choose from. Given a considerate gaming experience, players are able to switch the battle between manual and automated modes. The off-line training function allows players to take care of characters and pets without having to worry about death caused by temporary absence.

It also features a well developed chat and crafting system, allowing players to make new friends, join guilds, and run their own item shops trading items and their pets with other players. For convenience, it also gives players the choice of automatic combat mode as well as the ability to take full control of the action.

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59 Pet Forest (Canaan Online) Reviews

  1. Pokemon, anyone?

    1. hell ya XD

      1. hi this game is fun

        1. setsuna f seiei and 00 quanta LAUNCHING

          1. I love poopy

    2. of course of course lol

      1. Sandi,Thanks so much for stopping by my page. I just got fiesnhid reading all of your blog. All I can say is WOW!!! This was hard enough for me without being pregnant, I couldn’t even begin to imagine being pregnant. You are trully a SURVIVOR!!! After all you’ve been through, that PET Scan on Monday is going to be super clean!! My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family. I can’t wait to hear about the great results.Take care,Jane

        1. hi Yudiscar wtf..are you retarded?

    3. yesh pls!~

      1. You want a good game site?That you can take care of your pet?I know one! Go toIt is a great site with a bunch of games and things too! Join your own club! NOTHING like Neopets or Marapets ect.It is also free!Try it! My unersame is Kindra, if you could, please put in the reffer box Kindra! Have a good time!

    4. i love pokemon

    5. Is the gaming population low ?


  3. bout to test this game out lol :-p

  4. it wont let me play

    1. i dont think the site pet forest works but the original site for the original game canaan online still works so look that up on google and you’ll find the original site and people still play on that one to

  5. Just checking new games for me o play

  6. stucked up on connecting to sever..

  7. Horrible grammar, no variety, crappy graphics. However, it is good for killing a few hours. 4/10 I guess.

  8. Well, I am testing this game out via my FB account. I can just remove the app if I don’t like the game, so no worries. It does look very cute.

    1. And this game is absolute crap. Combat is slow and laggy, graphics suck even for 2D…why did I even link my FB account to it D:

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  10. I started playing this game at 3pm, when I glanced over at the clock it was 8pm.

  11. i prefer ds pokemon..

  12. this game s awesome over 10/10

  13. fun game once you get used to the style and figure out more about it, the more you play and learn about it, the more itnpulls you in to play, i think this is a fun game and would very highly recommend it

  14. Darn,. dont know which I will play. Im confused between this game and crystal saga. You need more money , and when you say money, I mean real cash. :(

    1. crystal saga doesnt have character customation so i prefer this

      1. kvelafers an fuli unda an nebiskofa, aotmim isaxaven adamianebi miznad eget erti shexedvut cvrilmanebs tore egre araferi problema ar aris me minda shvili da mogzauroba

  15. THIS GAMES IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!

  16. how do i start and get to play this game all it does is take me to the site i put my account name email and password and text word so it knows i am not a bot and it still did not sign me in

  17. awsome game once you get into it an start playing

    1. big fan of Neji, huh?
      My personality’s Gaara’s, my friends think I’m a demon!

    2. soz, that was meant for neji3030

  18. im tryin the game now it best be good

  19. does dis game hav to download??

    1. no its non download

  20. ill try this game

  21. someone tell me if a pokemon game on the web comes out

    1. boring….game

  22. mga pakyo at ulol mga weak na salsalero kantutan daw kyo ng mga bading samen

  23. Do you have to download it?

  24. I will try it out. If I do, be sure to look out for GinKurama, or just Kurama. Thank you…

  25. wow! ganda talaga nito nakaka adekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Man this game is just like crystal Saga T_T

  27. Okay graphics? Check.
    Pets? Check.
    Oversexualized characters? CHECK.

  28. lol that game is fun but the Video is just to much we need a Better Trailer people

  29. what the ………… happened to this game?

  30. I keep trying to get on it but I can’t :/

  31. Nvm it works now! :D

  32. Really fun game ^^
    For those who can’t play it at playomg, try play canaan online at gpotato. It’s exactly the same and really fun game.

  33. HOLEYEHIIIIHOOOOOOOOOOO liked it awsome if not download

  34. Is there any pokemon games online? I saw one but the graphics really suck

    1. its slow on updates though

  35. I love to play adventure games and just relax

  36. I love this Game

  37. hola si hablan español q bueno me pregunto donde esta el link del juego?

  38. Is this more of a girls game or not? (it seems good but idk if I should play)

  39. wtf? Can anyone tell me why this game won’t load for me?

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