It’s been quite some time since out Alpha First Look for the upcoming browser game City of Steam. We were lucky enough to catch up with game developer Gab Laforge who spent some time with us to give YOU the info on how this anticipated title is shaping up!

To find more about City of Steam check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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  1. Gunner suxs, animation really clumsy, warder is worse. For me it’s the most boring when it comes to skills. I don’t know, it’s alright, not great. Confusing for new players …upgrading etc….

    Not epic. It’s just ok. Not worth spending money on. Don’t play gunner. Suxs.

  2. I was lucky enough to get in on the 1st Beta and I have to say this game was FUN!! They let you customize your character look so you can be pretty unique from the start, and customizing after that is just a matter of finding a piece of gear. Modding items is enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to more crafting options. They keep adding quests, which I’m glad about since I had to grind at levels 6 and 7 because I couldn’t find solo quests & didn’t like the random groups I got stuck in for group quests. Overall I recommend this great game!

  3. Nice interview with Gab. I haven’t been paying attention to Steam Greenlight these couple of weeks so I didn’t know City of Steam was on there. I customized my queue for only “Free To Play” and CoS was in fact the first one in my queue. Needless to say, I voted YES for it. *thumbs up*

  4. Magicman always ask how long will it take to get the few bucks item from cash shop to obtain in f2p way. Since its still can be p2w, even if you can obtain everything in f2p way, you just need to grind 1000 hours to get it, lol.

    • Totally agree, but closed beta is still a bit far for that. I will certainly ask it though when we regroup with the devs for City of Steam come open beta! 🙂 Thanks!

    • As Magicman says, we’d be hard-pressed to give a definitive answer as to how much time that would take, since it’s Closed Beta and still subject to change, depending on how we can make it both fair and balanced… And yes, this answer sucks, I know >_>

      Still, we want to make our games with integrity, and part of that is having the gaming community voice their concerns to us. I do hope we can make a follow-up on this in Open Beta, and by then we should be able to discuss our f2p model more in depth 🙂 (So yes, be sure to press me on that next time 😉 )

      • Well this game is on the right site. An industrial automic Bomb.
        They shut this game down, did a few adjustments here and there, re-released it… made it worse. 5 months tops before it shuts down again.

  5. Ive got my eye on them. Forum written statements by the Co. on how the pay model shapes up seems to be up in the air like: “maybe we will…maybe we wont. Well test you, if you eat it, we will play it like that, if not, ok”. Rest your ground. Stand up for what you want, they will mold around you, not the other way around! And no, they will not starve without your payments.


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