Atlas Reactor is shutting down today. It’s the first of the Trion-to-gamigo games to close down, and it probably won’t be the last.

Clickbait alert: What do we think will be the next to shut down? Watch the most recent Free-to-Play Cast to find out!

Or, don’t watch, because I’m going to tell you right now: I think Rift is in dire straits. Last week’s community “update” hasn’t exactly engendered a feeling of hope among Telara’s faithful, and I think that if it doesn’t have a significant turnaround — and there’s little reason to think it will — we might be talking about its shutdown a year from now. Magicman feels similarly about another Trion game, Defiance, which I would also agree has a significant chance of going away in the not-too-distant future.

Meanwhile, Q doesn’t have high hopes for Secret World Legends, based on the apparent “maintenance mode” it seems to be in. I’m less fearful of losing that game because, hey, if Funcom has kept Age of Conan going for even longer, it can probably afford to keep SWL online, too. Then again, Funcom is “the Conan company,” so if it had to decide which aging MMOPRG to keep, it might choose AoC over SWL, even if the latter is more profitable than the former.

We all know what’s happening to Bless Online, so taking that game out of the picture … what’s next? Which MMO title, whether it’s an RPG, CCG, MOBA, FPS, whatever, do you think will be next to shut down? Let us know in the comments below!

(No bonus points will be given for being trendy and saying it will be something like Hearthstone or Star Wars: The Old Republic, both of which are still big enough and bringing in plenty of money, no matter how much they “suck.” In fact, no bonus points will be given at all. And if they were, they’d be useless, since you’ll have nothing to spend them on. In that case, I’ve changed my mind — bonus points for everyone!)


  1. Unfortunately i think Apex Legends is doomed a bit. The mechanics of that game i never want to die tho. Running and sliding around jumping and shooting a grappling hook out to spiderman it up felt really good. Tiger Knight’s population is slipping really hard as well especially with Conquerors Blade now in the picture. Honestly there are alot of games that should’ve been gone long ago and are still up and chugging along nicely. One things for sure tho the community hungers like never before for the next big MMORPG.

    • It’s a fun br but there too many, conquerors’s blade and tiger knights are the same makers. so make sense. since cb is a upgraded version in alot of ways, mmo players always hunger for newer ones lol.


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