Level Up! Our Chat With EQ2's Head Honchos 2

The Player Studio for EverQuest and EverQuest II is no more. As reported by MMO Fallout, it was shut down on June 22, three months after Producer Nick Silva insisted that Daybreak Game Company was “evaluating options for overhauling the Player Studio site.”

The quiet shutdown leaves the PlanetSide 2 Player Studio as the only surviving form of the program, though barely so. As MMO Fallout noticed, there have been just 13 posts on the creator forums this year and one user has claimed that it’s been over a year since his submission was submitted, with no sign of an impending approval.

Tack on the fact that we’ve heard nothing about PlanetSide Arena — which was delayed twice and is still supposed to launch this summer (i.e., right about now) — and my prediction about “something” happening to Daybreak this year is still looking pretty good. Or bad, depending on your point of view.



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