Despite Delays, No Beta, And Many Rumors, The Day Before Early Access Actually Launches

Place your bets now...will this be awesome, mediocre, or a mess?

Michael Byrne
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Many out there, including some of us, thought there was a damn good chance this day would never come, but it has. Wading through delays, rumors, a title fight over the name, and the stunning lack of any beta testing (or press previews, or pre-downloads), The Day Before has released into early access on Steam.

It was just a few days ago that Fntastic included in its "revelations" that they "wouldn't hold a grudge" agains those that believed this day may never come. How kind of them...

Now, if you want to shell out $39.99 on a zombie survival title you haven't seen a glimpse of, you can. Or you could wait until full launch when the title will cost you $49.99.

The early access period is only on PC as Fntastic previously announced that the planned console version of the game wouldn't launch until they had the "best version" of the game ready to launch. The team is hoping players will help with guiding the game through early access.

You can bet we'll be watching early reviews from players on this one. As you can probably guess, there's already players pissed off since servers are full.

UPDATE: The reviews on Steam are overwhelmingly negative so far. Full servers, buggy game, a literal early access mess. Oh, and one of the best parts? It is not an "open world MMO"...despite the team calling it that in previous reveals and the trailer released a month ago. It's more akin to an extraction shooter. Players are even accusing the team of having removed some previous YouTube videos showing certain features. Like the videos in their reveal we reviewed here, which currently say they were "claimed by a 3rd party". The infamous "spa" video is still up, but it's unlisted at the moment. You can still see it (for now) in this piece.

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justsomeguy 2 months ago
The initial videos that got people so psyched for this I'm sure weren't videos of someone playing the game, but rather videos made to look like it was game play. Then given their track record, anyone expecting anything short of hot garbage, that didn't live up to their claims, was dreaming. I'm mildly surprised something even got released, other than that, I'm just hoping most of those that still picked it up, only did so to experience the train wreck first hand for a bit, then refund it.

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