Not that there was any doubt to its veracity, but the news of two days ago has been official confirmed: gamigo has acquired the “major assets” of Trion Worlds, giving the German publisher “full publishing rights” to the American developer’s IPs and games.

The press release announcing the transaction is full of the usual business-speak, including talk of “strengthen[ing] gamigo’s position in the European and American gaming market” to “unlock substantial synergies” and “benefit from the remarkable growth potential that the gaming market offers.” The acquisition is expected to add $18 million to gamigo’s revenue, “following the restructuring and integration of Trion” — a process that, as indicated by the massive layoffs at Trion Worlds, has apparently already begun.

An interesting point, however, is that one game is left out of the announcement, which describes Trion and the sale as:

publisher and developer of online and console MMO-games, well-known games such as Rift, Defiance, Trove and ArcheAge in its portfolio. Trion was acquired via an “Assignment for the Benefit of the Creditors” process, in which the buyer only buys those assets, with which he wishes to continue the business.

Notice something missing there? Atlas Reactor isn’t named as one of Trion’s games, so it may not be one of the “assets” that gamigo “wishes to continue.” I originally thought that two of Trion’s games were in trouble, but, judging by this wording, maybe Defiance will survive the transition, while Atlas Reactor is headed for the scrap heap.


  1. Atlas Reactor is a fantastic game that suffered from one of the worst advertising campaigns in the history of gaming, you cant even find it on google first few pages when looking for tactics-like game. Whoever was in charge of Trion Worlds advertising is the sole responsible for its downfall and its 175 devs that were fired.

    so sad to see one of my favorite games be treated with such disrespect

    • @HQ SKYES

      Atlast reactor was advertised fine. Infact I saw it everywhere… constant giveaways from gaming websites such as this one (MMOBOMB)

      The problem is the game is boring… the videos make it look even more boring. It is nothing special as a game and the population was probably very low for these reasons. You can over advertise sh*t but ultimately people will very quickly abandon it.

    • the problem with the game is that for years it was advertsided as F2P and then suddenly becomes B2P at the last moment before release.
      thats why the game died and deserves to die.
      it was a great game but not worth being forced to pay for.


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