Get Ready For Love: The Blade & Soulmate Event Kicks Off In Just Two Days

Celebrate love by collecting candy hearts and trading them in for sweet rewards.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Blade And Soulmate 2022

It’s the season of commercial love and that means one thing: There’s gonna be a lot of hearts and red-colored items showing up in your games. Case-in-point, today Blade & Soul announced the return of the cleverly titled Blade & Soulmate event. This year, players have a month – From February 9 to March 9 – to collect Candy Hearts via a variety of activities. Log in…get some hearts. Complete dailies…get more hearts. You get the idea.

Once you have the right amount of hearts, you can use them to level up a Soulmate’s Crafting Chest to a True Soulmate’s Crafting Chest and then salvage that chest to receive a variety of rewards. Of course, you’ll need to obtain a Soulmate’s Crafting Chest from the Dragon Express in order to do that.

As mentioned above, the True Soulmate’s Crafting Chest will offer a selection of items depending on how many candy hearts are used. One of these items is Sweetheart Coins, which can be accumulated and used to purchase even more rewards, such as the Limitless Wings, Artisan Gear, Pet Packs, and more. A full rundown of rewards and associated costs can be found on the Blade & Soul site.

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