Grab your swords: Swordsman Online Enters Closed Beta

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor Posted:

Players who've mastered the art of securing closed beta keys and have procured one for the upcoming martial arts MMORPG Swordsman Online may now enter the MMO's closed beta monastery and take part in its teachings until the closed beta concludes on June 27th.

As with most martial-arts MMORPG's, Swordsman Online is inspired by popular Chinese wuxia novels and features 10 distinct schools of martial arts, each with their own customizable fighting styles and unique weapons. No open beta date has been announced yet.

You can still signup for a chance at a closed beta invite by heading over to the official site now.

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Michael Dunaway
Michael Dunaway, News Editor
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Tech 8 years ago
I like the action rpg style combat in this game. It's similar to Neverwinter and it was something that wished Age of Wushu did to make the combat seem more fluid. The story telling in this game, even in it's alpha state, is already doing better than AoW.

no1curr 8 years ago

BigChang 8 years ago
Basicly at lvl 37+ u will get quests till u reach 30-40% the rest u gotta group up and do instances and events , there is no other way OR u gotta grind . Mobs that give 0,04% each mob u kill ? GL leveling up grinding :D . It is Way better then AoW

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LordHikaru 8 years ago
Why we can't have nice things in this world.

nolosky 8 years ago
Still better than Age of Wushu. . . Swordman quest easy to play and easy combat

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Iah 8 years ago
This game...needs work. A lot of it. Generally I refrain from judging too harshly during a BETA test,but at the moment it seems as though this is just a way to make a quick profit off of a popular IP. Maybe it will improve over time,but I get the feeling this is a lazy game at its core.

Fornicaras 8 years ago
Terrible.What else to expect from PWE anyway.

Fornicaras 8 years ago

removalmitt 8 years ago
Being chinese I'd have loved if this game was decent enough to hold my attention (be decent). Knowing most of the stories / folklore it would have been fun to run around and immerse myself in the games' story.

Another game that I don't believe belongs to being released in this state / time of technology. Just as poor as age of wushu / wulin.........if not peeking under the covers, just the same old pants rehashed.

Jooq 8 years ago
You know :) I'm pretty happy with these reviews, because I'm not alone. Game looks like it was ported from Play Station 2 or something, UI is absolutely awful with this arial font, ugly buttons, rough edges, and it's complicated. Quests feels linear, like you going through corridor and god, the voice of characters sounds retarded. Anyway, it's a bad game for me. And trailer is full of bs, about millions of players and stuff like that...yeah..they wish.

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Gamer117 8 years ago
This game is so boring. Boring quests with clunky mechanics, boring combat, weird looking UI. Looks nothing like the trailers made it out to be. Just another crappy MMO among thousands. Nothing special. I give it a 3/10.

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Takerukun 8 years ago
lol, it's not action combat.. it feels like they tried to force the game what is was never meant to be... it's still using the age of wushu engine at it's heart. if anything its AoW with a different coat of paint and better graphics.. i'm sticking with blade and soul.. there's an english patch that's translated many things, some english guilds on certain servers and the chinese version is free to play.. so there you go.

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Mr Heartless 8 years ago
I went to play this game, then I was confronted by Arc. So I download Arc, then proceed to try everything to get the darn thing to open, run as admin, compatibility mode, etc.

Then I learn that Arc has the same spying DRM software that Value has that checks your website activity. Only thing is, this is PWE not Value and no1 with a brain would trust PWE.

At which point I uninstalled Arc, forgot about trying swordsman, sulked and went and played Dragon Age 2.

From all reports, I wasnt missing anything.

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Scott Sigurbjartsson 8 years ago
So I got into beta.......closed beta...and I have to say I was very dissapointed. The coding is so out of wack even my 770 GTX with the game on super low only gets about 30 to 40 fps. I get 80+ in Watchdogs on Ultra settings. UI is just awful. Menus are a mess. I feel like I need to have like 10 or 20 manuals in front of me to explain things. Combat is very slow for a supposed action game. You get 3 choices of controls when you start the game. I chose action cuz they said it was like Neverwinter. That's right, in the option in the game, it said, "Just like Neverwinters combat".....NOT. One huge problem with the game is the quest tracker. All you have to do is click on the objective and your character starts running off in the direction of said quest. Lazy I know. Also you could turn off the breadcrumb trail in Neverwinter, but in Swordsman you cant. You get a double jump. When it comes time to do some croutching tiger, hidden dragon rooftop jumping, it's AUTOMATIC. Thats right, just hold "R" and after a second let go of the mouse and keyboard and watch him/her go.
I played for 5 hours and followed everything everybody in game said and I still don't know what the hell is going on. All I get from the story is I am a hero. END OF STORY. Graphics are just awful even on max settings and it seems like you never need to open a solid steel door, just walk through it! Another thing is that I chose the only server it would let me, an NA server. In chat all I see is, "Ping teh wing dengg", some kinda Chinese or something. Took me a while to actually find some English speaking peeps.
Last but not least....LOOT. Wheres the loot? I mean sure ESO had minimal loot but loot non the less. In the 5 hours I played only a bowl of noodles dropped.
I felt like I was literally being held by the hand the entire time. I know people say that about themeparks and other games but this is for real. You never have to explore.
Oh and you get these world things, I forgot what their called, but after you run out you can no longer gain xp from enemies until a certain amount of time has passed or you somehow get more world stuff.
All in all it is closed beta and things could change. I hope they do because this game is a mess and I'll gladly go back to Age of Wulin/Wushu, a game I dislike, than this current state of a game.
Damn I was so excited for this too. I really thought, "Duh A kung fu game, it's gotta be golden der der". Damn was I wrong. I should have learned from every non successful martial arts game. And there are no successful martial arts games out. At least worth my time that is

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Aeryoth 8 years ago
Not good game. clunky.

time to invest in a playstation. MMO's are dead.

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The clown 8 years ago
its much better then i expected, some minor problems but its CBT. 1 thing i hate is that u only have 3 character slots and 10 classes so chose carefully cus it takes 7days to delete 1 char

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Foxx 8 years ago

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