The final — we hope! — pre-expansion chapter of Guild Wars 2 content lands one week from today, when the Icebrood Saga wraps up with a chapter entitled Judgment. The trailer for the chapter dropped today, showcasing Braham and the clash between elder dragons that sets the stage for the expansion, End of Dragons.

Completing the main story of the content will let players max out the Dragon Slayer mastery, granting access to rare item drops. Cosmetic rewards include Dragonscale capes and Dragon’s Eye Infusions, in case you needed your character to look more creepy.

The chapter also includes a “massive world boss encounter for up to 80 players” that will also be available as a private squad version for up to 50 friends and/or guildmates. Learn more about the update on the Guild Wars 2 site.

Finally, for all the times we notice and report on delays to games, it should be commended that this chapter is actually arriving a little early. ArenaNet’s original plan called for Judgment to release in May, so getting it out a few days before that deadline should be applauded. If nothing else, it gives us hope that the expansion, as well as the delayed Steam launch, are on track for timely deployments.

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