As everyone’s favorite spooky holiday draws near, it seems some of gamigo’s games might be the subjects of haunting. The company has announced festive events for Trove, Defiance 2050, Ironsight, Fiesta Online, Aura Kingdom, Last Chaos, Grand Fiesta, and Shaiya. The events will take place in the days leading up to October 31st, offering players all kinds of spooky rewards.

For Trove players, gamigo is kicking off Shadow’s Eve, in which players will have the chance to complete a special adventure chain, recieve special rewards for logging in daily, and craft even more rewards at the Shadowy Station. Those playing Defiance 2050 already have the Hulker Hell Event going, but there’s more. They can also try out a new Synergy titled Monster Mash, where they fight Plagues. In Ironsight, players will be gifted with new Skins and special items for completing scary matches.

Fiesta Online is really getting into the spirit with decorations and a special maze where players can pick up not only treasures but a new title. Meanwhile, Aura Kingdom will offer players a spooky new outfit.

Last Chaos will have a slightly longer event with the whole thing coming to an end on November 5. During that time players will need to collect empty baskets and fill them with candy. They’ll also acquire special coins that can be traded for various goodies.

As for Grand Fantasia, the game’s community managers will be hosting special events until October 30, during which time they’ll be disguised as scary monsters who hunt players that forgot to wear costumes. And, finally, Zombies will infest the PvP battlefields of Shaiya beginning October 25. So, basically, there’s something for everyone to do.


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