If you find it hard selecting what class you should play in an ARPG, then may I direct your attention to Marvel Heroes, or ‘Marvel Heroes 2015’ if you wish to use proper names. The action hero ARPG just introduced Rogue to the roster of playable X-Men, and as a character who’s got a knack for taking other people’s powers, she may be perfect for those who just can’t decide.

Just like the comics, Marvel Heroes Rogue comes fully equipped with the ability to steal powers from literally anyone she comes in contact with, regardless of whether they’re friend or foe. Touted as a “build-your-own” hero, Gazillion encourages players to take Rogue on the road in search of the perfect combination of abilities. Using certain abilities will also transform Rogue’s physical appearance to match that of the original mutant.

Even Rogue’s ultimate is a memento to past encounters with fellow heroes and villains, letting Rogue combine abilities to unleash a smorgasbord of devastating explosions. Even as Marvel Heroes continues to add new characters, Rogue will still remain capable of stealing abilities from them – in a way making her ‘future-proof’.

To see Rogue in action be sure to check out the introductory video below:

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  1. Luke Cage Punisher Captain America Black Panther Black Widow Human Torch Colossus Storm Hawkeye

    All great heroes to pick from at start.

    Panther , Cage are great melee dps heroes.
    Storm is top AOE dps hero in the game. Popular hero,
    Hawkeye and Torch are great range characters.
    Colossus tanky melee dps.

    How are they garbage heroes?

  2. tried it,
    retarded ripoff game start of with trashy heroes no one would ever choose,
    pay 20$ for heroes 20$ for costumes
    gg 5min uninstall

  3. Marvel Heroes is definitely one of the best f2p out there atm BUT there is stuff that you can get ONLY by spending money (like stash expansions), still, it’s not p2w.
    I do not like the community much but it’s not too bad, also they go out of their way to enforce their “family friendly” policy which puts me off. Granted, for families this game is paradise, but not for peeps like i who like to say a bunch of strong words every now and then and speak my thoughts freely on chill mode, to put it bluntly – this game is too polite for internet and for me.
    Perhaps i’ll drop by if and when they will adapt to how web runs and cut peeps like i some slack.

  4. MR.7 whats your defenition for f2p?? because u can play MH 2015 and access all content of the game without spend a dime
    just for the record every game needs time…and luck? why luck?? the same npc who sells the random box sell every single hero with eternety splinters…
    true fact
    Haterz always gona hate

    • There is 2 things in MH you can’t earn in the game. first is splinter boosters and the second is bundles. you have to pay real money for those things… you may say you can get everything in the bundle but that’s nto always true sometimes there are special items that only come in the bundle which can’t be earned.

  5. to me…one of the best f2p right now
    regular updates + cool events + great community = marvel heroes 2015

    we can get all heroes with game currency

    haterz gona hate


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