Word Play: Albion Online Alpha First Impressions 3

“First!” proudly exclaims that guy in the comments, even if he’s the third to respond. So it also tends to go with press releases and other marketing materials, where companies lay claim to being the “best” or “#1,” which can be often be open to interpretation. Calling World of Warcraft the “#1 MMORPG of all time” generally won’t get too much pushback, even if a game like RuneScape can technically claim more players. Claiming “first” in gaming is a little more easily verifiable, though even that can be subjective at times — especially in today’s early access/alpha/beta/soft launch/full launch environment.

Speaking of RuneScape, a few days ago Jagex issued a press release for its mobile plans that included the claim that RuneScape would be “the first mainstream and established Western MMORPGs on mobile in full and the first to deliver interoperable play between PC and mobile platforms.”

As someone pointed out to us in an email, that’s not quite the case, as a few MMORPGs — not “MMO-type” games that offer cross-platform play, like Hearthstone, but full RPGs — already offer such benefits. We’ve identified three:

AdventureQuest 3D, which is technically in open beta, but for a free-to-play game, that’s essentially “launched.”

Albion Online, which coincidentally launched yesterday. It’s not free-to-play (any more), but the RuneScape press release didn’t make that distinction.

Villagers & Heroes, Mad Otter Games’ fantasy MMORPG that went cross-platform last October.

With regards to Jagex’s claim, you could debate the “mainstream and established” status of those three games, but that’s sort of the opposite case of claiming “We’re #1”; rather, it’s more like saying “They’re #1,000.” It’s still subjective.

Jagex might have gone a little overboard with its claim of “first” in the cross-platform mobile space. That said, even Villagers & Heroes boasts of “unparallelled scope and depth compared to any other mobile MMO on the market,” so it’s not as if everyone doesn’t exaggerate a little bit in their marketing. When we contacted Jagex to ask if they had any additional content on the matter, they responded:

“RuneScape is one of the most successful mainstream MMORPG titles, with over 16 years of established content. We’ve welcomed hundreds of millions of players during that time, and we’re seeing multi-year subscriber growth. We are thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response from our player base, both past and current, to our announcement that we’re bringing RuneScape and Old School RuneScape to mobile and tablet devices – with PC interoperability – over the coming months.”

Hey, at least they backed down on the “first” claim. Try getting someone in the comments section to do the same.


  1. If you can’t solve a GAME WITH BOTS.

    __When you get a RARE DROP__ FLAG IT with a LOG.
    __When you get a VERY RARE DROP__ FLAG IT with a LOG.
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    This penalizes bots; easily.
    It also tells players if you kill enough, you will get it just play or find a way to earn it.
    But if you want to capitalize on it NOT PLAYING PROPERLY.

    Hence why I never played runescape since it was created. BOTS = GARBAGE GAMES.

  2. Cons: Runescape can be played with and contains many bots. sadly they are required imo. 2) when my character walks around, I dont like the stutter go, stutter stop. the only pro is that its on a browser or at least used to be.. RIP flash 2k16.

    MMO’s are not what they used to be. In 2017 you can have a 6 hour convo witht someone and log in the next day and they are like ” who are you” no one cares anymore. runescape is ok if you like chattign with 10 and 12 year olds I suppose. — Nowadays we just have to accept the fact that MMO’s are merely single player games with a chatbox in the left hand corner. . That is all.

    so yea its time to move on. pick up a AAA single player load up twitch and enjoy. MMO’s are multiplayer, but thats it , do not go looking for a social experience. For that, stick to wow or another sub and join a discord guild.

  3. Last it was a last minute call on being first, its a bit like jumping the queue.
    so yeah they are not first but it is a nice trend to follow, its been way to long winded to come out of the floorboards, when it should of been going on for years. Cross platforms are the best way to go but for the mobile which is currently the ruin of quality gaming, has 96% of games on mobile in the total rubbish category. how this can matched on par with the PC performance in gaming is anyone’s guess.
    The PC is god of good game development .


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