It’s been a while since we checked in on how the City of Heroes rogue server situation has been going, hasn’t it? To recap: Earlier this year, the public at large learned about a “secret” City of Heroes server that had been operating since shortly after the MMORPG’s official closure in 2012. The code for the servers was released, and many more sprung up. Administrators of the various servers decided to open up talks with NCSoft to see about getting some kind of official blessing for their efforts, with the warning that things would proceed “at the speed of legal.”

Proceed they have, and proceed they will continue to do, though without one of their primary advocates. Tony Vazquez, a.k.a. “TonyV,” leader of the long-running Titan Network, is stepping away from the game to pursue a “recent engagement and new business venture,” MassivelyOP reports. In parting, he had good things to say about the negotiations with NCSoft in his long letter announcing his departure.

“Even if you think they were wrong back then, let it go. They have been nothing but genuine, friendly, and extremely accommodating through our conversations. At this point, they’ve gotten everything they’ve wanted from all involved in the server code leak. If they were out on some twisted mission to screw everyone over, that hammer would have fallen already. They’re not. … They’re bending over backwards to figure out a custom arrangement for us that’s fair to everyone, something I believe will still happen, and something I hope the whole industry takes note of.”

I’m one of the people who isn’t willing to invest in any of the CoH rogue servers until I know I’ll get on one that is well-run and not likely to disappear overnight, so it’s nice to hear that things are still moving along and NCSoft is receptive. I also followed Vazquez’s advice of “letting it go” a long time ago, and I heartily suggest it to anyone else who’s still salty that a game that was providing 2% of a company’s revenue was shut down. Plus, if you’re boycotting NCSoft, how will you play a potential “official” server that has their blessing? Now that’s a moral dilemma fit for the comics.

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    • Vazquez saying “let it go” is referring to the grudge against NCSoft that many have held for turning our game off. If they are in talks with HC now to let us have our game back in some form of officiality, then they are doing (at least a verision of) what we have wanted for years. It has nothing to do with any server he may or may not have been able to play on. And the servers we have now are actually a lot better than the private ones that were running before HC popped up.

  1. There is no proof that any actual talks are happening, the HC team just throws out “updates” that they are every couple months as they rake in thousands of dollars from you saps.

    • You may want to re-examine the definition of proof. Eye witness accounts, or accounts of those involved with a situation, are definitely held as truth in courts of law. And them being as transparent as an NDA lets them be about them and giving us what little updates they can is essentially truth. Add in the fact that people from different groups are confirming the talks, and considering the fact that none of them have anything much to gain from lying…

      Furthermore, group of dozens of people who have purchased hardware, are renting space, renting machines, spending lots of their time, paying power bills and God knows what else, etc, etc… are not “raking in” money. Let alone “thousands.” Even if all the bills added up to be only 1500 (which they actually posted all their costs, and do so every time they open up the fundraiser), and they were all sharing a couple thousand dollars… a little over a hundred bucks a month for each person? A couple dollars a day for all that work? Not even enough the cups of coffee that keep them awake doing what they do.

      Furthermore, they keep a limit on how much they accept during a donation period. And despite people wanting to give a LOT more, they keep it to the bare minimum to cover costs. So, pretty much nothing you said makes sense or is relevant to anything that isn’t trying to stir up drama. It’s just completely unnecessary and divisive.

      If you have something helpful to say, then say it. Otherwise, play the game and mind your own.

    • Well, if you have reason to believe otherwise, as in proof, then don’t believe him.

      But, in the absence of proof to the contrary, especially when it has been sought after and not found, one should believe information he is presented with until such proof is presented.

  2. I am ecstatic about the Homecoming servers and grateful that NCSoft is working with the people reintroducing COH as a playable game again… in no way do I want the progress to stall or stop.

  3. “Plus, if you’re boycotting NCSoft, how will you play a potential “official” server that has their blessing? Now that’s a moral dilemma fit for the comics.”
    If there was an official server, then why would those of us who boycott NCSoft for removing CoH continue to do so? That isnt a moral dilemma, its called getting exactly what we wanted.

  4. I’ve been having a blast ever since the game was announced back and I feel like the Homecoming team genuinely wants to make this project legit so wishing all the best to their efforts.


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