(Video and Translation of information courtesy of Cinderboy at MMO Culture)

2011 seems like a really long time ago as it is and fans of the Lineage IP probably feel like it has been even longer. That’s the year Lineage Eternal was announced and, to be honest, not a whole lot has been revealed since then. We saw a few tidbits of the more ARPG/iosmetric style gameplay here and there, but details have been pretty scarce.

That’s probably changing now as NCSoft has released their lineup of games that will make appearances at this year’s G-Star Convention in Busan, South Korea on November 20th. Lineage Eternal was included among the list of playable games!

NCSoft also teased a playable “Project HON” at the convention. If you haven’t heard much about Project HON, it’s a large scale, space based game…yeah that’s all I have for ya right now since the trailer will be shown at the Con.

To add one more element of mystery, NCSoft plans to announce a “mystery game” on the 18th just before G-Star starts a few days later. We’ll be sure to keep you informed!

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  1. Lol they put the title in English and all the other dialogues. However, they say that they released Blade and Soul in 2012 when it was only released in Korea and China, and other Asian countries with no countries that speak English primarily included. It is like they are trying to skip releases.


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