20 Years After The Original Quest, Old School RuneScape Desert Treasure II Grandmaster Quest Takes Players Back To the Mahjarrat

Go on an epic quest to gain access to an ancient vault filled with treasure.

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Old School RuneScape Desert Treasure II

Today, almost 20 years after launching the Desert Treasure quest line in RuneScape, Jagex finally continues the story with the introduction of Desert Treasure II – The Fallen Empire in Old School RuneScape. This new Grandmaster quest is a sequel to the original and adds four new bosses, each found in four unique areas.

Players who defeat the four bosses and complete Desert Treasure II will earn four new best-in-slot rings. These boost strength ranged skills, magic, and melee. An upgraded Ancient Scepter with the ability to become stronger with every boss kill. The bosses will also drop pieces of a unique two-handed axe.

In addition to the new quest line, the MMORPG is also getting a new skill, Sailing. The new skill is currently in the refinement stage, but will be available soon enough.

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