aion feat

NCSoft Postpones Aion 5.3 Launch

Due to an issue with the Atreian Passport discovered during QA testing, NCSoft has decided to postpone the launch of the next Aion update until…

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New Star Trek Online Promotion Offers Chance At 26th Century Tier 6 Dreadnought Bonus

For a limited time, players of Star Trek Online will have a chance to get their hands on a Tier 6 26th Century Heavy Dreadnought…

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Defiance’s Armistice Event Is Under Way

Once again, Defiance is celebrating the end of the Pale Wars in its annual Armistice celebration. To make this year’s event even bigger, Trion is…

World of Tanks German thumb

Wargaming CEO: “We Were A Little Arrogant”; 2017 Focus Is On World of Tanks

2015’s Rubicon update for World of Tanks was, to put it mildly, a disaster. The dev team admitted to as much in a video last…

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Lineage II’s Next Major Chapter To Be Released March 29

NCSoft announced the upcoming launch of the next update for its free-to-play MMO Lineage II this week. Titled Grand Crusade, the update will ask players…


Gigantic Developer Motiga Lays Off 15 Of Its 82 Employees

It’s been over a year since the last round of layoffs at Gigantic developer Motiga. It seemed like things were better now, following a publishing…

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League Of Legends’ Galio Getting A Whole New Look

League of Legends‘ resident golem, Galio is getting a whole new look. The game’s developer, Riot, promised players a rework of the champion and it…


Revelation Online- Gameplay First Look UPDATE

We check back in with’s Revelation Online since open beta has launched to see if the game has changed much from our initial very…

revelation online

Revelation Online Open Beta Is Live

Revelation Online is finally open to everyone interested in playing it thanks to the launch of the game’s open beta. announced the OBT launch…

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Paladins OB45 Update Introduces New Champion Inara, The Stone Warden

Recently, Hi-Rez offered players a look at the changes arriving in the 45th Open Beta update for its free-to-play team shooter, Paladins. Included in the…

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WildStar Offers Players Free Level 50 Character

Looking to roll a new alt in WildStar but not really feeling that leveling all over again thing? Then you probably want to take advantage…

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Lost Ark CBT 2 Reportedly Starting This Summer

It’s rumor time guys. If you’ve been waiting for more news on Smilegate’s upcoming MMO Lost Ark, there may be something on the internet grapevine…

World of Tanks Russian Light Tank

World of Tanks Plans Better Matchmaking, New Light Tanks, Ranked Battles, Graphics Overhaul

There’s a lot in the pipeline for World of Tanks, as Wargaming revealed at GDC this week — though the major changes seem to fall…

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Heroes Of The Storm’s Latest Addition To The Nexus Takes The Cute-Factor To 11

Blizzard Entertainment, in its apparently neverending quest to out-cute even the cats on the internet, has announced the latest hero to join the ranks of…

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