Becoming a prominent and well-regarded member of an MMORPG’s community is a hard-fought honor. The rare few who manage to achieve some level of fame and respect for the resources or services they provide are rarely willing to give up that privilege easily — especially if they feel wronged by the game they love and have poured their heart and soul into, with little expectation of a reward.

Two prominent community members are facing just that kind of judgment today. The operator of noted EverQuest II fan resource site EQ2 Wire is claiming that they were banned from official forums for some less-than-complimentary language about the game. In their words, Daybreak “has an IT disaster every other year” and grousing about said problems got under the skin of one of the devs, who promptly had their accounts banned. (This account of events is corrected from an earlier version of this article that erroneously pegged the EQ2 Wire admin as being a part of a thread on the forums calling out said dev for their poor behavior.)

Meanwhile, longtime Guild Wars 2 content creator Wooden Potatoes has also found himself in some hot water after using slurs in a PvP tournament match. In the video discussing the incident, he (eventually) reveals that it was done during a match with some blatant hackers, figuring that was the only way to get a GM’s attention. The hackers took advantage of his frustration and used screenshots of his bad language to smear his reputation and attempt to get him removed from the game’s partner program.

To be fair to both games, we don’t have anything other than these players’ accounts to go by, so there could be more to both stories than we’re able to verity at this time. In any case, it seems that as hard as it is to become a respected member of the community, it’s almost as hard for game developers to properly manage these types of volunteers when sticky situations like these come to light.


  1. I am with Feldon on this. Any network / system admin worth their salt would have moved from their CDN or bypassed it by temp changing DNS, hours after the issue was not resolved… Not days.

    This was piss-poor in my book, but the response was to silence the critique.

  2. EQ2’s Feldon has a history of sharing members’ IP addresses or geographic location to other members on his forums. I believe any discipline may have been related to violating confidentiality.

    • And you have a history of trolling, including calling people “the Alex Jones of EQ2” after they thoroughly debunk your points, which are rarely (if ever) backed up with facts.

      Your history of negative comments in regards to Feldon and EQ2Wire on both the EQ2Wire and official EQ2 forums is well documented.

    • Benito, you are a narcissistic idiot. You babble on about things you know nothing about as though you are an expert on all things. Oft times arguing with yourself by the time you get a thread derailed and deleted.

      Just in case no-one told you we made a super secret members only forum where we bash Benito all day long. We also post your home address and a few pictures looking inside your front windows.

    • Really? Because I’ve never seen another members’ IP, geographic area, or location, unless volunteered in the body of a post. As your dislike of EQ2Wire is well documented on the official EQ2 forum and in other locations, I find your response to be a little disingenuous. Plus, as you have no “official” capacity in relation to EQ2 or it’s community management team you have no knowledge or standing to comment on discipline, nor if confidentiality was a factor.

  3. It’s always hard to manage a community of very passionate players. We’ve got one high paying user who was going around playing mind games and telling other players he’s an admin. Some of them bought into the trick and spread even more absurd rumours that admins are getting free currency. We’ve even gotten review-bombed on the Play Store because of this.

    Now the same player who was playing mind games on everyone started blaming us that we’re matchmaking him intentionally with difficult opponents, threatened to sue us and encouraged others to protest.

    Let’s not pretend like the players are always have the best interest in the games they play and that devs are always money-whores. There’s just as much toxicity on both sides. The players are NOT entitled to dictate business decisions, but they can help, while the devs will NEVER get every aspect perfect.

  4. Just to be clear, I wasn’t banned for anything in the EQ2 forum discussion I linked.

    I was banned for suggesting that the reason why all of Daybreak’s launchers stopped working for 5 days — while every other company that experienced the same CDN outage due to problems at the same provider just bought their own web hosting and solved the problem in 2 hours — was they were being cheap.

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