Fortnite: Battle Royale isn’t ready to fade into the background just yet, while its newest challenger has hit a bump in the road.

SuperData just published its monthly look at worldwide gaming revenue for March, and it contains the usual suspects for free-to-play PC games: League of Legends is at #2, Fortnite at #5, World of Tanks at #6, Dota 2 at #7, and Apex Legends at #9, down three spots from its debut month of February. Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale was also the #6 game on consoles in March, down from #4 the previous month, while Fortnite also slipped one notch, from #2 to #3.

Another analysis — this one of stream viewing habits — paints a similar picture. StreamElements’ State of the Stream has issued a quarterly report detailing hours watched for various games on Twitch. Fortnite has maintained its #1 spot from Q4 2018 to Q1 2019, despite being down 8.34% between quarters. League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are all up, while Apex Legends cruises onto the chart at #3, behind only Fortnite and LoL.

Things look a little worse for Apex when you look at the monthly results, however. While it initially surged way past Fortnite, including a week where it set the record for hours watched per week, at 40 million, it dropped below Fortnite’s viewership around the start of March. By the end of the month, it was averaging only about half of Fortnite’s viewers.

And oh yeah, Grand Theft Auto V was resurgent during the quarter, thanks to some high-profile streamers engaging in role-playing shenanigans. Not bad for a five-year-old game. We’ve embedded all the relevant charts below:


  1. god i hate that game. imagine for a second if you can me handing you a gun, bullets a few grenades and telling you to go f* shit up. sounds fun right? because it is. people wanna sink a high caliber round into the enemies skull and watch them fall over or blow them up. Now imagine if you can me handing you all just as i had the first time but also handing you a tool belt, nails hammer, saw and a bunch of planks and told you all that extra is ok because planks can stop bullets. STUPID! i signed up for shooting people in the face when i play a shooter. not building crap in a fraction of a second to save my life from the baddie firing down range at me. Soldiers shoot back they dont built retarded shacks to protect them from bullets they know shacks cant stop. Aside from jumping into an arena to kill others, fortnight is a very backwards game. Next thing ya know we’ll be swimming and shooting or dancing and shooting.hey you already know based on logic if you bust a move or swim stroke just right those bullets get deflected. i’d say i cant wait till that game disappears from existence but then my games would be filled back up with children that dont know how to talk to others correctly and frankly im happy the new babysitter is free.


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