Robocraft launched one of its biggest updates today, adding new modes, customization, and more to the game. Players can now hop in and check out everything from a new “Paint Applicator” gun that allows you to paint the cubes on your Robot to a new Auto-Health Regen feature.

Also included is the Unity 5 engine upgrade that introduces multiple core support, the removal of the 60 fps cap, improved lighting and special effects, and more. A full list of all the changes and additions can be found on the official announcement page.

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  1. Merkadis on December 18, 2015

    Good, just as i predicted the game continues to get bigger and badder by the hour. Very good.
    This one is pleased like a fat cat that just had it’s best meal ever.

  2. Eldemarco on December 18, 2015

    Seems to be a good update. No more wasting all your money just for cubes. The cubes are now standardized with a low price. Your main costs will be weapons, and movement. Even the shields now only have 2 tiers, which makes things a lot easier. As a plasma chopper, the health regen has saved my life in the past few matches I’ve been in as well.

  3. Jafarson on December 18, 2015

    Crossout is the best!

  4. JESUS CRIST! on December 18, 2015

    Resume Updates:

    – no more Pilot Seat, no more 1 hit K.O.
    – instead u die under 25% health
    – but if u din’t recive damage or shoot in 10 seconds u will regen your health, really useful for airplanes because before airplanes became useless when a wing was destroyed
    – pain tool added
    – armor cubes and weapon Balance