RuneScape‘s Dimension of the Damned event is up and running as of today. For those of you that might have missed the initial announcement, this event brings a zombie survival mode to the game for a limited time. Over the next ten days, players will be able to enter an “alternate dimension” where zombies roam.

During this time, players will need to do everything they can to survive while earning as many points as possible. The point thing is important, because at the end of the ten days, the 1,000 players with the most points will be invited to participate in a 90-minute last-man-standing tournament. The last person alive will receive a selection of prizes, including: 200 million GP, a lifetime RuneScape membership, a real-world zombie award, and the title ‘King/Queen of the damned.” These prizes are in addition to items that will be rewarded to the following tiers of players:

Last 5 Finalists

  • All expenses paid trip to Jagex
  • 1 year Premier Club membership for free

Last 10 Finalists

  • Names Engraved on the statue in Falador
  • Dimension of the Damned pet

All 1,000 Finalists

  • ‘The Damned’Title
  • Survivor Outfit
  • RIP axe

The tournament is open to both RuneScape veterans and new players. All the information and fine print on how to participate can be found on the RuneScape site.

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