SMITE's Season of Hope Begins March 28, Featuring Reworked Core Gameplay and Visual Identity

Players can look forward to a new Conquest map, unique items, and fresh skins.

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smite season of hope

The Season of Monsters is almost over in the world of SMITE, and so the Season of Hope begins soon.

Once the current season of Hi Rez’s free-to-play third-person MOBA ends on March 27, another will start right away. This new one brings a new event, a unique map, and a fresh Battle Pass. SMITE’s core gameplay features and visual identity are also getting reworked.

"This update is even bigger than the Year 10 launch barely three months ago,” the team wrote in a statement.

A unique Conquest map is coming, and it’s Maya-themed. It has reimagined geography and pathing to give players a different experience. The developers also reworked the mechanics of healing, brawling, and lifesteal. Original items are to be added as well, as are many twists on existing characters and abilities.

The new event, Hope Reborn, features over 20 skins and a Tier 5 one for Lady Aphrodite. As for the fresh Battle Pass, Duality, it will reward players 7 skins going from Level 90 (for the first time ever). Three of these skins are new and each come with one variant and one reimagined version from SMITE’s past.

Check out the patch notes here.

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