Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you know what that means. The one day that every business actually cares about is just behind. That’s right. It’s time for Black Friday. Luckily, we aren’t in the dark ages of shopping any more. We don’t have to wake up at 3 am to go stand at the mall and wait for it to open so we can trample each other and watch two mothers get in a fist fight over the last toy of the year.

Instead, we can do all our Black Friday shopping at home thanks to the Internet. Of course, this means even MMOs can get in on the action, selling virtual items to their players. Today, Trion revealed what players can expect from each of their games as far as Black Friday sales go. From ArcheAge to Trove, there’s something for all of their players. The sales include:


  • For the entire week of Thanksgiving, Starter Packs will be 70% off (that’s the All Class, Creators, Collectors, and Battle Packs), while the Essentials Edition and Double Dragon packages will be 80% off.



  • From November 22 to November 29, all premium Mounts will be 25% off

  • Previous Lockbox Mounts will be available for direct purchase on specific dates:

    • November 22: Moonstone Ki Rin

    • November 23: Molten Thresher

    • November 24: Tropical Budgie

    • November 25: Ember Nebula

    • November 26: Black Empyreal Walker

    • November 27: Obsidian Ki Rin

    • November 28: Nightmare Thresher



  • Discount sales up to 80% off on select items

  • From November 24 to December 8, Wukong Costume Lockbox will be available for direct purchase

  • From November 24 to December 1, the Black Friday Lockbox will be re-released


Atlas Reactor

  • From November 22 to November 28, all packs will be 75% off and all Golden Age skins will be on sale



  • Limited Edition Ex Inanis Black Friday Boxes will be available for a limited time, containing:

    • A legendary mod from a specific weapon type and synergy

    • A perfected weapon from a specific weapon type and synergy

  • New Cerberus Pack available for a limited time, containing:

    • The Cerberus Assault Vehicle – equipped with a rear-mounted turret and passenger rocket system

    • Echinda Light Machine Gun – a Light Machine Gun (Radiation Nano) designed to mimic the Cerberus Turret

    • Typhon rocket launcher – a Rocket Launcer (Incendiary Nano) designed to mimic the passenger rocket system

  • 3rd Limited Edition Black Friday Bargain Box, containing:

    • Rare chase items

    • Each 100 pack of boxes this year will also contain a perfected weapon

  • Up to 65% off on Titan bundles and Gold Editions

Of course, to check out these sales, you’ll need to log into your game of choice on the dates listed above. More details can be found on the game sites.

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