TWID: Season Of The Wish Trailer And Dungeon, Season Pass Exotic Preview, Lost Sectors Update

You can burn the world with this new high octane weapon.

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Destiny 2 Dragons Breath

New "This Week in Destiny" features a teaser trailer for Season of the Wish, a preview of the Season Pass Exotic, an economy recap with a Lost Sectors update, a recognition of Veterans Day, and the announcement of the Season of the Wish dungeon date.

In the Season of the Wish teaser, Bungie hints at the return of the Dragon's Breath Exotic Rocket Launcher — which has been reimagined for Destiny 2's new season. The weapon comes with perks like "Burn the World" and "High Octane.”

The developers also provided insights into the economy and reward changes for Season of the Wish. Notable adjustments include the removal of Legendary Shards, Gunsmith focusing for Foundry weapons, reduced mod energy costs for Ghosts, and new rewards for completing Lost Sectors. The Lost Sectors will now offer Gunsmith Engrams and select Foundry weapons based on the completion difficulty, providing players with additional incentives and diverse loot options.

There’s also upcoming changes to post-activity ritual rewards in Vanguard Ops, Crucible, and Gambit. Players will receive additional drops of ritual engrams, allowing for more targeted gear acquisition in the shooter. The introduction of these engrams aligns with changes in currency costs, as Legendary Shards are phased out.

Additionally, a Jumpmaster emote was introduced to recognize and thank veterans and first responders, with proceeds from its purchase contributing to charitable causes. Also, players were given an official date and time for the release of a new dungeon in Year-6: Friday, December 1 at 9 AM (PST).

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