Wargaming.net announces Update 7.0 for their famous free-to-play MMO World of Tanks that will introduce a wide range of new gameplay features.

Along with unveiling two new maps, Fjords and Swamp, Update 7.0 will feature the long-anticipated camouflage system that will fit tank skins to the battlefields they fight on. Available in different options, camouflage will provide enhanced invisibility and add more to the strategic element of tank combat.

Clan members will be able to represent their membership by using clan emblems on their vehicles. In addition, battles within the Clan Wars will feature the fog of war, where the teams will not see each other’s rosters.

The new Update will also include a special model SU-85 (I) available within special World of Tanks events. Wargaming.net also publishes World of Battleships and World of Warplanes.


  1. also a fellow king tiger operative i have heard it’ll be coming out for the us servers late november around thanksgiving so i guess they want us to be thankful XD

  2. Russian WoT web page says “0.7.0 update is scheduled for release in November 2011”. I don’t know when it’s going to come out in Europe and US though. Most likely you’ll see it in November too. Or maybe December. Who knows. (:

  3. I’m playing this game for some time now (I have 4 tier 7 tanks,and tier 8 King Tiger) and i am following forums every day.Nobody says when is 7.0 coming out.It’s useless to give us information about an update if you don’t give us release date. P.S i don’t blame MMO Bomb official WoT page says nothing too.


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