On this week’s Free to play adventures, the hosts gather around the campfire to chat about End of Nations, spend some time with Tommy Ngo from Aeria Games, and then decide if marketing Free to Play Games with Buy to Play games is a good idea or not. Don’t miss it as bombs fly galore and your feedback is reviewed! Keep those Bombs coming!

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  1. I want ti get diablo 3 because you pay then no monthly payments. Neverwinter looks great, I loved neverwinter nights

    • neverwinter nights is an action mission based game just like Vendictus which means you gather missions on a town map, enter a queue to wait for party members, run the mission, and repeat. This method puts you at the mercy of players with slower connections and makes you wait sometimes hours at slow times of the day to play. you can try to solo them but that defeats the point of an online game really. I like open world games that are not queue based games.

    • How much fun it is to read about Sterling NY, the town I visited as a child with my famliy. My grandfather was Hugh B Dugan and my father was Hugh Carlyle Dugan and my brother is Sloane Dugan. So many famliy names! Such fun we had hopping in Grandpa Dugan’s old car where we could peek through the floor boards and see the ground on our way to to Uncle Allen and Aunt Francis’s farm. Good stuff for a little “city girl” living in Nutley NJ.Thanks for such fond memories,Susan Dugan Burgermaster

  2. I don`t really have a fav snack, I actually try not to eat while gaming, but I do eat at PC the rest of the time…So my little snacks rest in the keyboard, yes IN it. I would like tho some chips that are not greasy, I hate it when I have to clean the mouse and keyboard form my greasy hands.

  3. I would rather pay a 1 time fee of $70 to buy the boxed game and then free to play for life than download the game for free and pay a $15 a month subscription for life to play. I am getting a game to play for life if its fun and has content that isn’t just a 10 minute play and then done.

    putting a $15 a month investment into a game for 5 years is a lot of money for a game that will eventually shut down leaving you with nothing to show and a lot of money GONE. Many games try to make the complaint that the money is for upkeep of the servers and to pay a bunch of people to maintain the game but that doesn’t really make sense since most of these games like WOW in its prime earned over 5 million dollars a month which is enough to run the game for 2 years on 1 months take. They just milk their customers dry and try to please only one specific type of customer like pvp players or grinding gamers that just like to level up. Most never put in end game content for the level capped players unless it pvp and most dungeon and adventurers are left wanting more and are forced to either change games or grind a new character through the same quest for leveling.

    I can understand games like Guild Wars are made for pvp players but there are games that call themselves MMORPG’s that have little or no story at all with 1 set path and no real content to them which actually want to charge monthly fees to play.

    Games like the new Tera are actually well thought out and put together well but they want to charge for the game disc AND monthly fees which I think are too much. I would pay a 1 time $100 to buy that game if it was free to play afterward no question but I will not pay the $15 a month for it because I believe that supports lazy development they let a game float fixing small bugs and issues without adding new content or developing any expansions without CHARGING for each new expansion which is just overkill with that $15 a month fee.

    I wish game developers would learn a lesson and get with the modern gamers wants and needs, get past the greed and get with the quality in your products.

  4. Info requested: What is the game at the beginning of the video, it reminds me of Future Soldier but that’s not free to play..?

    Suggestion: Overlay game names on video, or put info in show notes listing all games shown.

  5. neverwinter well be a great game and rift just need to give in already like go free to play damn it dcuo did it and aion like there not going to make it p2p forever like you have tera and guild wars 2 thats going to be big you well have no chose then

  6. ok what favfood while playing for it depends of day monday-friday coke 2liter and 1 packet of lays or any chips and sat-sunday big bucket of kfc with coke it just scake if thinking i am fat iam not i slim as tree why bcos i live busy city traval one place take 1 hour i need stand sweat all day fnish class come standing 1 hour again after i sit with computer play for 8 hours league of legends (hate real world )

  7. I think you really should be more confronting, not saying rude, but, “unique”. Five races is nothing new. However the over some of the talk was a little cookie cutter honestly. However the statement of the patch was pretty good too hear here.

    However, in all my negativity, I do agree the events are a nice touch, even if they are not anything that stand.

    Good show. A little longer but worth it.Keep it up,

  8. I like to order pizza but when i really get the munchies i rather have a baconator but they probably dont fit into the “snacks” category so it has to be either mini pretzels, lays or doritos and large amounts of cola or dew, sometimes wine and beer (mostly weekends like today). When im not lazy i may prepare myself a sammich.

  9. I would have to say my favorite gaming snack is some kind of salty cheese snack, like cheez-its or gold fish…. but then my mouth drys out so i take about 5 carpi-suns because i have been a juice person my whole life and i am WAY to lazy to pour a glass of something.

  10. Cant wait for End of Nations. Got my email for getting a garunteed spot in the beta hope to see more mmobomber’s get into the beta.

  11. Hey Magicman !

    Was thinking about the Torchlight 2 preorder for a beta key to Neverwinter.

    My thought from a marketing side, ( I have not seen the box yet besides a few google pics)
    But if they have it also advertised on the box,This in my eyes is a decent marketing ploy to ” KEEP ” players with your company.Sort of a subliminal message that when your done with the beta test (bored)
    by the time Torchlight is released and you beat it , Neverwinter will be Open beta. Most players that are fans will pay for that little extra gameplay for a week or so then dive into Torchlight and back to Neverwinter.

    Question of the week.
    In my game room when i know i am going on a long gameplay spree, microwave and mini fridge are right beside me in hands reach. Pizza Pockets and coke for those 10+ hours , Oh and i fogot my pee bottle lmao or was i joking ? !
    Only the bottle know’s ….

    Thanks for another fine episode, You had me worried since its saturday that you were not putting one out this week.

    Peace till next week !


    • Nothing to worry about! 🙂 The show isn’t going anywhere, just some people moving to new homes…you know…that game called “real life” sometimes gets in the way 🙂

  12. Da bomb for Freejack for being a very unique and if i say so quite enjoyable game.

    Love the podcast, cant wait for more!


  13. Da Bomb for Air Rivals for being 4 years old even if is not newbie friendly is still fun game to hop in from time to time 🙂

    Greatings from Romania.


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