Top 10 MMORPGs With Player Housing In 2023

Buy a house and decorate until your heart is content.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor

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Player housing can be a fun distraction or a useful hub in MMORPG games, and this week we're taking a look at some of the best player housing in the genre. Whether you're looking for a cozy place to call home, or a status symbol to show off, these 10 MMOs offer player housing that really gives you a feeling of home. So let's put on our real estate agent hats and see what homes are available on the market today.


Fight the land grab, pay your taxes, and a home in ArcheAge could be yours. Keep in mind where you choose to build your home because nearby resources and PvP zones make a difference in what your gameplay experience might be like around your home.

ArcheAge housing

Elder Scrolls Online

Although you are heavily encouraged to spend money in the cash shop for player housing in Elder Scrolls Online, you can still pick up a sweet place to call home for in-game currency, though it will set you back a pretty penny either way. Homes are instanced in ESO allowing anyone to choose the home of their dreams with many different styles and sizes to choose from.

eso housing


While the player population definitely isn't what it once was, the player housing in Rift is still top-notch since you basically get whole dimensions, not just a "house". Once you've chosen the home for you, items can be placed in any way your heart desires. Add to that the gorgeous landscapes surrounding these homes and you could definitely do worse than Rift when it comes to player housing.

rift housing

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Fill your home with both decorations and useful items such as auction house hubs in Star Wars: The Old Republic. SWTOR offers housing in a way that make them very useful hubs for your gameplay incorporating vendors, appearance change stations, and much more. You'll often find yourself returning to your home in order to empty your bags, buy items at the Galatic Trade Market and even just hang out with friends.

swtor housing

New World

New World offers cozy player housing which allows you to decorate with both cosmetic and buff items that increase your combat or harvesting prowess while adventuring out in the world. Plus you can add storage chests that help out with the inventory storage issues you will run across. Choose up to three towns in which to own a home and you can also use them as quick travel locations to make getting around Aeternum a little easier.

new world housing

Black Desert Online

Available through in-game currency obtained by fulfilling activities, Black Desert Online's player housing offers beautiful homes that also serve a purpose. Whether gaining an HP recovery buff or increasing your storage, BDO's player housing offers a great place to stop and recover from the daily grind.

bdo housing

Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online is one of the most immersive MMORPGs out there, and the player housing system allows you to live in the world of Middle-Earth. Instanced housing provides you with a home to decorate and make your own. Many decoration items can be acquired while adventuring out in the world, and having your own little piece of land in the world make you feel even more a part of the adventure.

lotro housing

Final Fantasy XIV

Player housing in Final Fantasy XIV is a status symbol you'll be proud of. The prime locations only become available occasionally, and even then you'll have to participate in a lottery system in order to acquire the house of your dreams. If you're looking for a home that makes a statement, check out player housing in FFXIV, and yes, feel free to complain about the hoops and luck it takes to get one... we all do.

ffxiv housing


Let's look forward in time a little bit to Palia, an upcoming MMO all about community, housing, and whatever life you want to live. The housing system in Palia looks fantastic with cozy homes that feel like they are really lived in. You'll be part of a town in Palia, with gardening, foraging, and fishing being at the top of your to-do list.

palia housing

Everquest II

An oldie but a goodie, Everquest II housing is as old-school as the game, making you put in the work if you want a home in the game. Homes can cost both in-game gold and reputation currency, making your alignments with different groups affect the type of house you can purchase.

eqII housing

That's our list of favorite player housing in MMOs in 2023. What game did we miss that offers your favorite player housing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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