The Touch: Transformers Universe Heads into Open Beta on July 4th

Jagex wants everyone to know they’ll be celebrating their fourth of July with a 24-hour livestream as they launch Transformers Universe into Open Beta. Yes,…


Carnage Unleashed: Zombies Monsters and Robots Open Beta now Live

Target practice is now open to all participants as En Masse Entertainment has rolled out the open beta for its third-person shooter Zombies Monsters and…


Hearthstone IeSF tournament only accepts male players

Who would have thought, in the year 2014 we’d be having a discussion regarding the segregation of sexes in an online collectible card tournament? Yet…


Perfect World prepares to buy Warframe developer Digital Extremes

Perfect World Entertainment has entered into an agreement with Digital Extremes to purchase the majority of the developer’s outstanding shares with help from Sumpo Food…


The End of an Age: Microsoft shuts down Age of Empires Online

Age of Empires Online has shutdown its servers for good. Originally developed by Robot Entertainment (later Gas Powered Games), the RTS launched in 2011 and…


ArcheAge begins preparations for Closed Beta in July

Good things are on the horizon for fans of the upcoming sandbox MMORPG ArcheAge. A new announcement from Trion Worlds places ArcheAge’s Closed Beta events…


Hearthstone’s First Expansion Curse Of Naxxramas Set for July Release

Players hoping Blizzard would release Hearthstone’s first expansion, Curse of Naxxramas on July 1st are in for a bit of bitter sweet news. A new…

Sleeping Dog

Wake Up! Sleeping Dogs Dev Working On F2P Title

Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games is working on a free-to-play game, to be published by Nexon America and released in 2015. That’s about the…


Not the Bees!: TERA Announces new Wounded World Dungeons

One of TERA’s strengths has always been its big boss fights. The action MMO has made good use of its control scheme and combat style…


Harrassin’ on Hossin: PlanetSide 2 Gets New Continent

After lots of teases and loads of “behind the scenes” talk and video — the above trailer came out last August — PlanetSide 2 finally…


Down in the Depths: Rift’s next major expansion Nightmare Tide revealed

Splish, Splash Rift’s about to take a bath, the MMO is headed to the Plane of Water in Rift’s newly revealed expansion, Nightmare Tide. In…

Curse of Naxxramas

Leaked Images Surface for Hearthstone’s Upcoming Expansion Curse of Naxxramas

Hearthstone’s first upcoming expansion is set to breathe a great deal of life into the CCG’s meta game and single player experience. Currently, there’s little…

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