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Epic Games Recaps First Fortnite Alpha

If you’re one of the lucky few who got their grubby little hands on Fortnite during its first alpha test… well, you probably still can’t…


Shadow Hunter Class Coming Soon to Trove

This spring, Trove’s “Take Flight” update will be bringing more than just game updates, a new class will be added to Trion Worlds’ voxel sandbox…


The Repopulation Shifting to Smaller Reports with Latest Patch

Above and Beyond Technologies just keeps plugging away at their MMORPG, The Repopulation. If you’ve played the game (currently in Alpha) or have just been…


Zombies Monsters Robots Takes Next Logical Step

So where do you take a game that already has Zombies, Monsters, and Robots in it? Space of course! En Masse Entertainment has launched the…

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Jagex Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments For Its Games

When you think “cutting edge” and “innovative,” you think “RuneScape,” right? Jagex is trying to get you to think that way, not with the game…


Oathbound Paladin Coming to Neverwinter

Cryptic Games has released more information about their upcoming Neverwinter class addition, the Oathbound Paladin. Playing the role of either tank or healer, the Oathbound…


The Super Bowl Of Free-To-Play Ads, Literally

I got a little depressed while watching the Super Bowl Yesterday. No, it wasn’t because I was rooting for the Seahawks. Instead, it was because…


SOE Acquired By Columbus Nova

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is no more, well at least under that name. Sony has sold off the entire division to Columbus Nova, a New…


Otherland’s Next Beta Scheduled for February

If you’ve been waiting for more details about the on-again, off-again development of Otherland, Drago Entertainment’s sci-fi MMORPG, then you aren’t alone. Otherland had a…


Heroes & Generals Goes To Server-Side Hit Detection

Shockingly, proper hit detection is very important in an FPS. Reto-Moto’s taking that to heart with the newest update for Heroes & Generals, which completely…

Elsword Dark Knight

Elsword’s Elesis Goes Dark With A New Job Path

Sometimes, a good girl just has to go bad to get the job done. Elsword‘s Elesis isn’t putting up with Lord Wally’s (yes, “Lord Wally”)…

Hearthstone Undertaker

Put Back Your Dead: Hearthstone Tones Down Undertaker

Patch for Hearthstone is now live, and its biggest change to the game is a slight reduction — which sounds kinder and gentler than…


TERA’s Skycastles Coming February 24th

Ten days ago we reported on TERA’s Producer Letter and detailed a bit about the upcoming February update which would add the much anticipated guild…

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