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Title: BeGone | Status: Final
Genre: FPS | Theme: Action

Graphics: 3D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: NPlay
Developer: NPlay

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Impressive graphics for a browser game
Simple controls
Fast paced

BeGone is an online multiplayer first person shooter game (FPS) with a modern and realistic theme.

Each team tries to eliminate the opposing team before time runs out. Advanced graphic shaders, dynamic character locomotion and optimized networking code create an intense gameplay experience that is quickly accessible from a browser with no signup required. Made with Unity 3d.

Compete against your friends in this immersive FPS.

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159 BeGone Reviews

  1. If you read my comment for Sanctioned Renegades, this is basically the same thing, except in a different environment. Like SR, you have to gain money by killing others and surviving the level. Then you use the money to buy new weapons. If you happen to play against someone who has a better weapon than you, you’re pretty much done for. Just a tip if you do play this: Don’t be surprised if you constantly get head-shotted out of nowhere. It’s a common occurrence in this game.

    1. To be honest, it seems like you’ve never played this game. First of all, there’s no “better gun” each gun is more valuable in it’s own situation. Second, the Mods made sure there’s no “common occurrence” of get killed fast, there isn’t one weapon that can one-shot kill you, even the knife. In fact, sniper rifles are used as support weapons, you won’t see them a lot in-game, especially on smaller maps. The money you earn in-game is really a secondary limiting factor. It’s very easy to earn, and, at most times, unnecessary.

      1. you must be part of the dev team, if you pay you can get better weapons than the free, plus ingame money is very little compared to the price of items, alot of which u cannot buy with ingame money, only credits purchased

      2. The other mas is not correct if you have a sniper with esplosive ammo and you do a headshot to someone you kill him with one shot a one-shotkill-

      3. actually the 4000 sniper can one shot kill

        1. actually the 4000 sniper can one shot kill

    2. Im kinda old for these games being 20 and owning a ps3 – this game doesnt compare to call of duty.

      But it doesnt have to. i think maybe if the development team put a little more work into making it kid friendly it can be something very huge, cuz its so easy to get into.

      Maybe, add a little more intro, some cinematics. more gamestyles, more sprites.

      Long as it is fun i will play the fudge out of it.

    3. im a boy

      1. Good for you?

      2. good to know

    4. do u have to download it

      1. No. Just go to the website and when you play you can change your name and play on different maps.

  2. The abandoned, browser based version of counterstrike source. Seriously though, it’s been in beta for ages.

      1. how do get to play the game

        1. yeah It does keep refreshing I didn’t even play a game because of it, it keeps refreshing.

          1. Oh! and other thing, from the pictures, and the vid, i don’t think that this game like uberstrike, i know uberstrike and i played it in facebook… and i think both are awesome, but laybe there’s a bit diffrent >.o

    1. nolur nolur ucma sifresi olsun bu

  3. lack of customization, not good cs: online is better

  4. this game has eu servers ?

      1. give me cheats

        1. ik heb ook geen cheats gevonden moet je downloaden

  5. its a fun game even though it doesnt have that good of graphics i can b addictive too the plaeyr base is fair and it has a better but stil very small selection of guns

    1. Go to options > Graphics > Rendering Method > Deferred Lightning and u’ll see how good the graphics are.

  6. I have played this game and I say that you should play on mega servers. There is great fun in this game that only some gamers can find like working strategies on big 12 man teams and intense action. I love this game but there should be more weapons. And to all mac users (I think) if u cant spin go into fullscreen
    Hope this helped

    1. yeah, but the problem with mega servers is that they lag a lot sometimes, but the rest i agree with you.

    2. What about using fists and fighting like a man



  8. How to get cheat code ??? in Begone Nplay ???? Please show me

  9. how to run fast

    1. Click Shift+W/A/S/D, you will run fast but you can’t shoot and your stamina will be decreased

    2. press shift

  10. Ok. guys this game IS JUST LIKE UBERSTRIKE just like the first comment nd he is right u get cshot from nowere and boom ! dead just like uberstrike too i dnt like so much these games i hate noob snipers just get ur machine guns and fight like men -_-

    1. not really think about it who has more players who has the best graphics :P ??

      1. It’s little samiller as Savage from newerth. Is it? I think SavageXR is better then this game.

  11. Pretty good game overall. It wasn’t what I expected, and it’s challenging for people who are new to shooters. I hate the fact that I will be running and then out of nowhere some noob sniper just kills me without warning.

  12. how to use bomb

    1. pull pin – throw

      1. wow DUH! smart ass

  13. where do i find cheats for begone

    1. in your heart xD

    2. the cheat is:
      1. name your char Im.CraZY
      2. play on tower
      3. choose swat team
      4. use shotgun and shot your friend 10 times
      that the cheat. and you will see the magic

      1. how to put two guns together

      2. how do get 2 or more bombs please tell me::::::::::::::::::-)

        1. hold a and theaw it

      3. how do get 2 or more bombs please tell me:::::::::::::::::

      4. i tried that but it didn’t work???? please help me out!!!

  14. I don’t know how to find cheats………………..but i’m pro……. but my pc got little lag………………………. T_T

    1. Dont post stupid comments :/

    2. foolish fuk….stay away from here

  15. woow fun game i love it, even though it lacks in graphics it makes up with amazing online play! I play this during my study hall at school and kicks ass

  16. How do you throw bombs? seriously and one dude we had to stabb and shoot with shotguns to the head about 30 times before he died, whats the trick to that? lol

  17. In response to your “this is just like Uberstrike” comments, you might want to note some differences, such as in Uberstrike there is virtually no recoil, whereas in Begone it seems to have some, in Uberstrike you can, if done properly increase your speed by b-hopping in Begone, none of that.
    One thing I see that they have in common though is that the reticle doesn’t expand when shooting, or moving which is a plus, because most commonly gamers are not that into more complicated game mechanics, and are likely to stop playing altogether because of it.
    I’ll give it a 5 out of ten, giving five for it’s simple gameplay/mechanics, it’s not getting another 5 because of it’s lack of content, horrible upkeep with the game like quickman007 said, I’ll have to agree it does feel abandoned with the limited weapon selection,etc but it does have a good player base, so it’s worth checking out.

    Oh! and also @Blazingyoshi What are talking about silly?! Noob snipers can’t get kills. (:

    1. HAHA! not impressive man you soun like a NERD!!!

    2. i was played uberstrike but someone stil my acount so i cant play
      how to cheat someone please say?
      all with who i play know how to cheat and cheat

    3. well, compared to Uberstrike… You don’t have to pay real money for guns, it’s all in-game.

  18. Contacted Support because I’ve yet to play BeGone. A pop-up tells me there is problems with
    server 2 ?????? Saturday I sent the e-mail to this sites support group and it’s Mon 04/23/12 still
    haven’t heard anything ??? I did download Unity. So I don’t know whats going on ???? Anybody
    out their with any ideas =/ please share…………Thanks Scott

  19. how to use auto-aim om nplay??

    1. There is no auto aim!!!!!!!

      1. Dude most games dont have auto aim if u use auto aim that means u suck

        1. that’s right auto-aim is cheating.

  20. I’ve heard dat sum online fps games are full of hackers.
    So my advice to yall is 2 watch out and b careful of wat online fps u play or download.

  21. no comments no cheats booooo

  22. ugh how do you get that begone

  23. How To Go In The Cargo

  24. how can you hack people?

    1. omg you asking how to hack dude that is NOT COOL. PLAY BY THE RULES NO HACKING

  25. This computer sucks ass!!!!

  26. how to use team chat..?

    1. Press T for team chat

      1. I knew some one would comment on my view of ,Hacking & The Game Of Life. What R U thinking Johnson ?
        Dont comment on how old I am. Its been said.

        1. please code begone

  27. Great game. There are no hacks, but if someone has a high ping (time for a signal to bounce from your pc to the server and back) they lag and it creates bugs (they seem to teleport, hide in boxes, stall and won’t die even after you shoot them in the head 30 times, etc.) To avoid this, play in low ping rooms.

    Also, if you’re dead, you can’t chat to players that are still alive, keeps you from cheating by giving out locations of enemy players.

  28. This game is full of hackers. I used to love this game and play it for a couple of days, But all I saw were hackers running around using Speed Hacks, Sniper hacks and a hack that lets you use daggers from far, Which can kill you in a second. Great game but hackers ruin the fun.

    1. they are not speed hackers or long range melee hackers dude! your ping must be high, its called Lagging…..

    2. I totally agree! I saw one guy that hid over 20 kills and no deaths jump from the top of the building, (next to tower), and clear the open ground onto the storage container across the open field. HE also seemed to have more life and ammo. I have been playing for a few months now and never came across this until a few days ago. Now there seems to be more players hacking. I am usually above average playing this game but against these super soldier cheaters I have no chance. Wish there was a way we could combat hacking. : (

  29. Good looking game but lack of game modes , guns and small playerbase :( there is also a ping limit that you can set so no laggers and great experience !

  30. Its not a browser game at all you HAVE TO DOWNLOAD UNITY WEB PLAYER

    1. It is a browser game. Unity is not the game, it’s the platform.

  31. man i love

    if anyone else say”i love MMOBOMB”

  32. how do i run?

    1. you run by pressing shift

  33. Good game, but would be better without the 1 shot head kills.

    1. But there is NO one shot head kills!

      1. That’s because they are hacking. I know this because I have friends that make games here in San Francisco/BayArea and they said it is easy to create the the mods and pass it it to friends.

    2. that’s right yesterday i faced one pistoler (pistol user) and he can kill me in 2 shots in leg and u know what? that’s not explosive ammo that’s laser! once it hit u you are doomed!

  34. And some people can shoot through brick walls. Don’t know if that’s a bug or a hack though.

    1. It’s just lag, as you might have joined a no-limit ping server, or a high ping-limit server. Try joining 200ping or 150ping servers.

  35. I really wanted to like this game. Unfortunately, there is a serious problem with it: When you get shot, the camera starts thrashing around like Charlie Sheen on cocaine. In other words, you aren’t even given the ability to aim and shoot back at your attacker. This is a ridiculously inconsiderate feature. Oh, and if you get hit too many times, the screen turns red and diminishes your visibility. It’s a shame this has such a serious issue, otherwise it’s enjoyable. It isn’t when you’ve died 1,000 times due to being hit once and not being able to defend yourself, though.

    By the way, I second the other commenter’s observation on people shooting through walls. Happened to me too. You can’t fight back, but people can shoot you through a 200 foot smokestack. What a well-designed game.

  36. Begone got new weapons now that suck. Please bring back the old MP5. Old MP5 with the laser dot was perfect.

  37. its good all lvls load in just 10 secs…………….yor pc is not capable of this game or its a 19′s pc

  38. This game is good, but would be better if it had some more weapons to choose from like fully automatic pistols like a glock 18, or an uzi pistol for example.

  39. this game is fun but they should add levels and more guns that would make it better

    but overall this game is really fun

  40. How do i run faster than what you do when you press left Shift- ?

  41. I really need to know so i can deliberatlly Exterminate my enemies

  42. atlast. a game similar to cs and cf!!

  43. y the servers in not going out???

  44. how do get in walls/rocks

  45. its a really great game but you need plenty of focus

  46. this game is rubbish. it wont even let me move my person in it.

  47. i need to download something before plays?

    1. i now 1 chat enter:wer ar yo this gone let u invisible to see

  48. this game have full hakers i shot oan 8 taims in the hed and a grende and he dident die
    and i have never oan hed shot but im god in this gaeme

  49. not works cheat???
    but one cheat i got

    1. pls teach me a cheat

  50. you said it jem.
    ilove you
    so very much!!

  51. i love you to jade
    so very much too
    you are my girlfriend jade

    1. you marry her??

      1. yes jerrik i love her

  52. that game is cool but he is full of hackers!!!!!! how to kill what hackers?and how to be hacker?

  53. Im new at this game & also 55 years old. I think this,-People who hack or cheat start out wanting to just see how much controll they can have over the game. As soon as u get the controll , Where is the fun. I think it then gets boreing and u have to find another game.Leave game alone and design your own game and make money. Come in contact with people & life and play the real game, cheat, manipulate, build, tear down, flaunt, sex, kill or b killed, fortune or not, Power or follower. THAT FUN. This is a nice pass time. It would B more fun if my fingers worked.

    Old Fart- RENAGADE666

  54. This game is a good game and I suggest you try it,
    the new update has just come out and now you can customize guns and you keep them throughout the whole match (10 rounds). All the guns are basically even if you have a MP5 you can easily drop a player with a more expensive M4A1. And the maps are mostly even there is no joining a team and always winning on that team. There is no overpowered gun and it is not Pay2Win everything is free with ingame money.

  55. i’m new to this website and i’m also new to playing this game i havnt played any of the games on this site yet though but i will be in a minute. it deffinatly looks like a interesting game. i’m about to try it out.

  56. add me my name is imboss11

  57. add me my name is shafy9m i also do youtube videos and i will help anyone who wants to try do glitches

  58. Why the servers keep refreshing?I can’t play because of this…

  59. Actually There Is One Gun In The Game That Is A One Shot Kill Its The Snpier With Exsplosive Ammo If You Shoot Them In The Head It Is A Simultanious Death

  60. Looks good. Pretty decent.

  61. what does mean playing with the 1st person or 3rd person .. and if you’re playing with the 3rd person you must change the crosshair style to ‘stay’

  62. i agree with azura

  63. This game is good. Especially the fast paced, action packed fighting. Maps are small so action and fighting is really intense.

  64. This game is good. Especially the fast paced, action packed fighting. Maps are small so action and fighting is really intense.

    I LOVE IT!

  65. The coolest game ever <<<<.


  67. how u keep ur weapons?

  68. If your looking on how to kill someone easily, a sniper rifle will not suit you ever if you are a pro. Not even if it is your last chance of survival. Use a knife for that or a pistol. A pistol is not as good as suited for killing as much as running fast and having a gun. The MP7 on the other hand(secondary) is a fast-killing weapon and with a silencer, it can be a very lethal weapon in the right hands. I don’t have enough time to type any longer as I must play my game, begone. Your Welcome for the advice, ~The Answerer

  69. how to jump on window

  70. Once I played against this guy who could shoot grenades out of his pistol like bullets! Just lobbing 12 bombs at a time at us; We didn’t have a chance:(

    1. I know i dont know how they do that

  71. How do someone throw many granades in one round? Like if its a normal weapon???

  72. we can play it

  73. why go it??

  74. how to get into a rock please

  75. Game is getting better and better with the weapon customization and new types of ammo. Only annoying thing are these stupid hackers and glitch abusers who ruin the game

  76. Begone is a very good browser based game but i mean now it seems as if they dont update it anymore because there are only 2 game modes (elimination,search and destroy) and there are only 4 or 5 maps and some of the gun customization seems very irrelevant like incendiary ammo. Over all its a fun game but i suggest games like free fall tournament, contract wars or red crucible 2

  77. yes its good game but to much crashes wtf heroes and generals its a unity game have no crashes

    1. For me i doesnt crash it just lags alot on my computer which is pretty good that it can run blacklight retribution without any lag, but i never tried h and g i tried downloading it but that lagged like crazy

  78. Begone has the ability to be one of the best shooters in its genre, and is still a great game, but its major weakness is its lack of a development team. There are only 3 members designing/updating Begone, so therefore that is why there are a lack of new features or features overall. Another big problem with the game is lag. Even when a player’s ping reaches 100 it becomes a problem. They will be able to shoot your body even though you are somewhere else. This is also the reason behind the players you see killing you by shooting at a wall. This is lag. Just know that it will look very normal in their perspective. There are hackers in the game, but they are few and in between. It is easy to leave your server and go to a new one. To avoid lag, I suggest playing in a low ping restricted servers or playing with players that you know do not normally lag. Having a game with players that do not lag is the best way to play this game. Another issue with this game is that it can displace your body slightly in your perspective compared to another’s. for example, if you are crouched on the edge of a building’s rooftop, it may appear to another player that you are actually crouched at the base of the building on the ground. This is another reason why you may see a player kill someone through a wall. Player 1 (perspective on roof) shoots someone on the other side of the building and kills them. Player 2 (perspective of seeing a player on the ground) sees Player 1 shooting at the wall. It is just a flaw in the Begone mechanics. Most of the time, it is not a good strategy to camp anyways, so moving around the map usually will eliminate this issue. Overall I thoroughly enjoy this game and the player base is very friendly once you find the right players. In game, it is a mix of skill and strategy as you move around the map to try and out maneuver your opponents and/or outshoot them. Your character is very mobile when used properly and the sprint (Shift button) is used sparingly. Recoil is an issue and i can attest to it being lucky at times, but it also leaves room for a player to improve their aim through skill. YES you can kill someone in one shot, which is a headshot with a sniper attached with explosive ammo. But it is difficult to do on a mobile player, therefore snipes are used very rarely. Give the game a shot and come back with comments.

    IGN : Misunderstood

    1. I agree with you about the lag because that is crazy, but it can be the best of browser based fps games but I mean 3 people aren’t going to do much with the game because nowadays to make 1 game takes over like 100 people, and im not saying they cant do anything about updating but I mean they can update more but they don’t and to me the last update with the incinderary and explosive ammo was very irrelevant with the game to me, they should update character customization or more maps and guns something new. Because just look at this game called ballistic its going to come out this year but its browser based and made with unity 3d just like begone and I played a little of it and its very good so I mean if begone wants more player base they need to get their game on.

  79. hi everyone!!!!!!

  80. how do you make random bombs drop from the sky

  81. How do u get hacks

  82. And what is the code for high jumping?

  83. pretty nice game just…make you a little MAD!!!

  84. new guns should be introduced! only five guns!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
    Im a pro in there!

  85. y? now can’t play the be gone guerra

  86. this game seems fun and worth playing.

  87. they need to rework the game they say you can play in broweser with no down loads needed yet i see a popup saying to downlaod the unity web player to play.

  88. healt 99999

  89. i want cheats in begone no death full arm…

  90. To the developers of begone, please continue making this game better than it already is. After playing the same maps for more than a year now, a new map would be really cool. And something to shoot the grenade over a longer distance. It can be an attachment for the grenade. So you still have the same 1 grenade, but you can buy a small grenade laucher for longer distances. It could cost like $2,000.

  91. they need more maps

  92. healt 99999

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