Top 10 free shooters to play in 2013

MMOBomb Staff
By MMOBomb Staff,

For a sub-genre of MMO’s that hasn’t been around all that long, there are an absolute slew of free to play MMOFPS, MMOTPS and multiplayer online shooter games on the market. It’s not surprising really; this genre is like the perfect melding of two seemingly disparate things. The relentless action and excitement of shooters, with the joy of social features and item collecting found in RPG’s. With so many new entries out there, we figured we’d help you sort through them all with this list of the Top 10 Free Shooters to Play in 2013.

10. Battlefield Play4Free

The second venture of Electronic Arts in the free-to-play genre with the Battlefield name (after the cartoony Battlefield Heroes), Battlefield Play4Free is a more serious game. Based mostly on the acclaimed Battlefield 2 game, this FPS offers 32-player battles in a Middle East setting. Players choose between the United States and Russia sides and enter some exhilarating FPS action. There are 16 vehicles to use in the game maps, such as helicopters, tanks and fighter jets, making things even more chaotic.
Play now: Battlefield Play4Free

9. Global Agenda: Free Agent

After a warm critical reception, developer Hi-Rez Studio decided to drop the subscription on their jetpack-powered MMO shooter Global Agenda, and later opted for the addition of a free-to-play model. And then Global Agenda: Free Agent was revealed. Global Agenda: Free Agent offers some exciting team-based PvP gameplay and Agency vs. Agency territory conflict in a third-person perspective. The crisp graphics and polished presentation make this game truly shine.
Play now: Global Agenda: Free Agent

8. Alliance of Valiant Arms

Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA) offers up tons of awesome game modes, near-limitless customization, and some of the tightest shooting gameplay to be found online. It’s good looking and stable, thanks to the Unreal Engine powering its thirst for blood, and runs nearly lag free.
Play now: Alliance of Valiant Arms

7. APB Reloaded

APB spent just a few months as a retail product and was promptly shut down… but not forgotten. GamersFirst acquired the rights for this MMO and after a revamp (including some features such as a new district and clan-based combat mechanics, among others) released it to an eager community. APB Reloaded is one of a kind and the mix of third-person shooting and driving is a successful one. The Criminals vs. Enforcers gameplay is an exciting one and the city of San Paro acts as a solid playground. APB Reloaded it´s not a perfect game (well... no game is perfect, all of them have flaws) but GamersFirst has a blockbuster in their hands, a MMO game with many indisputable qualities. If you like non-stop action, this is the one.
Play now: APB Reloaded

6. Gotham City Impostors

Fans of DC Comic's iconic hero/villain duo Batman and Joker will find Monolith Productions Gotham City Impostors to be a welcomed addition to the F2P FPS genre. The shooter pits players as wannabe Batman vigilantes vs Joker thugs in zany, often over the top brawls. Players can choose from a large assortment of homemade weapons and contraptions including Jack in the Box explosives, pipe bombs, inflatable bouncing shoes, marble machine guns, katanas and other non traditional weaponry. Players can enjoy customizing the look of both their vigilante and villain with a wide range of costume unlocks, voice packs and unlockable perks which allow a player to tailor their character to fit a specific playstyle. Enjoy a large variety of maps and interesting game modes in this eccentric shooter!
Play now: Gotham City Impostors

5. Ghost Recon Online

Ghost Recon Online, is Ubisoft's Free-to-Play rendition of their popular third person, cover-based tactical series. The TPS features a heavy focus on cover mechanics with the ability to seek shelter behind various walls and objects, providing the player with decreased recoil and increased bullet protection. Ghost Recon Online features three soldier classes each with their own unique weapon type and special ability, allowing players to work together as a tactical squad in order to complete objectives and gain the upper hand.
Play now: Ghost Recon Online

4. Tribes Ascend

With the experience gained with Global Agenda, it’s hard to think of a better suited studio than Hi-Rez to work on the popular Tribes franchise. Tribes: Ascend fully delivered on what fans were expecting of it, offering exciting and fast-paced FPS combat where jetpacks truly make a difference. The vibrant colors help create a compelling world that is quickly filled with all kinds of weapon blasts that any player with a slight interest for sci-fi and experience in the genre (not mandatory but helpful) just has to enjoy.
Play now: Tribes: Ascend

3. Blacklight: Retribution

Blacklight: Retribution is the follow-up to Blacklight: Tango Down, a 2010 downloadable shooter that earned some mixed reviews. This free-to-play FPS fixes some of the problems of the original title and adds some much needed quality to the genre. Among the distinctive features are the HRV (that lets you look through walls for partners and enemies) and the hardsuit, an hulking armor pretty much similar to a mech. With great graphics, customizable weapons and fast and furious gameplay, Blacklight: Retribution is well worth seeking out by fans of rock-solid FPS games.
Play now: Blacklight: Retribution

2. Team Fortress 2

Valve stormed the market by unleashing Team Fortress 2 as a free-to-play game, offering what is undoubtedly one of the finest shooters ever for free. It’s not just the brilliant cartoon visuals – from which Battlefield Heroes was clearly inspired – or the polished game mechanics, but also the humor that the charismatic characters bring to the matches. If there’s a free shooter out there that everyone must play, that shooter is Team Fortress 2. As long as Valve keeps things balanced between the free and premium players, this is a game that has a fantastic lasting appeal.
Play now: Team Fortress 2

1. PlanetSide 2

Sony Online Entertainment was the first to bring the scale of war to the FPS genre with the original Planetside back in 2003 and now again in 2012 with none other then the sequel to Planetside, aptly named Planetside 2. This unmatched open-world MMOFPS boasts the largest FPS battles currently available, with 2000 players spread across 3 factions in an all out war. Fans of vehicular warfare in games such as Battlefield, will enjoy similar ground and air combat, with Planetside 2 focusing heavily on air to air enagements and massive tank warfare. Unlike most traditional lobby based shooters, Planetside 2 is completely open world, with battles waging across 3 distinctly unique continents, each around 64sqkm in size! Planetside 2 offers an unprecedented amount of depth for a shooter, with 6 unique classes players can independently level up, customize and switch to on the fly. If you like organized large scale warfare, nothing beats Planetside 2.
Play now: PlanetSide 2

This impressive list of free shooters stands to grow even larger throughout the year, and several new MMOFPS and MMOTPS games are in development. Whether they can top any of the games on this list remains to be seen, but they’ll have their hands full. Still, we can’t wait to see where this genre takes us in 2013 and beyond.

**This page will be updated from time to time so don´t forget to share your top 10! Last update: Dec 4th 2012.

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Anitra 5 years ago
Touche. Sound arguments. Keep up the good effort.

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alolollololololololo 8 years ago
play cod maehehehe

Insurrection 9 years ago
PlanetSide 2 in a nut shell. Zerg. Optimize weapons by spending money, or by playing, which takes forever. Zerg. Have Sony nerf the weapons you optimized. Zerg. Hackers paradise. Zerg. Major down time. Zerg. Every time they " update " they screw something else up. Zerg. Basically no support from Sony for players. " Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused ". Zerg. You get the picture. Could have been a great game but Sony is in it for the money and nothing else. They couldn't care less about the players.

rm1911|meesdorfrangers 9 years ago



VaginaStew 9 years ago
YTF don't you have WARFACE on this sh!tty list?

FPS Maniac 9 years ago
"Ya'll heard about the Grand Update on Project Blackout?

It's an online FPS game, also F2P.
It's been some year since I've been playing it, and recently they opened stunning events for the Grand Updte.
Also, the overall interface and graphics has changed. Come over and join me.
More players, more fun guys!

This is the official website:"

Todoran 9 years ago
guys i cant see warframe..... where is it?

killerreu 9 years ago
whene they going to update the list to 2014???

Khalsa 9 years ago
What about RTCW:ET (Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory)?

Gucci 9 years ago
What about Sudden attack?

MonkeyLove109 9 years ago

mered 9 years ago
nus vi esses jogos eu fiquei loko

offtopic 9 years ago
Should i play ghost recon? is it good guys?

FDGDFGFD 9 years ago

... 9 years ago
dose it matter if someone likes a game and you don't really call of duty was always grate to play with friends but battle field was always a more serious game... besides cod ghosts is pay to win too.

lolno 9 years ago
lol, quake live, idiot

wdf 9 years ago

gorak 9 years ago
1e 2014 comment

gorak 9 years ago
p.s every game is diffrent and good in its own ways , dont whine to mach about wich one is better

gorak 9 years ago
people.... plz learn english before you even try to talk it...

gorak 9 years ago
till now i only see people on wich dont even know whare thay are talking about and acting like thay are all knowing ,but non of you can even talk englsih -.-

IdunnoWhat 9 years ago
Tribes: Ascend and Planetside 2 are pretty good. Guys seriously, it's that easy :P

ulalalalalalal 9 years ago
both bfh and bfp4f SUCKS. planetside 2 is the greatest mmo fps BWAHAHAHA

devil 9 years ago
hey guyz what happen to offensive combat??///

Camper2121 9 years ago
I can't play these games because it doesn't work on my windows 7, well accept for ghost recon but it has really bad graphics and has a lot of lag!

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These comments are filled with Wahhhhhh 9 years ago
Everyone wahhhh some more! Your tears are my sustenance.

Lamka 9 years ago
Where warframe? o.o

seri 9 years ago

Dovid 9 years ago
This entire thread/train of comments is the longest I've ever seen

OfficialBattlefield 9 years ago
Battlefield Play4Free was meant to be a free to play Battlefield 2. But it had so much more popularity, that we increased the features of the game, and we made the graphics and sounds better. But it doesn't have all the destruction that was in Battlefield 3, Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2 etc.
It didn't have the Frostbite engine so that slower computers could play it too.


OfficialBattlefield 9 years ago
Battlefield Play4Free is a high-graphic, fast paced shooting game for people who love action. Battlefield Heroes though offered a less war-torn environment for younger players. And they are nothing to be looked at as 2 scompletely identical games.

Zygrix 9 years ago
How about add Warframe :((

SubRykon 9 years ago
I have to say something about "Alliance of Valiant Arms" game -

* This game is the worst rating game by players! If you are playing it for 5 months or more you will see that Aeria Games company is killing this game every time they have a chance.

* !!! You must pay a LOT OF REAL MONEY to own SOME permanent stuff !!! *

Because you can buy ONLY TIMED stuff for in game cash. A.V.A community is one of the worst I know of. Accounts are banning instantly, amount of hackers is increasing. AVA haven't got even capable programmers.

* EVERY patch takes A LOT OF HOURS! many times it is whole day and after they release the update... The game have a lot of new bugs.
(I played this game for 4-5 years since IJJI beta. U.A.V.A is not good game anymore.)

* !!!This game have status -> Pay2Win!!! *

There is not balance between In Game Cash Stuff and Real Cash Stuff.
Verdict: "If you have too much money to spend and a huge patience, then this game is for you."

*My Rating for this game is 0/10 because A.V.A have no right to be called Play For Free Game.

PS.: This is just true about this game. The evidence is game it self. Try it and you will see.

Nuthax 9 years ago

Random 9 years ago
Hmm I can agree with this list, TF2 falling down to #2 after having #1 for years makes sense esp. considering what planetside 2 offers as a newer game. The placement of tribes and black light as #4 and #3 also seems fitting.

Shadowed 9 years ago
Hey, what about the game series Soldier Front, most prodominantly, Soldier Front 2

StarsKreaM 9 years ago
I think most of these games in the top 10 are crap and and the most are old games...

I played almost all of these games...

And I guarantee you guys will like this game.. And in my opinion it should be in this top 10 list at least.. But for me! Number one is
WARFACE by Crytek
You can look for gface on google
Serious gaming PVE PVP no pay 2 win. But play 2 win! Beautiful made. The producers took all their time to make the PERFECT f2p shooter!

WARFACE don't forget and check it out ;)

DarkAdino 9 years ago
does this ever get a update????

Ur Mom 9 years ago
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D D: :P

Elijah 9 years ago
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Tom 9 years ago
No warframe?

shastha 9 years ago
Team Fortress 2 is just excellent and deserves its spot on the list ....better at spot 1

There are very few games which actually pay equality to the free and the premium users and TF2 is one of them with the best of class.I think it should have topped the list

iRuin_Voodeux 9 years ago
How in the hell is war thunder not on this list.

wtffff 9 years ago

a table 9 years ago
I am a table and i think that combat arms is better than those games
table :)

Lolzies 9 years ago
It took me about half an hour to read 1 10th of this forum! XD!

powbokill 9 years ago
its cool

Scottoldorph Robinson 9 years ago
Forgot to add blacklight retribution. Best graphics even though I had to lower them to stop freezing. I just wasn't very good at it.

Scortoldoph McGavin 9 years ago
I want a newer list, I see as my primary source for free fps games, I really want a newer list.

I've tried most of those games btw, here's my review.

Battlefield play4free was really really choppy, don't know why.

Alliance of valliant arms, though lower graphics was my favorite because on the Christmas gift level and the pyramid level I was usually a top player. They gave me a free MP5K (mp5K not mp5) that was great for close to medium distance headshots. And then on those levels I would sport an auto shotgun and fearlessly usually get an averadge of 6 or more headshots playing kinda fearlessly. I bet if they didn't give me a free mp5k I would not have enjoyed it as much.

APB reloaded doesn't work well for me, I expect it has too high of graphics. What I did like during my short play time was that I could use a car that looks like a black ford focus from the back, and I use to have a black ford focus svt.

Gotham City Impostors was cool, I was ok at it, but it was kinda choppy. Plus only one game mode seemed to work, I think the other game modes didn't have enough players?

Ghost recon is ok, it's very based around taking cover. But that's why I would use my recon's see people taking cover ability and run up behind them with a submachine gun. I enjoy the game from time to time.

The skiing in tribes ascend was cool but I havn't played it much.

Team fortress was ok, but I wasn't good at it.

Planet side just never worked on my PC.

the games I didn't list are those I havn't tried

anyways what I really wanted to say is I want a newer fps list from MMOBomb

michaelc2nd 9 years ago
I would love to play these free fps games but I cannot use the keys and mouse.I absolutely suck! Does anyone know if you can use a controller for these games and if not any tips on how to improve using the keys and mouse?Well actually I play on a laptop so I don't actually use a mouse but instead the mouse pad .Like I stated any suggestions will be very appreciated for a game lover that cannot get used to playing without a controller on console.

xelo 9 years ago

.357 9 years ago
From my experience, Tf2 is the best free fps game out of the shown games. If you want totally awesome fps you need to pay for it, like bf3 or bf4.

A DUDE 9 years ago
Gotham City Impostors and Americas Army 4 are the best ones.

jhkhuh 9 years ago
i have alll of this games ;)

mhmd hbete 9 years ago
it is the best hhhhhhhhhh

stergiospaok 9 years ago
com man!!!! battlefield? where is microvolts that is the best game shooters play that game have fun friends clan fight try play this game

Anikitos940 9 years ago
I think that S.K.I.L.L Special Force 2 is better that Allience of Valiant Arms (my opinion)

ijohsdaoihasda 10 years ago
how about all u guys be quiet? as bfp4f is actually crap

Mokujil 10 years ago
Planetside2 first ? ... I'd say, this game is not that great

jrcanonigo 10 years ago
nace men mmobomb

jimmyoh 10 years ago
Blazon I agree

jimmyoh 10 years ago
I got a 2 TB Computer :P

Blazon 10 years ago
I think that Planetside deserves to win.
My opinion: 1.Planetside 2
2.Tribes Ascend
But good list of best shooters :D

Baldking 10 years ago
if you want to play a FPS just buy a BF3 or BF4 you dont need to play this idiot games

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aserowjaefykslsjqwe 10 years ago

Name (Required) 10 years ago
The Arctic Combat site webzen says I have to download the game client to play Arctic Combat.And when I try to download it ,says AC game client is no longer available for download.What should I do to play the game?

c0d3r 10 years ago
What do you think of Nexon's Combat Arms?

Artrez 10 years ago
Tribes Ascend or Planetside 2 is better?

Sepkio 10 years ago
Ahhh Warframe much!!!!!!!

?????????? 10 years ago
havent played yet hopes its awsome -from- ?????????

rainbow dash 10 years ago
add zombie games

markgildore 10 years ago
I now

Fhacs 10 years ago
well... i can't believe 'm actually gonna say this. but, crossfire's cool!

Game Hous Gratis 10 years ago
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mommy nooooooooo! 10 years ago
I like the feel of BFH it reminds me of a game called offensive combat.

NateDawg 10 years ago
how do you play planet side it always tells me that i have to pay for an account

Renee 10 years ago
it reminds me alot of halo and battlefield. SOO IN! <3

william worth 10 years ago
Hmmm... In my honest opinion every game listed here and many, many, many more are horrible in all kinds of ways. The graphics blow and all of the content is boring (all the same crap that has been around for the past 10 years). I hate saying this I really do, but seriously... nothing is really pushing the edge as far as fps online is concerned. I want something fresh and jaw dropping! A game that is years ahead of its time and unfortunately there is nothing out there that is keeping me interested. I have tried every game on this list plus many more, and with all of them... I load it, install it, and play for about 15 min then hang it up only to uninstall it and go look for a better one. I'm caught in an endless circle of the same old S#%T different day syndrome. It is not because I suck, well I do suck, but years ago when this stuff was fresh and new I enjoyed it enough to be good at it. I can remember playing Medal of Honor Allied Assault for hours even days, long enough to become a melon popping bad ass with 0 deaths, 23 kills, and 16 head shots! I am so bored with games today that I just can't seem to want to play long enough to get good at them. I just finished Planet Side 2... I mean exactly that... FINISHED IT! I downloaded it, installed it and played it. All with in about a 1 hour period. I got a bad ass puter that I built for work ( Im a graphics designer) so it doesn't take long for me to download games off the wire. PLS2 is just the same as the rest of them. I don't have to even say what the game consists of because all you guys already know what its about (without even having to play it). I'm waiting for a programmer to step up to the plate and knock one to the damn moon! C'mon... somebody make something different, something fantastic that just plain KICKS ASS!

D3UCE 10 years ago
And MicroVolts this is a 2 best free shooter game on steam

Dr.Troll 10 years ago
LADIES, LADIES. I just read the whole faking page of a comment war. and from what i seen you guys can't accept other peoples opinions. i think Battlefield and Battlefield Heroes both good and suck. I have played both for at least weeks they both have cons and pros. for example Battlefield has a Pay2Win reference while Battlefield heroes has the good guns for real money while decent guns for in-game currency. If you guys want a game that really has all the normal armor and equipment weapons, etc.. without always paying real money. the winner is Ghost Recon: Online. thank you and have a good gaming life. :)

Asda 10 years ago

neo 10 years ago
I wish there was a star trek free first person shooters IF There is plz let me know

slender creeper= creepslender 10 years ago
Better planetside 2 free download from SOE company online too

Gilbert 10 years ago
And Warframe??

tanish 10 years ago
i have battlefield 4

tanish 10 years ago
so cool battlefield 4 i have is so so cool.

asu seneng ngencuk janda 10 years ago
rayimu cuk!, gateli gaple'i yo kon kabeh?? urip cuk, ojo dolanan muluk, koyok taek kon kabeh

robias 10 years ago
why dont you all get cancer

gtfo 10 years ago
lol internet drama. maybe its time we all put our computers down, and went to get some pussy.

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awc10 10 years ago

asd 10 years ago
Ma noobs

[141]Mr.Ghost 10 years ago
OK hi guys if any of you all here still play battlefield play4free add me i am currently a level 8 and my name is [141]Mr.Ghost in the game.

Random guy 10 years ago
Guys, just play bo2!!!

qwedddfgf 10 years ago
i wish if planetside 2 worked on my f*****g computer

Rex 10 years ago
HAWKEN!!! F2P open beta sooo sick!

20 hours of Ghost Recon Online 10 years ago
+ Your standard avatar doesn't look stupid

+ Your standard weapons upgrade with your avatar level, they may not be as perfect, but deal the same damage as any other similar weapon for your level

+ You will get the best available weapons for your avatar for trying them out a few rounds if you level up

+ You can level up fast even without boosters. I've made it halfway through already.

+ You will get level-up rewards and loot on your way, such as grenades and upgrades for your stuff.

+ Seems like if you perform very bad in a round, you get almost the same amount of Requisition Points currency as if you performed very good.

+ A maxed armor or weapon for your level will set you back $15 each, or nothing more than 25 hours of game time without boosters, I'd say.

+ Your equipment will be permanent

+ Game is still in open beta stage and development should be in progress.

+ You can use PayPal for payment.

+/- Highly team oriented, most of the time you have to stick with your squad for success. People usually do not utilize team speak much, though. Gameplay is simple and fast.

- You will be mixed against maxed avatars, in particular, you will face high powered sniper rifles killing you with one shot in the foot, and the guys who know every spot to misuse them.

- Persistence is an important part of this game, but half the Recons will usually not cover your back as they should and instead camp their favorite spots the whole match.

- Punkbuster can be tricked, and this is a F2P game. Expect some little immature pricks using ESP and no recoil hacks with their latest account, and to leave a match at times.

Stevie 10 years ago
Soldierfront 2 is a new f2p shooter comming out. When it does come out can we get a review and first look for it? I know its going to be on the top 10 f2p shooter game.

Horair 10 years ago
hey anybody tell me which game when you download it and connect it to a game server connect inseconds

High-Strike 10 years ago
I still say S4League... The most unique here.

WASSUPPPPPPP 10 years ago
. (read the username of this comment that is was up)

ChickenLovers_FF&%&%%$$!!!! 10 years ago
yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea aey aey aey aey aey aey aey thats is damn right ChickenLovers_XX45 (spell aey back wards im ChickenLovers_XX45 >:D)

ChickenLovers_XX45 10 years ago
Tribes ascend and Team fortress 2 are a pretty cool looking game! >:D

Mohamed yaseen t 10 years ago
I need top 10 offline multiplayer games like farcry 2...

Christan 10 years ago
what about Loadout?

Juan 10 years ago
And Hawken!?

shapoopy123 10 years ago
bfp4f is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dudes!!11 10 years ago
dudes you forgot CrossFire!! It has more than 5m players all around the world, and you forgot to put it? Good job!

list is bad 10 years ago
ghost recon online sucks and so does blacklight, so they should make some adjustments

Mike 10 years ago
Where is Warframe? It's a truly amazing game, and it has co-op. I believe that it's going to blow up soon.

wasd 10 years ago
A 3 year conversation.......

zulfiqar 10 years ago
and where is ARMA 2 FREE ?

HDbrando 10 years ago
A.V.A is the best free fps

childs room 10 years ago
Excellent post. I used to be checking constantly this blog and I am inspired! Extremely helpful info specifically the remaining part :) I take care of such info much. I used to be seeking this certain info for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

FallenSVK 10 years ago
What about Crossfire ? I played that game for long time and i think it is great game it have lot of content and great gameplay something like Counter Strike it have simple graphic but it is still unique.

Mixi113 10 years ago
Where is Army Rage? :o

Forsayken 10 years ago

TRUTH 10 years ago
K GUYS. just to make sure if you've been reading the comments on AVA, a while ago there was a transaction from ijji to aeria and around after that time there was a HUGE wave of hackers, but for a long time its been completely dealt with and there are little-to no hackers at all. If any, they are in co-op mode trying to cheat money or something, but there is also barely any of that. Ava is great, love zombie mode haha. So is planetside2. just people know

legocoolmaster123 10 years ago
these look like good fps games to play

Paolo 10 years ago
Hey do you think that Tribes ascend isn't lag that much in philippines?

Hamza 390 10 years ago
BFP4F has way better graphics but BFH is way easier and better.

BLAH 10 years ago

AI 10 years ago
This is a 2013 list of F2P? Are you kidding me. What a bullshit, its old years list.

Casey 10 years ago
Yo that Battlefield 4 Is sooooooooooooooooooooo the same as Wolfenstein enemy territory if you know what i mean

Kai 10 years ago
Tribes Ascend is kinda like halo right?

yarin 10 years ago
battlefield3 is the best ,i have the game and the battlefield4!!!

tuti 10 years ago
operation 7 shud be on there o_O

Billy 10 years ago
Play "warface". It is in Russian but has very good graphics.

Joshz_UltimaTM 10 years ago
How about S4 League? Anyone heard of it?

Mixi113 10 years ago
Try Army Rage - Its an FPS shooter game about the second world war!

Gyanbahadur 10 years ago
i want to play this game

-_Shane- 10 years ago
where crossfire?

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OnlineGameFace 10 years ago
6:35 they got a sniper with an assault rifle up there! xD

FlapJack 10 years ago
im getting tribes ascend cuz im not too good with super large maps like planetside2, but i still might give planet a try

nuffsaid 10 years ago
Contract Wars

POOP 10 years ago

Why APB Reloaded dont work for me 10 years ago
Why APB Reloaded dont work for me

haraku 10 years ago
i like play PS2 hahhahaha so fun

? 10 years ago
Am I the only one, tired of modern warfare and Sci-Fi shooters .

Dezmerez 10 years ago
Question how the hell did all of you go from being descent and talking about games to um how should I put it......Turning the forum into a Damn battle field? o.O BFP4F tried it Didn't like it BFH haven't tried should I try? Project Blackout on the other hand....If any of you want to get your ass kicked in a FPS game let me know, Download Project Blackout and we will throw down.

(I would and will kick all your asses at that game) And I just started playing it that's the bad part. XD

IHateMMOs 10 years ago
Battlefield P4F- absolute garbage,
Global Agenda- had some very cool elements, but went bland after if went free to play,
A.V.A- it's pretty fun, better then recent F2P shit shooters (Arctic Combat, Sin City, Born to Fire),
APB reloaded- fun, for maybe an hour, with friends, maybe day,
Ghost recon online- really fun game, very excited, too bad the downloader is f**d up and the devs aren't fixing it,
Tribes Ascend- fun for a certain crowd, I personally suck balls at it,
Blacklight retribution- crazy fun, been playing it since closed beta, and loving every second,
Team Fortress 2- do I need to honestly say anything? Fantastic (as always),
Planetside 2- Very fun, but Planetside 1 was more fun, as it had more innovation, but it's going to go free to play in June, so MMOBOMB's going to update their list. Suggestion: Get rid of Battlefield P4F.

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DynamoPhenix 10 years ago
Mhhhh Planetside2 is a good good game graphic is near of halo 3's graphic but and is a copy of [Halo] by microsoft because some vehicules are halo's vehicles and the carachters are near to be halo's carachters

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Ronaldo Putra P.s 10 years ago
trying to playing ghost recon lol its look good!

JASSIM 10 years ago

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NO 10 years ago

theot 10 years ago
Why isn't here a call of duty black ops 2??

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kickass12345678910 10 years ago
hey global agenda must be in place of team fortress 2 global agenda must be the second .what do you think guys?

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Griffin 10 years ago

xind 10 years ago
agree but switch planetside to second place and blacklight to first

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J 10 years ago
This list is incomplete and innacurate. How can anybody forget about Quakelive?

Nevve 10 years ago
hey, crazypenguin, never try ghost recon... because i was TRYING toplay it... but you have to wait about 30minutes for match, there is ''sahare'' no people is playing there.... that sucks

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crazypenguin 10 years ago
should i play ghost recon online?

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Vec1re 10 years ago
I have combat arms and blacklight retribution, i spent 30 dollars on combat arms.

I was wondering if i should delete blacklight and CA for planetside 2 since i don't want them to lag.

Please leave a reply

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Tank122 10 years ago
All I have to say about bp4f is that I find it totally awesome, thats what I think. Maybe you have to spend a few dollars but thats as much as I spent. I joined a clan and the community is awesome. I have the best guns and attachments and only bought 1 or 2 things. The rest I earned from sponsorpay, used codes, and got from the daily draw. Its getting boring for me because I'm at the highest level and I own everyone but I play once in a while cuz you can do many things and its fun.

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{MTX}Trollin 10 years ago
I like it how most of the arguments here are about BFP4F

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Radcircle 10 years ago
It's funny how a peaceful forum became a war zone.

PlanetSide2 Fan 10 years ago
Planet side 2... the best game i know till this second, you can play it alot, but it never get's boring, i tried much games, but planet side 2 - Perfect graphics, Team attack and defense, largest FPS battles i've ever seen... If you didn't tried PlanetSide 2 - TRY IT, you won't be dissapointed.
SOE, their idea of planet side 2 - is much people Dreamt idea... Much people Dreamed - If 1 day will appear game like Planet Side 2...

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EmanMY 10 years ago
Planetside 2 is best FPS game and I now still downloing it

Basso 10 years ago
Dont Try Ghost Recon Its So Bad many issue problem in the game Serivce ... Craches and more
to play a game you must wait like 30 mins to can play a m atch if you not have friend to make an
room that all its boring

LeCracker 10 years ago
blacklight got boring really fast, but while it wasn't, it was a good game.

ne0n420 10 years ago
tcorny you should try blacklight retribution

CornyCurls 10 years ago
My top 3 Rating in terms of game play enjoyment:
1) Gotham City Impostors - lots of gadgets, weapons and funny remarks
2) Planetside 2 - large map, plenty of bases to conquer, moderate amount of vehicles and weapons
3) Team fortress - moderate weapons but game play is great (no vehichles)

PC GAMER GRANFATHER 1985-2013... Asus Rampage IV / I7 3930K 3.20 HEXACORE / 32GB CORSAIR DOMINATOR/ NVIDIA GTX 680 SLI. 10 years ago

2 - Arma 2
3- Combat arm
4- Counter Strike


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Addrenaline 10 years ago
my graphic card is not working properly, wish i could run PS2 on full grapics, and had higher fps in blacklight retribution. and gothams impostors, this 3 games ROCK !
btw is that battlefield battlefield 3 online?

trololol 10 years ago
ava infection mode <3

dooodoooodododododooot 10 years ago
and what about Arma? that's not even a game, it's a military simulator!

Paolo De Ferrari 10 years ago
Team Fortress 2 ??? WTF .___________________________.

GanGirl 10 years ago
<3 Planet side 2 ... best game <3

Todd P 10 years ago
Battle Field is not really free to play. You play for free with your starter weapons and if you want any upgrades in the game you have to use real money. So if you want the crappy start weapons for free then feel free. Personally i do not know how it ended up number one unless someone is getting paid to do it.

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Alsk 10 years ago
uh....where's s4 league and GunZ? Cmon those two win on originality no matter how you look at it...well actually I guess they ARE third person shooters...

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No one 10 years ago
I think all you gamers should check out Soldner Secret Wars. Can not buy your way to fame. Wide free roam maps. Cars, tanks, boats, heli s, planes. Just at least check it out. BEST I have seen. And ALL free. Everyone has equal power at start of rounds. The better you play the more money you earn to use in that round. Next round. Same level start again. It started as a German game. But if all you here tht are standing up for their FPS goes and plays this. You will stay. Say Hi to Kahnman. Ill shot you a rocket or 10. If more US players come on,,,then more players at night. If you get on around 2pm Eastern time on weekends,,,,,,,,you will die enough. Plenty on then.
Good luck. Kill ya there the latest version v33920

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omg 10 years ago
this suck

TROLLZOR 10 years ago
A.V.A from all this game is the most AWesome game
Battlefield heros - Pay to win
Battlefield Free2Play - Pay to win
Global Agenda- Same
TF2- Fun game no need to pay to have fun
Ghost Recon Online- AWesome game you should play it
Gotham Impoasters- Funny and free to play only to PC
Planet Side 2- I'v played it not bat
APB RELOADED- :P for GTA lovers
BlackKnight - Very very awesome
Thank you for reading it :D Enjoy

Me Guesta 10 years ago
damngun is that G.R online FPS free huh?

M4t3 10 years ago
Hands down,any game on this list doesnt come close to Quake Live,if ur serious about gaming and competition. But then again it is clear why it isnt on this list. It is not a casual game.It requires some serious skills so it can be frustrating for the average/new players.

Its really funny reading these youngsters arguing :)

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Christen 10 years ago
Guys planet side 2 SUCKS. It sucks because half the people who like the game cant play it becuase it keeps saying my computer doesnt meet the requiredments to run planetside 2. I need like 40GB of memory, an NVIDIA video card, and a ASD Harddriv. Like, I dont even know what the hell that is?

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Battlefieldheroes 10 years ago
Why there is no Battlefieldheroes in top 10 free shooters its amazing!!

crazypenguin 10 years ago
battlefield play4free they need to fix the bug on it so piss off people invisible and appear with no guns like they going to hug you to death

TheElder 10 years ago
Wow , the 12-16 years FPS community at it's best, rage by all the kids that start crying when they are faced with a real problem, that pussy out when there is something Real to deal with, that only know THIS FPS IS SOOO good u all suck.. Haha parenting seems hard these days aint it.

CrYsS 10 years ago
In my opnion PlanetSide 2 it's a FAIL at this moment . I don't understand why it is Nr.1 , It's like a FAIL copy of HALO .

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shangtsung123 10 years ago
@better than all of you
Stop making fun of pc gamers and YOU go play mw3 or black ops 2
and tf2 is better than both of those games
so f*ck off

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MattAchU 10 years ago
finally tf2 is beaten!!

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Matthew 10 years ago
planetside 2 is so funny you can shoot a rocket right beside someones feet and they are still alive. lol

Better than all of You!!!!!!! 10 years ago
Just go out and spend the money on Black Ops 2 or MW3 and stop bitching......

Ryan 10 years ago
So much tension. Just stop arguing and play what you love... My God! Peoples views shouldnt decide what you like or play. Just go do it.

Peter Peter 10 years ago
What about M.A.T.(Mission Against Terror),MAT should be there its awesome!

crazypenguin 10 years ago
yea planetside 2 first, wow must of the game that were 2nd or 5th went up and down

littlecr0w 10 years ago
ok i had a problem with my computer after i downloaded planetside 2 im not sure if it was because of the game because it happend when the game started the update then my computer screen just went black and i couldnt fix it till the next day but i just wanted to know if anyone else had problems while they were downloading planetside 2 or while it was updating or somthing

cambamslam 10 years ago
well um lol

Jaime 10 years ago
battlefield play4free is the best!

StickyBucket123 10 years ago
is absolute force out yet :P

Chiongster 10 years ago
I suppose no one is touching Global Agenda since FireFall is coming out soon...

DaxTee 10 years ago
I believe planetside 2 should defintly be on this list

Biel 10 years ago
Where is FireFall , Planet Side 2 ?

mazeka 10 years ago
try ghost recon online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is the best free shooter in the world

rardo 10 years ago
number 1 should be FIREFALL!

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CZECH! 10 years ago
Battlefielad Heroes is 9 WFT Battlefield play 4 free is worst then Battlefield heroes!! :D

LiliannaXxx 10 years ago
Where's MicroVolts and Super,MNC?? D:

blabla 10 years ago
and World of Tanks

sven 10 years ago

Wakkakakiki 10 years ago
I really like blacklight rettribution. Blacklight have a really good graphics,gameplay and many more!.

noobLorD 10 years ago
i tested all but , i highly recomend ghost recon online , have only 5 map for now , but its a good gameplay , and funny..!! and GRO for me its more funny than the 10 free games up..

cacalips 10 years ago
TF2 is SUPER crap for babies.
1) The "humor" is just stupid animations cover by stupid sound bites that are not funny and mostly annoying. Sound off - other music from CD on.

2) The guns and game play is pure shit. Just look at it, an assault rifle does not exist in this game for a reason, they DO NOT WANT STRAIGHT AND ACCURATE SHOTS. It promotes chaos and spray and pray noob fest. That sounds ok, except one thing, you still ZERG the hall ways. And when a LITTLE strategy comes in, like an engineer, they have na OP spy class that cuts it off...and that ruins the brains of the game.
You can see this if you watch a movie and trace the patterns of group participation. In a tunnel, with little or or now cover, you are zerged and pinned down. NO SIDE is moving one way or the other. OK, here is the plan, put up an engineer to build while all the other classes cover. Got it? good! - so you start your plan and LOOK! it is slowly working! sure the engineer dies but he comes back and slowly your little nook is turning into an offensive push to smart game play but invisible and invincible spy comes in, destroys you and your gear and you are pinned in that corner, and the game is a STALE stagnant piece of turd.

3) GUns suck and lack creativity. They could have done things like spider spy cams, proximity mines, etc. Things that made other cheesy games classics. But no. They give you hats..

I could go on, but this list is pretty ugly

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robert 10 years ago
it is not leting me play battlefied play for free

dmr 10 years ago
i think battlefield p4f is good but it is sort of turning into pay 2 win but bf h is completly crap it takes more than 1 mag to kill someone and its pay 2 win. in bf p4f you can use the default weapons and do really good and iv been playing it since 2011 and it was great it still is great and i just dont like bf h its cartoony and i hate 3 perso shooters or shooter that u cant look through the sight exept for ghost recon and counter strike. sorry for the bad grammer and english i dont come from england i come from slovakia.

daidai 10 years ago
try war inc

Haxfore 10 years ago
Guys both of them are awesome BTF Normal and BTF Heroes are normal too so dont be Nervous on these who says one is better

zabisukex 10 years ago
Did mmobomb ever change this list.I am sure there a lots of fps better than these out there NOW!

GoldSoldier1 10 years ago


about 9 or 10 classes thats well cool!

ToPBoX 10 years ago

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Sam 10 years ago
tf2 is the best its really balanced and there tons of classes to choose from so pretty much theres a class or 2 that should fight your play style you can earn items you have to buy the items so the game isnt p2w theres been tons of content released for the game and i swear i havent seen any hackers yet and i've been playing for about 5 months

overall the game gets a 9/10 for me

thomasirfaan 10 years ago
an aslo army rage best game ever no hackers

thomasirfaan 10 years ago
wheres is sudden attack and spiceal force try them is best downlad ever

K RaBBiT 10 years ago
Where is america's army?

Totally free and no bullshit.

Nr. 1 on my list for 15 years.

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GoodJobDino 10 years ago
Tribes Ascend! Yes!

jose 10 years ago
battle feild is the bomb

this game sucks 10 years ago
this freaking game is one of the baddest game if ever playd >.> i think Be Gone is even better.....

DrctrzCut 10 years ago
Tribes:Ascend is da best...

Battlefield Play4Free 10 years ago
Sorry voor de typfouten

PS: Op Battlefield Play4Free heet ik shootmicah07, Micah4ever, ShootOnMe., mikethebest1 en shootmasterMIKE dus Add me!

Have Fun!

soapj 10 years ago
no ca sucks it use to be bomb when people could play but when the merged the game with steam nexon yet again fked things up now theres thousands of people that can play because of nexons shabby coding the mane problem is they do the matince they should take a little extra time after the patches to test it for bugs and what not before relasing it and keeping players off the servers due to errors.... and fyi BFH is increcably stupid its animated at the worst level its tps and the in game cash is useless. but BFP4F has lots of customization and you can actuly buy things with in game cash the down side is all the tank and jet noobs that suck soo bad fkn nooobs

Arnav 10 years ago
ok all of you shut up and say combat arms is the best

EverNeilus 10 years ago
Ah... Some good ol' Team Fortress 2... Spent a good 89 hours on that game. Tribes was also pretty fun, but hard to get good stuff at the start. I've just started playing Global Agenda... Not much to say about it actually. Barely got past tutorial. Never played any of the other games though, so thanks for this list. :)

joe G 10 years ago
New game called Offensive Combat ( is definitely better than some, if not most of these top 10s.

It is fast paced, fun, and no downloads required. The graphics are good and hilarious. I spent 25 hours in the past 3 days playing. Addicted....

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marshall 10 years ago
umm, what about arma 2, or are you guy's really that stupid.

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RonhillUltra 11 years ago
cmon... you seriously need to update your top shooter list. I dont know how can Team Fortress be the best free shooter, especialy now with Warface or Ghost Recon

EthanExx 11 years ago
None of these games are the best except APB reloaded

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stlazn 11 years ago
S4 LEAGUE 4 THE WIN!!!!!!!!!

EayteEayteFiv 11 years ago
Is this list going to be updated? Because if it is, I recommend Gotham City Impostors to be part of this list.

crazypenguin 11 years ago
maybe they should remove s4 league and put gunz in tenth place :D

crazypenguin 11 years ago
i want to play APB reloaded but when i play on my laptop it lag and i cant play on my computer it even worst

turfje 11 years ago
BFP4Free is one of the most annoying shooter ever online.
I have played all the BF series from Vietnam to BF3 and one thing im sure of is that BFP4Free is a poor copy of BF2.
Ok the graphics looks nice but the gameplay is so unrealistic.
For example : i place a claymore. a friendly comes and stands near it then shoots the claymore which will kill me but not anyone else at all.
This is goes for almost ever weapon, you can kill yourselve by accidently detonating a landmine (friendly) but only the person who placed it will die, nobody else !

And its infested with hackers and the community forum is run by a dictator called RICOH.

If you want to get your mind messed up play BFP4Free but i advise to stay away from any EA games espescially the latest ones because they use the .NET Framework which will degrade any system performance dramatically or even damage it !!!

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stromcloud 11 years ago
all game in here are free right??

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ShangTai 11 years ago
Where is FireFall??

dungleman 11 years ago
apb is best

stukadogg 11 years ago
i play BFP4F a lot, great game aslong as you play during school hours otherwise kids just argue over who is crap an who is a virgin and generally ruin it,

FYI KIDS: you can always spot the so called "noob", they are the ones calling others "noob" and ranting that they want to fly the "heli"


no_more_bullshiit 11 years ago
it s hard to find a good game on the internet: high requirements,money to pay,always sombody is better then you are,and you get bored game worth to spend money or to much time playing it.
All games suks if you are a player. If you are a developer,you take lots of money from naiv players.
Personaly i like Free to Loose games,all types : MMoRpg,Fps,Fantasy,Sy-fy,etc...
The best MMOFPS is : Don't read this message and get a real girlfriend !

zawtwo 11 years ago
Play warrock or counter stirke

infectedrule 11 years ago
I say combat arms is the best game

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Shelby 11 years ago
Sounds like people are basing too much emphasis on graphics and not on gameplay. Typical children. You dont care if you're playing shit just as long as its coated in chrome.

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john 11 years ago
best fps onilne is ghost recon online recently released.

hellyhhhhhhhhh 11 years ago
its poo bf play for free haha wat a joke if you have psn add me xXVIP_ZOMBBIEeXx

Adam 11 years ago
What about Uberstrike-how would you grade that?

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Zee 11 years ago
Funny how people say ''THIS GAME IS SHIT'' well we don't need your stupid opinion about it. Just stop typing and move on to the next game. Otherwise go outside and play football or stay home and play barbie for the rest of your life. Got a complain? .............. Kill yourself. MMO at least showed you some of the FPS games that are free unlike the one you HAVE to buy at gamestop or other places.

APB 11 years ago
apb reloaded
in 2# place
no way

Player 11 years ago
Team fortress 2? #1!?! these guys have no taste in games!!!

Vege 11 years ago
Wow. Look at the "APB Reloaded" 's description's end: "If you like non-stop action, this is the one.". If you like NON-STOP ACTION? The game has an every 5-minutes kick-out out of the server script, as an anti-hack. What a losers.

Hello1234 11 years ago
Arctic combat is best !! CBT Comig soon
It will start from Aug 22nd ~ Sep 2nd (GST, PDT) / Aug 23rd ~ Sep 3rd (GMT)

Name (Required) 11 years ago
Mehhhh I personally prefer games like Blacklight: Retribution cause this game is just amazing, amazing graphics and gameplay. Though I don't understand why a game like team fortess 2 is on the top of the list when there are LOT more AMAZING fps games out there

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ryan 11 years ago
combat arms is the best co op game i have played and mulitplayer. why just fireteam?

Zee 11 years ago
Me, I wasted 50 dollars on cOmbat Arms... but damn I'm stupid. Combat Arms has more hackers then AVA, combat Arms has the worst hackershield Pro ever. Wanna know how they get hacks? Nexon SELLS the hack to them. For FireTeam ONLY. But People wanna use it on other players but really they just get banned.

evilencore 11 years ago
awww Team fortress is nice, but i wonder why AVA doesnt work out in the Asian region? unlike Blackshot and CSO....Sudden Attack and crossfire.. all did pretty well in SG and MY region.

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CaptainFox77 11 years ago
I played those Battlefield games and disliked them because they didn't really represent the classic Battlefield games that well, my top choices are Black Light Retribution and Tribes Ascend, those games are very fun and the transaction models used do not make the game pay to win, and almost all of your gear is unlocked through levels or in game credits.

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cyberwat 11 years ago
I would love it if they could update this list. I also personally believe that TF2 and APB should not be the top 2. In my opinion, TF2 has unique graphics, but not good enough to get my attention. APB, I think, shouldn't be as the second top shooter. It is riddled with hackers. If they were gone and GamersFirst could make it an actual free to play instead of pay to win, I would actually maybe agree that it should be on this list. Also because of the new games that are coming out/came out, this list should definitely be updated.

SoldierofGod 11 years ago
Shoot games are the most stupid game ever.
because it is not difficult.
everybody how playing shoot games.
I suggest to play MMORPG games.
MUch difficulter than shoot games.
And more fun.
Runescape is also good and Metin2.

Of niet GokuNL/MJ

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arber 11 years ago
Wolfteam should have definitely been in that list

DarkMutant 11 years ago
please update list i want to see new ones

Jarlaxle 11 years ago
Where's Hellgate? Love that game.

Jacob 11 years ago
Had some hope in combat arms, and then I saw that most of the available equipment had to be bought with real cash. Then I got into a game and spent most of it trying to figure out how to aim down the sights. Apparently, combat arms soldiers are not trained in the skilled art of lining up a hole
and a tiny little blade(aka iron sights). Then I got killed from across the map by a knife. Again. And again. Its safe to say that im never going to play that trash again.

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ALLOW 11 years ago
whether all these games online.....?

Darkwatch 11 years ago
Why Is Team Fortress 2 At The Top Of All These Lists, I Personally Believe The Game Is Shit, I Really Dont See Whats So Good About It?

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Yury 11 years ago
1.Blacklight retribution
3.Tribes Ascend

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omargamer 11 years ago
i created my account to say: Who created this list surelly didnt play S4 LEAGUE !! because it's the best MMOSHOOTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dextronaut 11 years ago
tribes ascend is a great game. it gets 10/10 on a bunch of reviews, not that that matters but once you get good at it it's really fun. didnt take me too long to master, if you suck after a week of playing then you just suck at fps' in general. its like Halo+battlefield

big ass maps, 32 player matches, skiing, its great

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Egypt 11 years ago
you not add this and this game is top online games and number 1

plz add it if you like it and players like it

any player go see this game vote here in Comment

War Inc. Battlezone

War Inc. Battlezone

War Inc. Battlezone

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axel 11 years ago
ive been looking at a every thing from mmorpg and i love it im wan of their biggest fans in the hole wide universe i play woi that war of the immortals and perfect world even dc univese combat arm brick force the videos from youtube that they show all the video game of the week and yes i do play world of warcraft and i play alot more of your online games im going to be searching of your games to download

thunder knight 11 years ago
game combat arms so baaad game the game blackshot so nice

UltimateGamer 11 years ago
Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield Play4Free are different.
Battlefield Heroes:
Based in WW II
Modern and WWII type of weapons
European maps
2 factions; Royal and National
Has jeeps, tanks, and planes

Battlefield Play4Free:
Based on a modern war
Today's weaponary
Middle Eastern maps
2 factions; Russian and American
Has humvees, tanks, helicopters and jets

High-Strike 11 years ago
I still say S4 League but you don't care so... meh

MrBoBo 11 years ago
global agenda is very complex game for pepole

Bombom 11 years ago
Sorry guys to say this but both of them are rubbish. Belive me, I've played both of them for a long time and it's really pay2win. It was long ago, in closed/open beta when battlefie play4free wasn't a hard pay2win, but now it is. To buy a decent weapon you have to play a lot. You get 60 C on wins and 30 C on loss per game. How many games do you have to play to buy a permanent decent weapon that cost around 90.000 C? 1500 games if you win all of them. So my advice is don't bother with EA "free2play" games. When you'll get that weapon they will nerf it and bring some other new weapons and so on. Plus the fac that to get an armor boost or grenade boost cost you a lot.

Old Man 11 years ago
Okay all of you quit crying over which battlefield is better, battlefield 1942 owns everything single one of the other battlefields.

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Hello 11 years ago
Arctic Combat !!! Epic game !!! :D

killboy333 11 years ago
mate shut up about battlefield p4f and battlefield heroes is really annoying bfp4f is good game but u have to pay the guns but bf heroses just look crap and kidish the best are apb relouded because is really fun but the space is qiut a lot but if u have crap grapics put it low grapics

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bomb!!! 11 years ago
crossfire should be third

IHateMMOs 11 years ago
Battlefield Play4Free? Combat Arms? APB Reloaded? In the same list as TF2, Tribes Ascend and Blacklight Retribution? I don't think so. I'll be ok with Global Agenda, even that anime game S4, but BFP4F, Combat Arms, and APB Reloaded are some of the worst F2P shooters to this day.

High-Strike 11 years ago
S4 League for me is NUMBER 1!
IMO S4 League differs from these shooters
plus I love the feel of wall jumping and flying and dashing and dodging and the anime feel of it so for me S4 League's my shooter

misterpogi 11 years ago
how to have coins in tf2

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ameerhsn123 11 years ago
team fortress 2 is the best

djmax7400 11 years ago
are any of these games online multiplayer games

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AquaJD 11 years ago
Guys, Battlefield Heroes is probably the best shooter i've ever played. Battlefield Play4Free was made by the same people but is not the same. It's just an Online Multiplayer version of Battlefield. Battlefield Heroes is my favourite shooter so far apart from War Inc. Battlezone. War Inc. Battlezone has TPS and FPS, you can switch between them in-game. :D I prefer TPS so you can see around corners. Hope this helps.

Fatekiller 11 years ago
LOL whoever made the Tribes Ascend vid is pro..... killed the others like nothing

zek 11 years ago
ABP Reloaded is a best game

Romeo Castro 11 years ago
sanctioned renegades any1? i prefer ud have skype :> no chat!

salman 11 years ago
where's COD?

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Lets end this =P 11 years ago

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Gareshendow Yin Shovocnic 11 years ago
i download the game and made my 2 soldgers and when i click play now it dose not even load
wt do i do if now 1 answores i will delet it from my pc i have no time for crap i'm tired of look ing for and good freee 3 person shooter ! ffff

Rusty Naps 11 years ago
Tribes Ascend is probably the funnest shooter I have ever played. Never rage quit once and even with my ass getting kicked 20 times with only 5 kills I had the best experience ever on a video game. If anyone is hesitant because it seems pay to win it isnt. You just need to learn how to use your weapons efficiently and with the steep learning curve of the game it takes alot of practice. Play as pathfinder and get used to mid air shooting with a spinfusor and you can own even the toughest heavy armor class, The DoomBringer.

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combat arms 11 years ago
combat arms should be at least at the top 3 dont belive me then play it

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SakuyaFM 11 years ago
"Combat Arms features great balance, a ton of content, and is plain fun to play"

Fire your writing staff. That's a complete sodding lie, and everyone knows it.

DAM187 11 years ago
I know everyone has their opinions about what FTPs are awesome, but I keep playing TF2 no matter what even when players piss me off the game itself I love. TF2 should be at least No.2 hands down. Valve is a great company that tries to satisfy its customers unlike EA. I tried BH and had plenty of problems,but when I tried to get help from Support there was nobody there. Trust me between the two-choose Tf2 less headaches.

APB:Reloaded is more than a shooter. It is a FTP game similar to GTA and Saints Row. Most accused hackers are just Gold members playing on Bronze lvl servers (so they aren't hackers). It is a steampunk type game.

S4L si unique, but similar to Gunz. I would play it, but it has problems with hackers as well. So I don't play it even though my friends do.

The Game everybody should check out is Blacklight Retribution. This game blends the great stuff in GRO (Ghost Recon) and TF2. High potential, great weapons, easy lvling and everybody can buy a Mech suit (something you can't get in every freetoplay). I still play GRO because the abiltiy to sprint and space equals sliding across ground, but BR gives every soldier the oracle ability you get as Recon in GRO. If I had to pick between GRO and BR-I'll take BR. Besides GRO is just a Free version of Future Soldier. If you got the 60 USD buy GRSF instead of playing GRO.(You'll thank me for it)

gslack 11 years ago
TF2 is a Steam/Valve game, and has been around a whole heck of a lot longer than BFH, and has had and continues to have one of the largest playerbase of ANY FPS out there. BFH was EA's attempt to capitalize on the popularity of TF2 while using their own license. The10 gig download is due to the fact its a Source engine game, the same engine which runs Half life 2, Counter-Strike Source and numerous other games including Combat Arms. Its a very large engine which has its own physics and particle systems as well as the large amount of content that comes with such a popular and long running game.

Simply saying Its like BFH is like saying Diablo 2 was just like the multitude of similar games that came out after it. It may be factual but its neither accurate nor sensible. Its not like BFH, BFH tries to be just like TF2.

sdfsdfsdf 11 years ago
Battlefield P4free and battlefield heroes=pay to win crap. they din't make free gear since...they made the game. evry time only cash shop items. and you can only RENT free gear( that sucks anyway).

TF2 i s same as battlefield heroes, except you have to downloud like 10 wow + all add-ons has less

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Bacon? 11 years ago
Tribes rate of experience (the free corr currency) is soo slow it almost makes me cry, i mean, u need to play a month before u even unlock all the classes, not even starting to talk about guns. it took me 2 months to unlock a single gun, and then i discovered is sucks. now WTF am i supposed to do?
so it may not be pay 2 win because u can get just about everything if you're a free player, but it'll take u years

Doombringer 11 years ago
Tribes: Ascend is an amazing game!!! Too bad my computers so slow :( some people say the new purchasable weapons are making it pay 2 win, but I hope they aren't D:

Rufinus 11 years ago
10. S4 League -hackers
9. Battlefield Heroes - laggs alot
8. Combat Arms - hackers
7. Alliance of Valiant Arms - always have a big ass update and takes long to download
6. Battlefield Play4Free - maps are way to big cant find anyone plus you die to fast after getting shot.
5. Blacklight: Retribution- pay to win
4. Global Agenda: Free Agent - getts boring when you reach lvl 25. after 25 a bunch of repeatables till lvl 50
3. Tribes Ascend - wtf with all the flying around and the small ass looking characters. its like trying to shot a fly.
2. APB Reloaded - do i have to even say it. HACKERS
1. Team Fortress 2 - only game i have no problem with. maybe thats why its number one

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blackshot 11 years ago

helal 11 years ago
combat arms eu its full better dan combat arms combat arms eu have plase nummer 1

Shadow2 11 years ago
I agree with most of the list (although i think AVA should be a bit higher up and all) the only thing a completely disagree with is APB being second. first of all - this game has an awful amount of hackers, just about every 2nd game there's at least 1 hacker (not as bad as combat arms.... and yet)

anyways... if i could've rearrange the list i would've kept TF2 the best (u can't argue with that game...) but i would've made Blacklight retribution 2nd. it may be new but it's undoubtedly one of the best f2p games i've ever met. Tribes would've been the third, not 2nd just because it's much much harder to master then any other shooter i've ever played.
in my opinion BFP4F is 4th , it's quality and graphics may not qualify for this place, but just because it's browser based and so much fun (especially with it's newest patches) it's worth it. all the rest... well i couldn't care less LOL
*sry for the long post, this note is just to take up more space XD

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Shadow2 11 years ago
I agree with most of the list (although i think AVA should be a bit higher up and all) the only thing a completely disagree with is APB being second. first of all - this game has an awful amount of hackers, just about every 2nd game there's at least 1 hacker (not as bad as combat arms.... and yet)

anyways... if i could've rearrange the list i would've kept TF2 the best (u can't argue with that game...) but i would've made Blacklight retribution 2nd. it may be new but it's undoubtedly one of the best f2p games i've ever met. Tribes would've been the third, not 2nd just because it's much much harder to master then any other shooter i've ever played.
in my opinion BFP4F is 4th , it's quality and graphics may not qulify for this place, but just because it's browser based and so much fun (especially with it's newest patches) it's worth it. all the rest... well i couldn't care less LOL
*sry for the long post, this note is just to take up more space XD

gerben 11 years ago
no project blackout =[
look to it XD its great game!!!

Leofour 11 years ago
How come this list doesn't have Firefall?

christn 11 years ago
Playing the Warface beta like a bauss :D

LOLOLOL 11 years ago
if u played SuddenAttack its stupid they only make nice versions of M4,AK and TRG .

t1nheaded 11 years ago
any chance the Blacklight: Retribution open for disabled regions like South Korea???
I want to play this game really really bad!!!!!!!

Gamer 11 years ago
Battlefield play4free is best fps forever

Bilal 11 years ago
bfh and bf pay for free they bolth are big diffrent

person 11 years ago
Why isnt War inc. Battlezone here

Anony 11 years ago
Firefall beats out all those imo...

Derek1117 11 years ago
1 word 2 discribe APB "SniperShoot Gun" who played the game know what i mean....

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LMAO 11 years ago
apb reloaded is just lag and i went on it last week and yet i have under 15 fps and i have fast internet and good laptop so basically apb would kick all games ass well some if there was no lag and the games been out for months so f*ck gamersfirst they r shiitholes

fkoskfgor 11 years ago
was about to install team fortress 2 then i realised it takes 11 hours it said to download so f**k installing it

ZAB 11 years ago
I used to own in Combat Arms, but I left because in that game you get kicked for being good (I'm not lying) when you are in an elite(paying user) room, or you just get doomed by hackers (fly/speed/aimbots/wallhack) if you go in normal rooms.
Now I'm in Battlefield Play4Free, because I already played BF2 a lot, and I can continue the ownage now.

wow noobs 11 years ago
You guys are NOOBS!

anyways Project blackout is best... :D

NinjaStylle 11 years ago
The best games for me :)
TF2 and A.V.A. :)
If anyone wants to play with me find me on steam-profile NinjaStylle

a 11 years ago
otakucho. you are hte only sane person in here. props. cheers

zapadnik 11 years ago
Where is Blacklight: Retribution?

TheEggmo 11 years ago
Team Fortress 2 first, not big surprise...

andre 11 years ago
Team Fortres 1° all times

Me 11 years ago
Where the f*ck is Blacklight: Retribution ?

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trome 11 years ago
both bfh and bfp4f are pay to win games

otakucho 11 years ago
most of these games are hack fests... Honestly I have NO idea how apb made it where it is after initially being shut down and about to get scrapped before being picked up by G1. Even after G1 picked it up the game is still garbage, nerfed the customizations, nerfed the guns (except the LTL Enforcer, I almost swear they made it stronger then when RTW initially published the game) , and the hacks just got worse and are even advertised ALL over youtube... I mean APB went from a game that had potential to a pure hack fest, same with most of the games listed here.

Plus this was written back in april 2011, isn't it rather early to make a "games to play in 2012" before Q2?

Blacklight Retribution, if fixed and worked on properly and not destroyed like just about every other game published by PWE, will blow about 10/11 of these games out of the water.

Crimecraft should have a way higher spot then 11th... Crimecraft > APB just due to the overall gameplay, graphics may not be up to par but there's so much more to do in Crimecraft then in APB.

(Any fps game released post 2010 without ADS shouldn't even be listed.. )

Crossfire = Counterstrike 1.6 and a half...
Project Blackout = Counterstrike Kinda sorta source.
Global Agenda = GARBAGE.
AvA = Hackfest,
Combat Arms = Hackfest (hax also advertised all over youtube),
BF Heroes attempted to become a TF2 Clone and FAILED,
BF P4F = GARBAGE, its like they totally took a crap on the entire BF series up until that nonsense was released.
S4 League is probably the ONLY game up here that is really worth playing anymore especially with the latest updates. Only main downfail with S4 is the lag issues and that most people that play it can't seem to speak english or understand english properly to play in their own region's servers to attempt to prevent the lag issue (since S4 NA got cancelled).

This list is crap, especially with most of these games being pretty much exactly the same and heavily cash shop driven...

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man 11 years ago
hey is it just called battle field?

Derek1117 11 years ago
Funny Team Fortress 2 is 1st yet i deleted it because i was bored of it o ready same maps same actions same tricks 2 kill ppl with spy,pyro,sniper and so on i wanna try some new kind of FPS i heard half the games in here like AvA,Cross Fire and Combat arms have lots of laggers any good games 2 play ummmm maybe micro volts

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Michael 11 years ago
Combat Arms should be removed from the top 10 list due to the lack of decent customer service and the fact hackers rule that game

SilentM4 11 years ago
Add Repulse, it is a very good fps

Cookieboy 11 years ago
I heard that BattlefieldPlay4Free has tons of viruses that EA doesn't want to do anything about.

Jin 11 years ago
APB sux !!!! dont download

Jin 11 years ago
APB is realy good ? i play BF P4F anb BF Heroes

Trololololol 11 years ago

wont tell 11 years ago
nothing is better than MAT missin againste terror

clawedfox 11 years ago
ok, now what type of person adds team fortress 2 as number 1 in top 10 free shooter games. i mean thats just sad right there, team fortress has the worst graphics ever and its so unrealistic. combat arms should have been up in about 3rd - 4th place but seriously?!!!! team fortress should be in 10th!!!!!!!!!

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Someone ^^ 11 years ago
What about microvolts online ? :O

pwner_TOPGUY_pwn 11 years ago
battlefield is awesome. i tried it.

Dantiko 11 years ago
Not wanting to be negative or anything like that,MMOBOMB, create another page of coments, this page is lagging too much because of numerous comments, just create a page 2, or 3...

s4ngh3ili19 11 years ago
you guys should do a new BF p4f video

lol 11 years ago
you forgot to add a game, Microvolts!

mmobombmmobomb 11 years ago
all AVA needs to get me to play it is the ability to use rly bugs me when u cant!
every1 shud also try blacklight retribution

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Dantiko 11 years ago
They should do a top 10 paid shooter games, available for other consoles like PS3 and Xbox, of course there would be a problem with COD:MW3 and BF3, but no problem, of course they wouldn't waste their time doing it, also APB Reloaded is nice because you can drive cars, it's bad because you can't interact too much with someone that isn't in a mission with and against you.

chris 11 years ago
i never plaid this game befor is it good

DarKKaramel 11 years ago
BAttlefield Play4Free is sooooo much better now that they listened. You can buy guns permanently with BFs and Credits, also there is now weapon customization.

--- 11 years ago
Battlefield play4Free is the free version of Battlefield 2

MKnance 11 years ago
I would like to see a free to play version of homefront

aakil 11 years ago

Ghost Recon online 11 years ago
It's in Beta Version!

Arnis 11 years ago
Blackshot better for all this games..

Troubleman 11 years ago
Battlefield Heroes isnt free, nearly all items are Cash items, including weapons, cosmetic changes, even one-use healing items.

It was once more like 50/50 but somewhere they changed it to nearly all Cash Items, so its just a trial mode game, with no subscription option.

cartoon 11 years ago
so cool

MySelf 11 years ago
i would put Project Blackout and S4 higher up and TF2 not on it at all and battlefield i would remove 2

Gaki 11 years ago
Great list, my only complain is Global Agenda, in my opinion that game doesnt deserve to be in the top 10.

AVA Player 11 years ago
Don't play Alliance of Valliant Arms.
The scenarios arent fair
Hackers are now coming
You get banned for no reason
Although it was a good game... i suggest you not to install it.
In a couple of months it will be filled with hackers now that there are hackers...

Zing 11 years ago
Where is wolf Team?

Nate 11 years ago
BFP4F Is a download or play-on-site game?


Ben 11 years ago
why team fortress is #1???? get it down!!!

WarGoddess 11 years ago
and basttlefield play4free is nothing like battlefield heroes are u nuts one is cartoon and u sit on the win of a plane and shoot in battlefield heroes one is more hardcore war based one is not

Enbf 11 years ago
Combat arms over project blackout i think not?

Moeezy 11 years ago
Y the F*** is team fortress number one ???? i think combatarms is even better than that lol the only thing i hate about combatarms is that 85% of the game is hackers!!!!!!

EliteBostock 11 years ago
Battle Field Play4Free Ftw is awsome i recomend trying it! :D

AVA Pro 11 years ago
AVA is the best game i ever played it has good graphics a zombie mode and some modes like in COD (hope u guys like it my name is Hassan32 if u ever meet me)

SirAndraxTheNaughty 11 years ago
Looks good to me. I've played alot of CoD4 and unfortunately I cant play it in my laptop and my silly internet connection. It's really a great game and most shooters that are more popular around here have crappy graphics and boring gameplay. *ahem*like crossfire*ahem* I'm sure it has positive points but when I watch people play it it's just dumb when they respawn at the same place, run to a choke point, kill a few people, and die. So I've been under the impression that most online shooters are like this and I've had an aversion against them ever since. I've played BFH and they're really just ignoring it. It's like they're thinking they can leave a half assed game on the market and expect it to fetch them a payday. I mean it's been beta for 3 years or so and it still doesnt have a lobby. I'm downloading TF2 right now though. I've had a bit of an aversion to it because it looks like BFH and for some strange anti-fetish for TF. It looks good though, I see alot of people are doing it. I hear alot of people mentioning minecraft and TF2 and though my strage aversion to over popular games, I'm giving TF2 a chance.

P.S. Wow... for some reason TF2 doesnt have that red underline on it when you type a non-dictionary word... Is it THAT popular? O.o

Yoshi 11 years ago

no seriously...

f'''' you nexon.

Jackmang 11 years ago
APB reloaded should be first, but the amount of ram it sucks up and lag it sometimes throws for no reason kicks me off the wheel.
You try killing someone when the game freezes for 1 second (or less).
That is enaught to take a couple critical hits and die. (not literally "Critical" hits.)

But yes, chewing up 1.5 gigs of ram is not that cute, especially when you got a laptop with integrated graphics that already suck up 1 gig or even more, depending on graphic level.

Jaded 11 years ago
APB is the only one I have to vehemently disagree with. While customization is excellent the game itself is very lacking in content.

Zalor 11 years ago
If Firefall, Tribes Ascend, or Blacklight Retribution don't top this list than I'll know for sure Valve is paying people off to hype up TF2.

m 11 years ago
hey they should add ( wolfteam ) to top10 its amazing ..

TheGamer 11 years ago
TF2 sure deservers the first place,its fun,have a nice team work and who says that is bad is because cant kill anybody,i play free and i killed a lot of players,the only difference between premium and f2p is the experience,because who played after knows how to play,and i prefer TF2 than any BF our others shooters that are a copy of each other,at least TF2 have team work not "lone-wolf" style based that make any game suks

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gilder 12 years ago
heh good

rainmkd 12 years ago
TF2 on top where it should be

purewitz 12 years ago
In my opinion Battlefield Heroes is the number 1 online shooter. I've been playing it since I got into the closed beta test back in July of 2008. Team Fortress 2 comes in at a very close 2nd though. Then would come Global Agenda, then APB, then Battlefield Paly4Free, then Crimecraft, and then S4. The rest are crap copies of Counter Strike.

wwoooooot 12 years ago

Vanquish 12 years ago
I can't agree about 1st and 2nd places, tho this are the games I would put there but not in that order.
I think that APB is an amazing game, of course it deserves the 2nd place, but on the other hand, TF2 is also an amazing game, its special because its more animated and has more classes and so on, but I find the game less F2P than P2P, because if you play TF2 as a F2P player, you will find it harder to play and win against other players, most of 'em will be premium as if they were playing the game before F2P.

Unda 12 years ago
Crimecraft is way better then APB, and most of this list.

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Lich 12 years ago
i think A.V.A should be #1

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bf109k6 12 years ago
battlefield play4free is the best FREE FPS available others FPS I saw like CROSSFIRE, COMBAT ARMS, ALLIANCE OF VALIANT ARMS ARE ALL SCAM.

bf109k6 12 years ago
battlefield play4free is the best FREE FPS available others FPS I saw like CROSSFIRE, COMBAT ARMS, ALLIANCE OF VALIANT ARMS ARE ALL SCAM, and BULLSHIT

prosterguy 12 years ago
APB Reloaded SUCKS!!! I always loose and i can't get a single kill its cuz the gun is shaking and my computer jammed a little :( they shouldnt do that shaky shaky thing

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secret 12 years ago
APB the best team fortres 3-rd

Asur 12 years ago
Where is WARROCK

mattman 12 years ago
what the f** i read they cant inculde wolf team cause its old combat arms is older then wolf team. wolf team came out in 09. combat arms 08

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Matthew 12 years ago
Well, Global Agenda is actually a great game. It's got a totally different theme, and it pulls it off just fine. I bought that game a year ago or so.

As for APB:R... Love the game, but it's a broken game, to tell the truth. It's also got some of the most hated business methods (e.i. rented weapons, power to the payer, etc).

nohart 12 years ago
global agenda has no place in this top , is the lamest and booring game ever
tf2 no.1? u gotta be kidding , give back to APB what he deserves

Joey 12 years ago
Uberstrike is cool too!

ghostsai234 12 years ago
Hahahahahaha! Team fortress is the best F2p shooter? Man, I needed a good laugh today.

lameass 12 years ago
well from my point of view
operation 7 is my fav fps game of all time

Detry 12 years ago
They should really add TF2!!

duyduyduykg 12 years ago
APB is suck PB play to much is boringgggg

Gabriel 12 years ago
I think Arma 2 Free... should be now in the List in a GOOOD Place... is free, but really and completetly free, dont have cash shop or anyting, in extreme realistic, very good gameplay, Massive Multiplayer, can make your own missions... and they even let you have your own server for free, they gift you de server client... o.O

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thisgamesucks 12 years ago
LOL shouldnt be top 12?!

stop arguing battlefield P4F is actually pretty cool....AVA is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better though
and micro volts if u like TPS

hzsekv1usl 12 years ago
ava should be number 2

nwu3u2oaj0 12 years ago
These days,

Crossfire = moderate amount of hacks (not soo bad)
BFP4F = I've only seen 2 hackers in 2 months on this game...
Combat Arms = Seriously... Hackers everywhere that ruin the game, a support ticket was leaked where Nexon unbanned a hacker after he promised to pay more cash for in game currency... so As far as I'm concerned CA is NOT an fps, NOT a real game and Nexon ISN"T a real enough company to care about anything but money...

ujae9c91 12 years ago
time to update TF2 in

FerritinCRO 12 years ago
Team Fortress 2!!!!!!!!!!!

w00dChuck 12 years ago
Am I the only one who realizes several errors in this article? Does MMOBomb even have an editor?

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kt8uwckgej 12 years ago
I play Micro Volts, Both Battlefields and APB Reloaded and I found BFP4F and APB are the best
hope this helps

QQ FOR PEW PEW 12 years ago
Ghost recon online / a.a [i currently play] /Combat arms doesnt deserve to be on the list to many hackers and Artic battery i am waiting for.

Matthew 12 years ago
Some of this is messed up... Combat Arms is horrible; It's populated by hackers, without an exaggeration. Battlefield Heroes is a pretty poorly made game... Crimecraft and Microvolts should be in the top five somehwere, honestly, but I do agree with the top two completely. I bought them both when they were retail.

Kåre 12 years ago
Kudos to All Points Bulletin: Reloaded for getting first place on the list. :)
It is certainly doing a lot better in the hands of GamersFIRST then how it was with Realtime Worlds.
And Battlefield: Play 4 Free is fun.
Don't know why people complain.
I mean, you can actually play the game without the need to buy either weapons or clothes.

Gilbert 12 years ago
Which will be adding the best: Ghost Recon Online!!

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Alex 12 years ago
Dunno what people have against BF:Play4Free. See, you have a completly free game with a lot of players, a filled item shop (I spent 10 € for bf play4free to support ea a bit) and pretty nice maps. The game balance is okay. IT'S FREE damn.

APB Reloaded is cool. Unreal Engine was the best choice for APB. I love playing this game.

Délishuss 12 years ago
S4 league is life !!!! gameplay and team play are so great and realy nice comme intoo french server if u want meet the best ;)

skyle 12 years ago
NO WAY cf is in top 10 !!!!!!! i was playing it for 2 years & left it becoase of hackers. EVEN AFTER PATCH GAME HAVE HACKERS. there was a patch 2 weeks ago & some hacks still working(my friend using 1 hack for 5 months now). I wont give cf place in here coz of programists failure to create a good anti hack protection. Alsou i play apb reloaded & alsou dont whont give it place here coz of programists irresponsobility to create such a simple stuff like: remove lags, make a good team ballance (stuff like 1vs2;1vs3;1vs4 is getting booooooring) repair their bug report system. But apb is just an obt so i realy do hope they will fix all that stuff in this month

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bpa664 12 years ago
Whoever wrote the text about APB Reloaded obviously hasn't played the game.
Gamersfirst didn't add a new district nor any clan-based combat mechanics yet.
Though it's a good game and deserves to be on top!

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viktor 12 years ago


even premium account is only few bucks< everybody can spend few bucks if needed. :)


+18 ; )

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josh 12 years ago
Gamers first bought a great game from a bad company, however they are greed mongels, and they scam you, I personally spend $200.00 + and randomly after I spent their G1 I was banned for hacking .... I requested to see the .exe or even a screenshot or a video or even the name of said hack.
1) if my kids used it, they never play again
2) if its a virus I want to remove it
3) if its G1 scamming money in hopes I will sub a new account, lawsuit pending.
its a good free shooter !

Aimbots_suck 12 years ago
A.V.A is WAAAAY better than BF P4F!!!!!
Battlefield play 4 free is like a more adult version of BFH (battlefield heroes)
and some of the maps are the same!!!!
its what happens when u make a play 4 free game from a hit fps.

fruckfruitnut63 12 years ago
I don't get why Global Agenda is an MMO Shooter. To me Global Agenda was a Sci-Fi MMORPG with shooting components. I mean, you do quests, raids, etc. Maybe it's just the fact that it's not lobby based. It just seems like a MMORPG to me! :P

hanseno 12 years ago

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Danteska 12 years ago
BF Play4Free > A.V.A. Excuse me... WHAT?

Raffasylo 12 years ago
Where is blackshot.....One os the best free fps games out there fo sure...

james 12 years ago
APB is the next gen of FPS and it will only get better. have you playied APB R samex?

Samex 12 years ago
APB is not here because this is not good game. APB is just next GTA clone. Simply APB is much worse then GTA 4. And they thought this game will be p2p, it is crazy.

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shuudup 12 years ago
i have AVA nad its a download. those of you that have it, plz look for aa12gauge. thats me :D

klafzor 12 years ago
why APB isnt there

californiasnow 12 years ago
I agree with AVA, its an outstanding game.
project blackout should be in a better position and combat arms should be in a worst.

ovidiu 12 years ago
AVA is the sh.t!!!!!!the best real game

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Hunchy 12 years ago
Whoa whoa whoa....
"Combat Arms features great balance"
Are you f***ing kidding me? You can use real money to buy characters that have more speed and defense and the gun you start off with is no where near the ones you can only get through micro transactions. AvA has balanced gameplay. Battlefield has balanced gameplay. Combat Arms does not have balanced gameplay.

cheurteen 12 years ago
hey guys i wanna say that there is (new) cool game that i think is nice
APB reloaded there are a bit of problems but if the problems are over than it is a nice game


acehunter01 12 years ago
i was wondering if u all knew a good game that is FPS and that i dont have to download. my computer is a bit slow and doesnt have that much gaming power. any ideas??? thanks in advance.

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racr5w06 12 years ago
I like how it said that Combat Arms has balance.

Made me LAWL

CF VETERAN 12 years ago
As I am a CF veteran player, playing the game around 2 years now, I recommend you NOT to play CrossFire because there ARE hackers all the time, which makes the game impossible to play. The game itself is really great and very addictive but there is NO fair-play. No anti-cheat engine will help that game because they don't want to be helped. The whole thing is to get your money... It is completely ruined... So good luck with that. I quit.

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asdasdaveritas 12 years ago
Microvolts is the best of this shit, the graphic is funny, but the game is great, everyone should played it

jedidiah122 12 years ago
Where is wolfteam?

me 12 years ago
genesis AD is not animore in the list from ijji why??

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ooshjoosh 12 years ago
I wish CS were free.nevertheless i play gunz on my sh** PC.Thanks for the list.You might wanna give Soldier Front a thought for a place in this line-up.

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plantaquatix 12 years ago
If you want to play fun, fast-paced FPS, but one that's not online (however, this one doesn't have to be installed; its in a zip file), try AssaultCube. Though it comes only with about eight actual weapons, each can be mastered to deadly perfection. I personally prefer the Carbine, I kick ass with that thing. :D

ProductionScope 12 years ago
And What About Global Agenda went free to play yesterday ?

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saywhaaat 12 years ago
What about APB: Reloaded? Is it not in the list 'cause of the closed beta stuff? Or just because they forgot about it since realtime worlds got shut down last year?

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You dont know mesa 12 years ago
Want to play another fun shooter? Sign up for Soldier Front! It`s made the same ppl that made gunZ so you dont have to sign up for anything else if you play gunZ.Only problem is that is takes forever to get out of the first rank........

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stanleyviste 12 years ago
Nice list and i agree on most of them, but still i'm also missing Operation7 and Wolf Team.

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doctorr 12 years ago
I must say Combat Arms is not Rank 2 becouse too many Cheaters!!!

Thunder45645 12 years ago
AAAAAAAND A.V.A defends his title yeah

AKtheGREAT 12 years ago
What about Quake Live?
All i see from most of these a generic army simulators.

Jaimito Jaimiton 12 years ago
You also forget Firefall, probably the free to play FPS with the biggest budget. And it look gorgeous.

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JeeZzz Pwnage 12 years ago
I would say that AVA is the best FPS and so far (As I have read on hackers/hacking sites) AVA is one of the hardest game to hack. So there isn't alot of hackers on it. And keeping the weapons forever is a plus. Also the Durability on items is suitable for Adult gamers/College students. All in all AVA PWNS!!

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tmaf6x30 12 years ago
I Would say
1. Crossfire
2. S4 League
3. AvA
4. Blackout

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andrer35 12 years ago
Where's APB reloaded? That be coming to open beta by next month at lest i would say.

vikr4l23 12 years ago
I second for quake online. Granted it could use some new content, but for the die hard fps fans it's a solid f2p game.

msap2p31 12 years ago
Ava is great,its got good graphics low lag,but crossfire is full of hackers....

nujy7o43 12 years ago
no1 plays ava every1 playes combat arms

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diofdemons 12 years ago
Great list, the main problem for me about these games is how quickly the modes can get stale as their is a lack of a long term goal or progression. However that can be a problem for shooters in general, one great fps you forgot on the list is Quake Live, Small download and fast paced action.

toerags 12 years ago
my issue with a lot of the f2p first person shooters is the amount of hacking.

I played Alliance of Valiant Arms for better part of the day and thought I was having troubles playing then I figured out it was nonstoping hacking by two members of the previous team.

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SmartyPants 12 years ago
I think you need to add Metal Assault now. :-)

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ilsan 12 years ago
I've played all of these. I would have to agree that they are all great.

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viper2246 12 years ago
Great list, I agree about 99.9% which must be a first for these type of 'Best Of.." lists. Usually half of them are wrong but in this case it nails it perfectly!

AVA is definitely the best of the best and I'm sure will remain king for quite a while - yes Battery Arctic Wind will surpass it but that's a good ways off for western players.

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topcolorcompro 12 years ago
You should leave a spot for games like battery arctic wind =X When its out, People will probs leave AVA

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dicky 12 years ago
I think he choose only games that are only in open beta to final. BF P4F is closed beta.

From this list, I already played MicroVolts, BF Heroes, Combat Arms, S4 League, GunZ, Crimecraft, Project Blackout and Cross Fire. I'll take a look in Genesis A.D.. :)

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Gabriel 12 years ago
And Battlefield Play 4 Free?

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