Last week, we asked you which game you felt wouldn’t be around for much longer — more on that later. This time, we’re asking you which type of online game you wish wouldn’t be around much longer.

Every year, it seems like one type of online multiplayer game gets done and overdone — usually following in the footsteps of an uber-successful game. A few years ago, when League of Legends ruled over all, everyone was making a MOBA. Then, after Hearthstone, everyone wanted a CCG. Now, thanks to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — which itself owes its existence to H1Z1, battle royales are popping up everywhere. Next year, who knows what the dominant type of game will be?

Given the market’s oversaturation, there’s almost certainly one game type you’re sick of by now. So, which one is it? That’s the topic of this week’s BombPoll:

As previously mentioned, last week we asked which game seemed ripe for the dustbin — and that was before we heard about Gigantic. Not surprisingly, WildStar got the most votes of our fivesome, with 41%.

Maybe I’m naive, but for everything it’s gone through so far without being shut down, I think WildStar will still be with us for a while. It’s sort of like Age of Conan or Champions Online, two MMORPGs that have been so far out of the public spotlight for so long as to be nearly invisible, yet they keep chugging along years after launch.

Or, who knows, maybe it’ll just blink away like Firefall. At this point, I wouldn’t bet against anything.



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