Some free-to-play games are more polarizing than others, with some sides taking the stance of “great, totally non-exploitative implementation” and others thinking “total pay-to-win trash.” We’d like to see on what side of the spectrum the gaming public — and by that, we mean you guys — think of certain F2P games, and so we’ve invented something new called Love It Or Hate It?

Every week, we’ll present a new F2P game and give you the option of passing judgment on it. Then we’ll look back at it the next week and see what people thought. There are no prizes, except for the satisfaction of knowing you clicked on a button and made something happen. Really, what else do you need?

Last week, we opened up War Thunder to the voting public and… dingdingding, we have a winner! You guys overwhelmingly loved it, with 61% of the vote, versus just 9% giving it the hate. Now, if only their marketing could catch up to Wargaming’s…

OK, enough WWII-style action for now. Instead, let’s shift gears to a different kind of action: It’s TERA time!

Pros: Action combat, beautiful visuals, Big Ass Monsters!
Cons: Dreadfully slow start, Korean and therefore grindy, that female “armor”

Tell us what you think of TERA, and leave a comment below to expound upon your views!

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. Amazing combat I feel like all mmo should look to tera for how to do combat. It makes pve completely different when you have to actually dodge and or block a bosses attacks as well as consider if the attack you are about to perform is going to leave you vulnerable to the bosses next attack because you can’t execute it and get out the way in time. I enjoy dungeon runs in this game more than any other because of the combat. Then when it comes to pvp. I encourage anyone not familiar to look at group pvp vids of tera check out skyring. This type of combat brings so many different variables and techniques to pvp that you don’t get in tab targeting games.
    I look forward to seeing what else will be added to this game because their major updates have all added interesting game features and even if they copy features from other games I want to experience them with this combat system.
    One of the best mmo out right now imo. You can play for free with mostly no roadblocks but because I liked the game so much and wanted to support it I paid subscription just to give them money.

  2. Was always kindof meh for me. It seemed like the only real highlight it had was action combat which I just don’t care about in my mmos. Not that I have a problem with it but its not a draw for me.

  3. Why’s fem-armor a Con?
    When did games have to be realistic?

    TERA’s a great END GAME, so much to do, lots of content. Just the horrible grind to get there can make a vast amount of newcomers dread the climb.
    I fall in the mix, gave up at lv 48, just gets hella boring grinding and questing. You’re even locked out of some of the crafting if you dont have the gold or a group to go BAM hunting for, (Why enmasse! why make it necessary for a craft mat, soloing a BAM takes way too long, not all of us are group friendly, theres always that one idiot that ruins the fun for us all)
    Also, the crafting is pretty neat, not too simple, but not FFXIV complicated(well..its not complicated, but explaining it all to a newbie is a chore).
    This isnt a dodge, but I love creative armor, be it female or male, as long as it looks amazing, I’ll totally play the game.

    sorry, but…just…ja’mon.

  4. I look forward to seeing Swordsman Online appear on the list. That deserves almost 100% hate in my opinion. One of the most P2W games I’ve ever wasted time and money on.

  5. Loved Tera at first when it came out, had it on disk, after my computer fried though I had to quit playing for a while. By the time I got a new rig that could run it, it didn’t take the disk anymore and I would have to download 40 GB’s of the game from the site to play again. I don’t have the internet speed and I was not going to leave my pc on for 28 hours to download it, loved the game but he download is too damn long.

  6. Best F2P game that ever went F2P. Seriously….all the others have some gimmick, P2W, or advatage. This game was AMAZING for what it offered. The first wave of trolls said “Actiontargeting sucks. Gets me dizzy. Bad game”. At least they admited they can’t handle the game so they left out of fail. When that argument got old, they tried “Poor questing”. This game has intance quet moments, great cut scenes, and if you READ, a great story. Most people do not read.
    Great open “instances” that serve as questing areas. Actual instance dungeons, and nice PvE and environments.
    Cons: Action combat can get tiring. Downing mobs, fighting dungeons, and questing gives you arthritis quick as everything require a dodge and strike acrobatics. I wish it was more control pad friendly. Then it would rock.
    Lack of good updates. Core game was best. Last two updates ruined it. First was some Alice inWonder land crap.
    Second introduced bad economy and +16 OP armor. Game over if you were into PvP (personally I prefered PvE). OTher than that everything is SOLID. MOst games can’t even give you a quarter of what TERA does. 5/5. I also played Blade n Soul. An amazing game. So odd they keep that from west for marketing purposes. Sick disgusting mmorpg world we live in. Money money money

  7. could have been much better if the pve wasn’t so terribly boring. like HOOOOOLY SHIIIIIT the pve gets INSAAAANE with the grinding.

  8. Tera, Phantom of the Video Cards…

    For an unknown reason I was always unable to play this game, while some other games with the same level of graphics run smoothly, but not Tera… Constant 18 fps at the lowest graphics, 10-12 if there is at least one other player on the screen, aaaaand frequent drops to 2 fps…

      • before u talk about europe and nazis learn the hidden history. btw its forgotten and i dont blame me for being german, but when i read those arguments i can spill out all. i think u dont wanna know which part the american economy had in the second world war. but u are right about that guy that hates asian games he is dumbshit. and for all tera is good but not perfect a standart game for the market to get money

    • uhh its just you lmfao its graphic’s are better then most i can only think of a few with better and the lighting is the issue its a dark game so there are alot of bright whites on armor and terrain and dude my computer isnt anything good but i can play max setting with 13 frams lol i usally play at medium with 60-70 frames

      • I can play Neverwinter on high settings with 25+ FPS, while some of my friends who can play Tera just fine can not play Nevervinter at all because of FPS issues… The same applies for some other games, and that’s because my computer is better than theirs, but still, Tera fails to run on it…

        • Dude, as an IT Administrator, you better check your gear. Tera is not that hard on machines. If you’re able to run the other games fine then you need to check your configurations.
          This means:
          -Upgrade to the latest drivers
          -Check if your cores are parked when the game is executed
          -analyze if something is conflicting with the game
          -any hardware failing like your HDD? Tera’s draw map distances constantly access your HDD for information, is your HDD speed under 5200RPM?…..
          -find your bottleneck

          I only say something is wrong because you claim you can play other games fine. We can go through a lot of crap but I’ll stop here because I don’t even know what you have inside your machine.

          • I tried many things back then, even downloaded experimental video card drivers, but nothing helped…
            But searching on the NVIDIA forums I found many people with the same problem, unsuccessfully looking for solulion.

          • TERA kind of punishes old cards depending on their age. My 7850 runs i maxed. My old Geforce 250 GTS? Tera can wreck it in certain areas. Also, if you don’t have a decent hard drive, running it anywhere near maxed can really throttled your framerate, especially with high res textures.

  9. I very much enjoyed my time on TERA. Decent storyline, cool graphics, sexy characters, beautiful world, innovative combat system, and that awesome feeling you get when you complete a hard dungeon with your guild. At this point, I’ve run out of things to do and therefore lost interest, but when I look back on it, I remember TERA as one of the best free MMOs I’ve played.


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