Rift might be spinning its wheels and not offering much for new players, but another formerly Trion/now gamigo game has new content today! ArcheAge‘s Echoes of Hiram update is now live, allowing players access to a new and never-before-explored area of Auroria, the picturesque Eastern Hiram Mountains.

The mountains might be scenic, but they’re also full of danger, as the Abyssal Legion is conducting “unsettling experiments” throughout the regions. Adventurers will have new tools to help them on their way, including an increased Ancestral Level cap (from 34 to 55) and the new Glorious Hiram Guardian equipment.

There’s also a new pet collection achievement that rewards you with an Ellam pet that “uses the spirits of the minerals around it to change its shape.” To obtain it, you’ll need to complete all other pet achievements in the zone, which makes it sound like you’ll need to catch ’em all.

For more on the Echoes of Hiram update, check out the ArcheAge site.


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